Mission: Impossible,Mission Impossible N64 Cheats

Mission: Impossible


Enter the following codes at the Mission Select Screen. If done correctly you’ll

hear Ethan say, “Ah, that’s better.”

7.65 Silenced Pistol with 30 Rounds:

C-Up, L, C-Right, C-Left, C-Up

High powered 9mm Pistol with 30 Rounds:

R, L, C-Down, C-Up, C-Up

Uzi with 30 Rounds:

C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down, R

Mini Rocket Launcher with 30 rockets:

R, L, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down

Kid mode:

C-Down, C-Up, R, L, Z

Big Feet Mode:

C-Down, R, Z, C-Right, C-Left

DK (Big Head) Mode:

C-Down, R, C-Up, L, C-Left

Super Big Head Mode:

If Big Head Mode wasn’t enough, try this!

C-Down, L, C-Up, C-Right, L

Turbo Mode:

C-Up, Z ,C-Up, Z, C-Up

Infinite Health:

R, Z, C-Down, R, C-Down

Infinite Ammo:

C-Up, Z, C-Left, Z, L

Bonus level:

Successfully complete the game and wait until the Infogrames logo disappears

after the ending credits. The development team will appear on the Embassy level.

Speak to all the people here and Ethan and Candace will enter the room.


GameShark Codes

Uzi with Infinite Ammo800A8EA7 0063
800A8EA5 0002 

Infinite Ammo800a8ea7 0063
800a8eb7 0063
 800a8ec7 0063
 800a8ed7 0063
 800a8ee7 0063
 800a8ef7 0063

Infinite Health810862b2 ffff
Turbo Mode800899c80001

Big Head Mode800892a10001

Huge Head Mode800892a10002

Big Hands Mode800892a10003

Big Feet Mode800892a10004

Big Hands, Head And Feet800892a10005

Tiny Mode800892a10006

Kid Mode800892a10007

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