Mickey’s Speedway USA N64 Cheats

Mickey's Speedway USA


Unlock Dewy:

Beat All Courses On Amature Mode.

Unlock Hewy:

Beat All Courses On The Intermediate Setting.

Unlock Victory Vehicles:

Beat All Courses On The Expert Setting.

Unlock Dr. Ludwick von Drake:

Get a Platinum medal on every race. To get you have to come in first on all the races.

Unlock Mirror Mode

Beat all curcuits with a Gold medal.

Unlock Frantic Finalle:

Find all four car parts in Indiana on the left of the tunnel exit, in Chicago in the second shortcut, in Philadelphia in the back of the last boat, and Malibu; stay on the right side of the road until you see a space between the mountains.

Unlock Roxanne:

Beat all Frantic Finalle stages under 1 minute.

Unlock Heckle Button

Beat Victory Vehichle and find all gold medals with Dewey.

View Extra Levels In Beging:

In Order To View Extra Levels, Watch The Whole Beging Sequnce.(Even The Story) Another Race Will Start, It Should Be An Extra Level!

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