WWF Wrestlemania 2000 N64 Cheats

WWF Wrestlemania 2000


Shawn Michaels:

Beat ‘Road to Wrestlemania’ mode and win the Championship Belt. You’ll be challenged

by Shawn Michaels. Beat him to unlock him as a playable character.

Dude Love:

Make it to Summerslam and win the WWF title without losing any matches. You’ll

be challenged by Dude Love. Beat him to unlock him as a playable character.

Cactus Jack:

Succsssfully defend the Hardcore title 3 times in ‘Road to Wrestlemania’ mode.You’ll

be challenged by Cactus Jack. Beat him to unlock him as a playable character.

Stephanie McMahon:

Go through ‘Road to Wrestlemania’ as Test. This will eventually unlock Stephanie.

Paul Bearer:

Go through ‘Road to Wrestlemania’ as the Undertaker. This will eventually unlock

Paul Bearer.

Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler:

Get to the World Championship Match in ‘Road to Wrestlemania’ mode to unlock

Jim and Jerry.

Random Wrestler:

At the Character select screen, press C-Up to choose a random wrestler.

Different Costumes:

At the Character select screen, press C-Right or C-Left to choose extra


Kane Unmasked:

To see Kane’s real face without a mask; go to "Edit Mode" and

clone Kane. Then select "Appearance Edit", select "Head"

value to "0", and that’s it. Kane’s face is reaveled.

Opponent’s Taunt:

Rotate the control stick clockwise to do your opponent’s taunt.

Manager Assistance:

This will only work in single player matches. If your wrestler is the first

person in the ring, hold R + L + C-Up + C-Down + Z on controller 3 and your

manager will be controlled by Player 3. If your wrestler is the second person

in the ring, hold R + L + C-Up + C-Down + Z on controller 4 and your manager

will be controller by Player 4.

Extra Stone Cold belt:

Beat ‘Road to Wrestlemania’ with Steve Austin. He’ll come out wearing the smokin’

skull belt, and it will become an option in create a belt.

Finishing Move:

To pull off a finishing move, get in a tie-up and move the analog stick when

your spirit meter is on “special.”

Do Opponent’s Finishing Move:

Get in a strong grapple while your attitude meter is on ‘special’. Now simultaneously

press A + B.

Get Weapon:

Face the crowd and press C-Up to get a random weapon.

New Age Outlaws:

Change Billy Gunn’s entrance and titantron Road Dogg. When the two come out

togerther in a Tag Match, the game will introduce them as the New Age Outlaws.

The Union:

Give Big Show, Shamrock, Mankind or Test the Union music and no video. They’ll

all come out together as the Union.

The Brood:

Give Edge and Christians ‘Brood’ music and video. Now put Gangrel in a tag match

with Edge or Christian. They’ll appear together as the Brood.

The Headbangers:

Make sure you edit his original costume. Change Chaz’s clothes to Thrasher.

Change his name to “MOSH” and his theme and video to the Headbangers. Now when

you fight Thrasher and Mosh, they’ll be the Headbangers.

D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry:

Give Mark Henry ‘D Lo’ music and video to make the two come out together.

The Corporate Ministr:

Give Vince, Shane, or the Undertaker ‘The Corporate Ministry’ music and video.

They’ll appear together in a Tag Match as the Corporate Ministry.

D-Generation X:

Give X-pac, HHH, and Road Dogg ‘DX’ music and video. Now when you choose any

two of them in a Tag Match, they’ll come out together as D-Generation X.

Godfather and Ho:

Create a wrestler with Godfather’s fighting style to get a Ho as a manager.

Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match:

Go to the Royal Rumble, select any hall you want, then go to “Random” and select

4 as the number of players. Pick the 4 wrestlers you want and then change Ring

Out to "No" or 10 counts. Then change Pin to "Yes". Do the

same thing with Submit, TKO, and Bloodshed (set them all to Yes). There you

have it a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match.


Weak Grapple Specials:

When your wrestler gets a special and if you get knocked down, hold R as you

get back up. Your wrestler will crouch. While holding R, hit A to weak grapple

your opponet, if you still have special, tap the control stick in any direction

to do your special!

Eternal Submissions:

Hook up both controllers on the game, then go into a 1p vs. 2p game, Pick your

characters, Then set the game stats, turning everything off but TKO and Blood,

so the only way to win is to TKO, and start the match, at Any time during the

match, take the 2nd controller and hold the joystick to one side and Press and

hold L & R, then Start to lock the joystick in that position, the 2nd player

character will not do anything but taunt. While the 2nd player is in this taunting

constantly mode, and Submissions and Pins are off, You can keep a hold, Submission,

Pin, or certain repeated attacks (My Favorite is the Powerbomb to DVD Combo)

forever, they will continue to do the hold or move until you press R.(I Powerbombed

Stephanie McMahon repeatedly for 438 minutes).

Put Custom Wreslers in Intro:

Choose a normal wrestler (like StoneCold or HHH). Then clone the normal wrestler

into one of your custom wrestlers. Reset the game and your custom character

will be in the intro. Also, he will appear in Road to Wrestlemania mode as well

(although they won’t have the same moves as your custom character).

GameShark Codes

Enable Code     f10376e02400 

P1 Max Special  801671f500ff 

P1 No Special   801671f50000 

P2 Max Special  8016768900ff 

P2 No Special   801676890000 

P3 Max Special  80167b1d00ff 

P3 No Special   80167b1d0000 

P4 Max Special  80167fb100ff
P4 No Special   80167fb10000

Play as Super Sumo 8290057C0017
8 Bit Players      8004a575000f  

Snake Skin Players 8004a57e001f
Shadow Body Parts  8004a5860002
Ancient Wrestlers  8004a58a000f
Chess Wrestling    8004ace8003e
Field Goal         800105480043
Backwards Wrestlers800105580043
Shrink Arena 2k    8004a15e001f
Giant Wrestlers    8001064e003e
Upside Down Wrestlers

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