Mario Kart 64 N64 Cheats

Mario Kart 64


Big Rainbow Shortcut

Here’s a massive, risky shortcut that’ll absolutely blow the socks off anyone who challenges you to a game of Mario Kart 64.

Go to the Rainbow Ride Course, and at the start, before you get air on the big, long hill, take a wide turn left off the course and into midair. If you’ve got the correct angle and speed (which will take some practice), you’ll fly through the air for nearly 10 seconds, and will land on the same course below with a sizeable bounce. While you’re in mid-air pull your hand off the acceleration and hit the brakes because when you land your speed will cause you to bounce right off the course.

If all goes well, you’ll be so far ahead of everyone else the rest of the race should be a breeze (that is unless the cheating AI kicks in…).

Jungle Parkway Shortcut

At the beginning go backwards into the tunnel. Then drive into the

section where the wall and ceiling join. If done right, the cloud boy

will pick you up out of a black and green pit and put you back in the

tunnel right after the bridge. Now cross the finish line and you will be

on your next lap…

Sand Dune Shortcut

Right before you go under the rock bridge in Koopa Troopa Beach turn

to your right and there will be a ridge of sand. Go across it and it

takes off 7 seconds off your time.

Royal Castle Shortcut

When you get to the booster ramp let it

boost you but when you get to the sharp turn right after the booster ramp

(make sure you have boost mushrooms), boost your way to the other section of

the road and if it’s the last lap you will win the race.

Frappe Snowland Shortcut

At the start turn around. Do not cross the finish line when you do. Go onto the bridge then stop. After that turn back around (face the finish line). Now start to head diagonally right. It is where the bridge and the snow meet. Go onto the snow without going onto the track. Now head past the finish line on the snow. Then turn right. You will travel away from the finish line, then Lakitu will pick you up. Cross the finish line when he puts you down. And you will be on the second lap. Repeat for 2nd, and 3rd, lap.

Wario Stadium Shortcut

When you start the course you can Power slide to the top of the first

hill and jump over it. You will be done with about half of the course.

Extra Tricky:

Do the above, then take a left turn into the wall facing the starting line (make sure you have a lot of speed,

don’t use a mushroom) and jump simultaneously while you hit the wall. Make

sure you jump to the left of the starting line or it won’t work. This is very

hard to do. If successful, then your lap

will be about 10 seconds!

Ghost Riders

If you beat the courses within the time below on Time Trials, ghosts will appear.

Luigi Raceway1:52.00
Mario Raceway1:30.00
Royal Raceway2:40.00

Bowser, Wario, and Donkey Kong – The Tough Guys

Ramming into an enemy kart when the enemy kart is at a stand still

(i.e. after getting hit by a turtle shell, etc.) using the big boys makes the

enemy spin around again.

Mirror Mode

In order to open up the hidden courses — all of the courses in reverse — you must receive the gold cup in every single race in 150cc class. Once you’ve done it, the title screen will change.

Turbo Start

The Turbo Start trick works somewhat like the starting trick in WaveRace 64. At the very end of the second light — as it dims — press the A button (acceleration). If you time it right, you’ll receive a turbo boost that pushes you far far ahead of the other players. In fact, Nintendo has programmed it so that you’ll bust past the slower players if you’re in the last ranks.

Leap into First

When you get a turbo burst of speed in the beginning of the game right

away press the R button (which makes you hop) and you’ll fly over the

other racers and be in first.

Cloud Boy Helps

Whenever that Cloud guy picks you up and puts you back on the course, as

soon as your wheels hit the ground hit the gas for a boost.

Skip Tracks

In the Kalamari Desert, get a star before you get to the second set of railroad

tracks. Once you have the star go to the second set of railroad tracks and turn

left down the tracks. Keep going, while dodging the trains, and right before

you get to the tunnel entrance’s shadow, use the star. It’ll take you to the

first set of tracks on the next lap! Do this only on the first or second lap.

If you go on the third lap, you’ll end up in last!

Stupid Bananna

Every time you run over a banana there is sound effect to let you know you

made contact with it, then a brief one second pause, and finally you spin around

many times. This loses precious time, but you can prevent it. Immediatley after

the sound effect that lets you know you made contact with the banana, hold down

the “B” button (brake) for about two seconds. This will make it so that you

don’t spin around! A musical note symbol will show if you did it correctly.

Unlock a Whole New Cup!

After you beat every track of every cup on every difficulty you will unlock

a whole new cup.


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