Wave Race 64 N64 Cheats

Wave Race 64


Get Mega Points Easily

To rack up MEGA points in Wave Race 64 stunt courses, press the pause button as soon as you complete a stunt. If you do it right, all the sounds should stop except for the announcer (“I can do that!”, “What a great stunt!”, etc.) Usually if you press pause at the exact moment you hit the water you should be OK, but the idea is to pause it the instant the announcer starts talking (that way this cheat works with handstands, etc.). If you do it right, you should get tons of points for the simplest things. My little brother got over 20,000 points on Dolphin Park this way and over 30,000 on Glaicer Coast!


Same Colored Racer in Two-Player Mode

Here’s a cool trick that allows both players to have the same racer AND the same color in Wave Race 64. First, use controller two to decide which racer you are going to use in the Vs. Mode, and make sure that the first player’s cursor is on an adjacent racer. Press up on controller two (digital or analog) and press Start to have player 1’s default color. Then, on controller one, press right (or left) and Start at almost the same time. If you do this correctly, you can start the race with both players having the same color.

If you want both players to have player 2’s default color instead, try the following: Use controller one to decide the racer, and make sure that the second player’s cursor is on an adjacent racer. Press up on controller one and press Start. Now on controller two, press right (or left) and Start at almost the same time. That’s all there is to it. If you aren’t already confused, wait until you start the match!


New, Unlisted Stunts

Double Flip Stunt:

First get some speed with the jet ski. When you are on the ramp tap up one inch from the top of the ramp and hold down to do your flip. Instead of making the character do one complete flip hold the down button longer so he does another turn. If you do it correctly he will land perfectly and ride on. J. Meter is the best guy to do this especially on the small ramps. You get 2000+ points for this stunt. I have gotten 3120 for this stunt in Sunny Beach because the “judges” (the algorithm which calculates the score) gives you more for a smaller ramp and the height you jump off the ramp.

Helicopter Stunt:

It is a variation of the flip where you spin side ways. When you are on the ramp turn sharply diagonal left-up or diagonal right-up then hold down to do a side ways flip. You can get an average of 1700+ points for this.

Helicopter into a Flip Stunt:

Do the helicopter stunt as listed above but hold the down button more longer. It will look like he does a helicopter move but then rotates so he is an upright position and does another flip. You can get 2500+ points if done corectly. I have gotten 3450 points on the first ramp in Twilight City for this.

Triple Flip:

You need a lot of speed and a lot of air to do this. It can only be done with J. Meter on either Glacier Park or Dolphin Park. You tap up as soon as you get on the ramp and start doing the flip and hold down. You need a lot of speed for this one so do not try to do any turns or get hit by an ice block in the water which may slow you down or stop you completely. You can get 3000+ points for this. This is a difficult stunt to perform and you do need a lot of speed, timing, and maybe some tinkering with the customization of the racer at the character select screen.

The best person for stunts is M. Jeter. To get him to be the best he can be go to Custom and change his settings to the following:

Handling: right in the middle

Engine: two spots left of the middle.

Grip: all the way to the right.


Ride on a Dolphin!

We’ve simplified the code down to the point that it’s really easy. Here is what you do.

Select the Stunt Mode and play in Dolphin Park. From there you need to go through all the rings and do all the stunts (listed below), which includes diving underneath the water from a ramp. If you did everything correctly, you’ll hear the dolphin squeaking when you cross the finish line.

•Handstand (off throttle – press down and up) •Spin, i.e. “backwards ride” (off throttle – move stick clockwise) •Stand (off throttle – move stick counterclockwise) + Somersault (hold down) •Roll left (off ramp – tap right and hold left) •Roll right (off ramp – tap left and hold right) •Flip (off ramp – hold up and snap down) •Dive (off ramp – hold down and snap up)

Now exit and select Championship Mode and then Warm Up. When selecting your character, hold down on the analog stick and when you start, you’ll be riding a dolphin. There is a catch, though; you can only use the dolphin within this area. This cheat is also saved to your game too (even after the power is turned off), so you don’t have to go through the stunt mode each time.


Speed Burst

Try to press and hold down the gas button right before the announcer says, “Go!” If you are successful, you will immediately increase your top speed. It can be increased anywhere from one arrow to maximum power if you get it right.


New Colors

When you are selecting your jet ski, highlight any character, and hold up on the analog stick. The character and jetski should change color! You have your choice between two different colors.


Other Stuff…

At twilight city (expert), do a submarine dive off the first ramp.

If you hold it down long enough you will be able to go under the wall –

that will give you a good enough lead… you could even use it for stunt


This isn’t actually a code or cheat, but it’s kind of interesting. In

Wave Race 64, if you finish first on the first five courses on Normal

difficulty, the orca you usually see on Southern Island will now have a

baby with it. The baby mimics the adult. I don’t know if this will

work on Hard and Expert…

To get some extra speed, hold A and usual but then tap Z…



With this trick, you can spot baby dolphins,

a giant dolphin, a parent and baby killer Whale and a BIG penguin.

To see some baby dolphins in Dolphin Park, chase after

the regular dolphin as precisely as you can. When following the dolphin, it

will lead you through the starting twice per lap. On the second time

through, if you see the dolphin jump dock after the starting gate,

you’re on your way. Continue following the dolphin until you see the baby

dolphin appear and begins to follow the regular dolphin around the track

without hitting anything, as many as three baby dolphins will appear. A

giant dolphin will appear if you play the WARM-UP 20 times consecutively.

If you’ve scored over 35 points before you reach Southern Island in the

Championship Mode, you will see a Killer Whale swimming near the pier. If

your score is over 45 points, two baby Killer Whale will show up.

A large swimming Penguin will appear swimming in the icy waters of the

Glacier Park course if you take first place in every Championship Mode race

up to the point.

Game Shark Codes

801C2983 00FF Infinite time out of course
801C269F 0000Always place 1st

Thanks to Revolution readers Marty Fusciardi, Matt Isaacks, T. Col, Blaine Komatich, David Gömez, Eric Johnson and Lazeebone!!