Paper Mario N64 Cheats


Paper Mario


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Get Through Forever Forest:

In each different section (after you past a branch) use Goombario's tattle power and he will give you clues to what you have to look for (it's really easy that way).

Get Goombario:

Go to Goomba Village and find the grandpa goomba when he has fallen off the balcony of his house. After that, you will receive the hammer. When you go back to the village with the grandpa goomba, Goombario will join your party!

Get Kooper:

Go to Koopa Village, and go to the Green House in the far side of the village. Chase the monster and get his shell back. He will then join your party!

Get Bombette:

Go to the Koopa Bros. hideout, and fall for the Yellow Koopa brother's trap (yellow block) and you will fall down. You will be in a cell with bomb-ombs. Talk to the pink one, and and talk to her a second time, and she will join your party!

Get Parrykarry:

When you go to Mt. Rugged, you will come across the mail carrying Paratroopa named Parakarry. Look for his three lost letters, and return them to him. When you do, he will join your party!

Get Bow:

When you are at Forever Forest, go to the Boo Mansion, and get to the third floor inside the mansion. There, you will meet Bow the ghost. She will join your party!

Get Watt:

When your inside Shy Guys Toybox, you will end up going against a monster with a lantern. Once you beat him, break open the lantern, and out will come Watt! She will then join your party!

Get Sushie:

Once your at Yoshi Village, go into the jungle(Once the yoshi kids are lost.) Then, soon will meet Sushie, who is stuck in a tree. Use your hammer to pound her out, and she will the join your party!

Get Lakilester:

When you are at Flower Fields, give the water stone back to Lily, and then, you must have the sun shine again. When you find a huge tower, the sun will be at the top. The sun thinks that there is no way you will be able to it shine again. When you leave the tower, and walk back, you will encounter Lakilester. He will fight you, and when you beat him, his girlfriend will come along and defend him. He will then join your party!

Heart Felt:

When you are in Pleasant Path, go forward until you reach a sign that says Koopa Bros. Fortress and Koopa Village. Walk over to the first blue plant that has eyes. Run around it and hearts will pop out. You can do this anytime.

Seeing Star:

Go near the place where the first cheat was found. Do the super jump all over the green grass area. You'll find a hidden panel and a star piece will pop out.

Secret Playground:

To get to the secret playground go to the place in town were you can get lil' onks. When you first enter the "square" turn left on to a narrow passage. Hammer the tree there and a swich will fall out, hit the swich to make the pipe to the playground will appear.

Luigis Secret Diary:

To enter Luigis secret diarie you must go to marios house in toad town. When you get there you must go to bed. When you wake up you must ground pound a thick part af your room floor to get out jump on the spring.

Special Delivery:

Deliver all the letters you collect from minor characters throuhgout the game and you will get the Lucky Day Badge.

How to Get Secret Badge:

First got where you first enter to toad town, you must be in the outer area, you will see atree with something golden in it, hit the tree with the hamer and it will fall, jump on it and you will see a chest, open it and the badge will come out.

How to get "I Spy" Badge:

After you beat "The 'invincible' Tubba Bubba" go to Toadtown and talk to the guy inside the house with the spinning top. He will tell you he heard something about going around the red palm tree in Dry, Dry, Post and something good will happen, after you go to dry, dry, post, and go around the palm tree, a guy with a green turban will tell you he remembers a dream and says that in Toadtown, you will find a house with a spinning top, then in there, to powerjump 3 times inside the house, go in there and do it, after the badge falls, the wizard will remember it and will give it to you, now it will tell you where there is a star piece or something like that.

Quick Change Badge:

Go to see Merlon in Toad town and Spin Jump 3 times and you will get the quick change badge.

Get Power Plus Badge Easly:

Are your tired of being beat by that anti-guy just tring to get that Power Plus badge. Here's an easy way! First get some cake mix then a lemon. Cook them a Tayce T's and you'll get lemon candy. Talk to the anti-guy and give him the lemon candy and the badge is your's!

Infinite Whacka's Bumps:

Go to Mt. Rugged and find Whacka. He is a little blue mole-looking thing . Once found, hit him with your hammer. An item called Whacka's Bump should appear. This item restores 25 hp and 25 fp. Once you hit him, leave that section of the mountian, then go back to it and go to Whacka. He should pop up again and when he does, hit him again. You should get another Whacka's Bump. Repeat this process as many times as desired.

Secret Panel:

Go to the entrance of Forever Forest Gate. Do a super slam in the middle of the yard, and a square will pop up and go back down. Slam on the square and a star piece will appear.

How to See the Original Mario:

First, when you enter the boo's mansion, walk straight until you crash to the wall, got to the door on the right (Its the only one on the first floor if you just enter)

Inside the room, there is a big pot and a crate next to it, jump in it and you will become the original mario from SNES.

NOTE: you can not leave as the original mario, anyway, you'll change back if you go out

How to Get Bewitched:

First, when you enter to Dry, Dry, Post go to one of the alleys (I'm not sure if is in the entrance) and jump to the crate, in there you will see a witch, the amount of money you give her will help you if batles by giving you more power and protection.

Egg Fun:

Grab a Fireflower and an egg and mix them up at Tacye T.'s to get the rotten egg missle!

Toy Train Revealed:

Once you get the Storeroom Key from Shy Guy's Toy Box, go to the shop in Toad Town near the entrance of the toy box, and give the owner the key. He will grant you to anything you like in his storeroom. The Toy Train is inside, as well as some other good items.

Princess Peach's Lie:

Once Bowser asks Princess Peach what Mario is afraid of, tell them something weak (Goomba) and when the time comes, a Goomba will guard a treasure chest with the Storeroom Key of the shop in Toad Town, and Mario will have no trouble beating the Goomba up.

Star Pieces Galore:

Talk to the woman that lives in the house near Shooting Star Summit, talk to her and have her read your fortune about Star Pieces and she will give you hints to where one is.

Whaka's Final Plea:

If you hit Whaka many times, and come back later in the game, and hit him again, he will throw off one last bump, and say he can't take anymore torture, and will leave. He will also leave behind a few coins.

Read Member's Mail:

Go to the Post Office in Toad Town to look at letters that characters send in to your party members. Check back every so often, because you will receive new letters as you succeed in the game.

Free Stuff:

When you're in Shy Guy's Toy Box, when you're Peach, first thing Bowser ask you something, say mushroom, second, thunder rage, then super soda that way you won't have to waste your energies, and get great stuff for free!

Unlimited Level Up:

Anytime you come across a Bullet Bill being shot out of a Cannon. Get into a fight with the cannon. When you start the fight you should be fighting 2 or 3 Bullet Bill Cannons. If it's three get rid of one right away. You want to be fighting only 2 cannons for this to work.

First Don't attack the cannons. Let them shoot out Bullet Bills. Attack the Bullet Bills. You want Mario to Kill one with one hit. Then kill the other with your partner. Then on the next round don't attack the cannons, just "Do Nothing". Wait for the cannons to shoot out more Bullet Bills. In Bowsers castle there is a nice set up for this process and you can use Watt to take out the second Bullet Bill, with the Electro-Dash.

What will happen is, you will get a Star Point for every Bullet Bill you kill. And you can do this for as many points as you want to help you level up. It may seem like it is taking forever, but the payoff is great. And this is one fight where you don't have to worry about getting hit. Also, I suggest getting over 200-300 star points before killing the cannons. Here is the reason, If you level up once and then try it with another cannon around the corner it may not work. After you level from some levels, then the same enemies don't give off star points. So it is better to bear with it and get two or three levels out of one fight!

The answer to the Bowser Door Questions:

"3", "Red", "Red", "2", "4".

Star Pieces:

1:You could find your first star piece after you fought for the first time Koopa Jr., when you go trough the path full of goombas , spiked goombas. 2:When you reach Shooting star summit, go behind the mountain, it will be there. 3:When you get Kooper, And you're in pleasant paths, in one path you go down after you see some steps and go to the end and use his power to get it. 4:In pleasnt Paths , in the area where you find all that money, you jump on it (you need the boots from the Boo's mansion).

Toad House In Bowser's Castle:

If you go in the door on the right in the 1st or 2nd floor there will be a cabinet. Open the cabinet and their will be a toad. Talk to him and he will offer you to rest.

Mt.Lavava Secret:

When you are at the save point and the block at Mt. Lavava ride down the line right at the middle of the line and let go. You should get a fire badge this badge will help you at the boss good luck!

Before You Fight Peach Castle Bowser...:

This is a suggestion of equiping badges before fighting Bowser in Peach's Castle.

Power Jump Badge, Power Bounce Badge, Mega Jump Badge

Power Smash Badge, Power Quake Badge, Mega Smash Badge

Damage Dodge Badge, Power Plus Badge, Defend Plus Badge

Infinite Health:

Go to the place where there are these blue poles, it will look like one of them is following you, run around it and hearts pop out! Behind another one is a honey syrup.

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