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Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask


Slow Time Down:

If you play the Song of Time backwards, time on the clock will move slower,

but you will still move at the normal speed. This is very useful when running

long distances or when trying to prolong game time. The song is: C-Down,

A, C-Right, C-Down, A, C-Right

Advance Time Twelve Hours:

Play this song (or notes) on the Ocarina: C-Right, C-Right, A, A, C-Down,


Travel Back 72 Hours:

On the third day, play the Song of Time and you will fall back to the first

day. You will be asked to save, say yes and you will travel back. If done

correctly, the screen will say 72 hours, 3 days remaining. This is good

if you are running out of time and you are too far away from the clock tower.

Get Fierce Deity’s Mask:

This is the fourth and last transforming mask that is very powerful. At

the end of the game before you fight Majora’s mask. There are five kids,

one with each mask of the bosses including Majora’s. Beat all four of the

mini dungeuns that the kids have and trade all of your sub-masks to them.

When you are done you will get the most powerful mask!!!

Bremen Mask:

Go to the laundry pool at night and talk to the juke box guy. You will receve

the Bremen mask!

Kafel’s Mask

Go to the mayor’s office. Go to the right hand side open the door. Now talk

to the mayor’s wife and recieve Kafel’s mask!

Cirus Leader’s Mask:

You need the Deku, Goron, Zora, and the Romani Mask. On the first or second

night(10:pm-5;am) use Romani’s mask to get in the Milk Bar, Latte. Prekorm

the sound check with Toto as Link, Deku Link, Zora Link and Goron Link.

Funtion: This mask has a strange effect on the other two Gorman brothers

at the Gorman racetrack. When you wear this Mask during the Milk Run with

Cremia it will prevent the Milk Tjieves from Attacking.

The Couple’s Mask:

You must first complete all the Kafei/Anju steps up to 1 o’clock PM on the

final day. Go to the laundry pool in Clock Town and go in the door across

the water. Talk to the curiosity shop owner, then soar to Ikana Canyon and

go down the cliff up to the cave blocked off by a boulder. Kafei will be

standing behind two fallen pillars. Talk to him at 2 o’clock. Wait there

until 6 o’clock, and Sakon the thief will come and open the passage-way.

In here, you will have to do “puzzles” to get to the end. Kafei will get

the Sun’s Mask and head back to Anju. Soar to Clock Town and go to the inn.

Go up the stairs into the first door ahead of you. Wait there until about

5 o’clock. The timer will come up but don’t worry. Kafei will come in and

they will give you the Couple’s mask. Now play the Song of Time and go back

to the first day. So far the only thing I have found was to talk to the

Mayor using this mask. He will give you a piece of the heart.

Mask of Truth:

You need the Goron Mask, Deku Mask, Bow, 2 Magic Beans, and a Bottle. You

must get all the gold skullatas in the Swamp Spider House.Once the man is

freed talk to him to get this Mask. Funtion: This Mask allows you to communtcate

with animals and Gossip Stones.

Stone Mask:

Use the lens of truth where there is a circle of rocks, where you talk to

the ghost to go to Ikana Valley. A soldier will appear. Give him a bottle

of red potion and he’ll give you the Stone mask. When wearing the Stone

mask, most of the enemies won’t see you.

Blast Mask:

On the night of the first day, go to North Clock Town and wait till 12:00.

An old lady will walk along the path with a blue bag and some guy will come

up and steal her bag. Strike the guy with your sword, and the old lady will

reward you with the Blast Mask!

Up-All Night Mask:

You must first get all of the Golden Skulltula’s and get the Giant Wallet

from the man with the spider curse near the Deku Palace. If you are not

on the first day then travel back in time because you must save the old

lady from the burglar in North Clock Town or else it won’t work.(If you

already saved the old lady on these set of days and you never traveled through

time yet, then go back to Clock Town.) Wait until the Night of the Final

Day and save up 500 rupees and go to the Curiosty Shop and buy the Up-All

Night Mask!

Kamaro’s Mask:

During 6:00 P.M. until about 9:00 P.M. go to Termina Field (Near Snowhead.)

Then go to the mushroom looking rocks and jump to the only one Link can

jump to. You will see a man dancing. Use the Song of Healing on him and

he will give you Kamaro’s Mask! Use it in West Clock Town on the Rosa Sister’s

because they are stumped on what to do for a dance for the Carnival of Time!

Mask of Scents:

Finish the Woodfall Temple and return the Deku Princess back to the palace.

Go to the secret shrine outside the palace. Follow their butler, and when

he’s done flying around, he will award you with the Mask of Scents which

lets you sniff out the special mushrooms in the swamp that Koume and Kotake

need for their blue potion!

Bunny Hood:

Go to Romani Ranch on the first day and go to the Cucco place. Talk to the

guy there and listen to his problem. Put on the Bremen mask and march around

the little baby cuccos. Have all 10 of them follow you and then they will

turn into big cuccos! The man will award you with the Bunny Hood which lets

you move three times faster than your normal speed!

Keaton Mask:

You must complete the events of Anju and Kafei and go to the back of the

Curiosty Shop on the final day at 1:00 in the afternoon. The owner will

give you the Keaton Mask which lets you summon the keaton himself and take

his quiz!

Giant Mask:

Defeat the Armos (Sub-Boss) and open up the chest and you will receive the

Giant Mask which lets you turn into a giant at boss rooms only.

Garo’s Mask:

You must get Epona and then go to Gorman Racetrack. Beat the two brothers,

and then they will give you the Garo’s Mask which lets you see a Garo (Fight

it and then they give you hints on certain event.) And also lets you me

safe from getting bit by the ReDead.

Gibdo Mask:

Go to the Music Box house in Ikana Canyon and then make sure all of the

Gibdo’s are gone in front of the house. (Use the Song of Storms on Flat’s

brother inside a cave nearby to get rid of the Gibdo’s.) Then wait for the

girl to come out and sneak in. (If she sees you, then just place a bomb

by the door and she will come out again.) Then go inside and go down the

stairs. Walk by the cabinet and a strange man will blast through the door

(Half human/Half Gibdo.) Use the Song of Healing on him and you will get

the Gibdo mask which lets you talk to Gibdo’s and let’s you be safe from

ReDead, too.

Captain’s Hat:

Beat Keeta near Ikana Canyon (Near the cemetery with the Stalchilds.) You

must play the Sonata of Awakening if you want him to wake up, and he will

give you the Captain’s Hat which lets you communicate with the Stalchild’s

and you’ll be safe near the ReDead’s and the Gibdo’s if you wear it. In

order to get the mask you must chase him and beat him.

Don Gero’s Mask:

Give the Goron a Rock Serloin and wear the Goron Mask and he will give you

the Don Gero’s Mask which lets you communicate with the frogs in Woodfall

Temple, Snowhead Temple, the Laundry Pool, the one in the Mountain Village,

and the one in Great Bay Temple.

Postman’s Hat:

Give the postman the Special Delivery to Mama and he will be able to run

out of Clock Town, and he will give you the Postman’s Hat which lets you

peek through the mailboxes!

Romani Mask:

Help Cremia deliver the milk to Clock Town by shooting the Gorman brothers

from stealing the milk.(If you wear Garo’s Mask, they won’t come close.)

She will award you with Romani Mask and it lets you enter the Milk Bar in

East Clock Town.

The Bomb Technique:

Instead of jumping normally, place a bomb behind you. You’ll jump farther.

It’s usefull in Temples and other places and let you save time in different


Great Farries:

Collect a stray farrie. Take it to the farrie shrine and receve the Great

Farrie’s mask!

60 Easy Rupee’s:

Play the fast forward song (C-up, C-up, A, A, C-down, C-down) then go to

the laundry pool and look in the water there should be 3 red rupee’s!

100 Rupee’s in East Clock Town:

Enter east clock town and go on top of the Milk Bar Where the Bomber kid

is. Go up agaist the wall on the left and look at the targets above Honey

and Darlings Gaming area. Roll off the side to make a longer jump and land

on the target. Jump to the next target then one more jump onto the Shooting

Range. Climb up and follow the opening to Discover a chest with 100 Rupees

inside of it. You can do this each time you travel back in time.

100 Rupees in the Stock Pot Inn:

This one is very simple. Place the Song of Time (to be on the Dawn of the

First Day, This can only be done on the First Day) then wait until 1 o’clock

and then go to the woman at the desk. For Some reason you will have a reservation

and she will give you a key. Run up the stairs and enter the 2nd room on

your right. Open the chest and claim your prize.

Note: If you don’t have anything to do to pass the time, talk to

the old woman on the first floor of the inn. (She is in the 1st room on

your left and will read you stories to pass time, use the 2 hr story a couple

of times.)

100 Rupees From teh Map Seller:

If you take a pictograph of the guy that sells you maps of Thermina Field,

and you take that pictograph to the guy that gives you a boat cruise in

Southern Swamp, he’ll give you 100 Rupees! Easy Money.

90 Rupees at the Shore:

YOU MUST HAVE THE POWDER KEG TO DO THIS.When you come to the Shore (Where

you get the Zora mask) go into the cave and put the Goron mask on. Go into

the middle of the jars that are on the tree stumps and place the keg there.

Quickly put the Zora mask on and move away. The Jars will break and the

Zora woman will congratulate you and give you a prize (100 Rupees) but she

will dedcut 10 to replace the pots, Thus leaving you with 90.

Getting Epona:

Getting Epona requires no real chore at all and you can do it as soon as

you are able to use Powder Kegs. There is a road (Milk Road that is kind

of easy to miss the first time you pass it, it is next to the southern swamp

entrance) go down that road on the first day. There will be a man Chopping

away at a big boulder with a pick. If you don’t use the powder keg on the

rock it will take him until the Final day to break it! But when he does

the farm is in dismal shape because the Aliens have abducted the cows. NO

JOKE!! Put the powder keg down on the first day and watch the man run away,

then enter the ranch and Tatl will talk to you. Talk to Romanini (Hmm kinda

looks like Malon from Zelda 1, in fact they all do!) She’ll tell you aliens

abduct cows from her barn and she’ll need your help, agree and she will

let you practice with the horse, now you could run out with the horse and

leave the poor girl in the dust, but then you would be losing a Romanini

mask later on. The Aliens come that night at 2 am so you might as well play

the song of double time to make it night then just wait the extra hours

away,(Stock up on Arrows) then kill the aliens and she is real happy. The

sister says she’s leaving for a delivery at 6 pm the next day GO FOR THE

RIDE! You can save her from 2 bandits attacking her (The Gorman Bros) and

then She’ll give u the R mask which let’s you into the Milk Bar and you

will get served.

Note:While your at it you might as well play the song of time and

come back to milk road and ride your horse into the Gorman ranch and race

them for a mask.

Get Easy Milk:

First, take the south exit out of Clock Town. Next, go under the large log

piece and put a bomb in the center of the area. Go down the grotto and play

Epona’s song to the two cows.

Heart Piece in Laboratory:

First, go to the laboratory in the Great Bay Area and go in. Next, climb

up the ladder to the right, Tatl will say, “That fish is so big it could

eat a small fish in one bite!” So now go get as many small fish as you can

hold and feed them one by one through the bars to the big fish, until one

gets large enough to eat the other one. When he does, a heart piece will

pop out!

Get the Bombers Notebook:

Defeat Skull kid and go get the ocarina that he dropped. Then play Song

of Time (right a down right a down). Then every thing that you did should

be erased but you still have the ocarina. Go into the clock tower and talk

to the mask shop’s owner he will teach you the Song of Healing (Left, Right,

Down, Left, Right, Down). You will turn into Link and go into Bombers Hideout

(First when you are a Deku Scrub find the stray fairy in landry pool in

the day then go to the great fairy in north clock you will get the ability

to shoot a bubble. In north clock town you have to shoot a bubble at the

majoras mask balloon Jim will be impressed and you have to find all the

bombers to the code for example 35421).When you are Link enter the bombers

hideout then go out of the hideout and a Bombers member will give you the


The Lense of Truth:

When you get the lens of truth, and your short on magic, just rapidly push

the C-button the lens of truth is set to, and you will never use up any

magic power.

Day at the Races:

Go to Romani Ranch, and head to the Doggie Racetrack. Put on the Mask of

Truth and pick up a dog. Find the one you think will win (The dog will tell

you what they are thinking if you put on the Mask of Truth!) After you win

a lot of rupees, you will earn a piece of heart! Usually the dog who says

“Today, I feel like I can win..” is usually the winner, or sometimes it’s

“I am here for my wife and child, there is no way I’ll lose!”

Big Fairy’s Sword:

Collect all 15 stray fairies from the Stone Tower Temple and take them to

the Great Fairy’s Fountain in Ikana Canyon. She will give you the Great

Fairy’s Sword which will take out most enemies in one hit!

Majors Reincarnation and Majoras Wrath:

Once Majoras mask is dead he has arms and legs growing out of him, plus

an eyeball. Then he starts moving around the room so fast you can’t catch

up to him. When he starts doing a dance there is your chance to hit him,

but if you get to close when he is jumping he will start running around

the room again, so just hit him when he does his “disco” dance. Soon enough

he will be dead, but he pumps up with whips.

Majora’s Wrath:

This is the hardest transformation in the game. If you get too close when

you try to weaken him he will kick you which makes you lose a piece of your

heart. Be careful if you try to shoot an arrow he may whip it around the

room (only if he is throwing bombs, you can weaken him with arrows.) If

you hit him a couple times he starts grabbing you with the whips. Then he

will bring bombs out which will cause massive damage if you don’t use your

shield. (If you put up your shield when he kicks it won’t do any damage).

Then he starts throwing whips everywhere. Soon after he will be dead and

destroy his extra head and he will then return normal and be taken to the

happy mask man. The battle is much easier with Oni Link.

How to Alter Time:

Once you get to the part where you get your ocarina back from the imp wearing

Majora’s Mask, you can do all kinds of things. If you play the Song of Time,

you get warped back to the dawn of the first day.(When you get warped back,

the game will automatically save for you) If you play the Song of Time backwards,

time will slow down giving you a better chance to do important things.(If

you play it backwards again, time will return to normal) Also, if you talk

to the scarecrow guy on the route to the obserbitory, he will skip you twelve

hours ahead!(This is useful when you need to go to the top of the clock

tower, but can’t until the moon is about to hit the earth: just skip all

those useless hours!)

Ride Epona in Clock Town:

First, open the first file, (continued or new) and save your game at the

owl statue in south clock town. Then, open file number two when you return

to the main screen. Go outside and call Epona. Then head to the owl statue

on milk road. Save there. If you get off epona while saving, it won’t work.

Now open file one again and you should start out in South Clock Town on

epona. You can ride her anywhere. But if you enter a building, she will

run away to the field.

Wear the Fierce Deity Mask Anywhere:

Warp to the last day (day or nite) and put on the bunny hood. Go to the

hideout where you got the couple’s mask. On the right side of the rock (the

door to the hideout)stand face-to-face with the crack and do a fast roll

attack in the crack (press “C” up and look at the crack for better aim).

You some how slip through the crack and enter. When you enter you see the

short guy, help him get the mask and while your playing as him press “start”

and swicht the bunny hood with Fierce Deity mask. When you leave jump in

the water and swim right.

Map For Majora's Mask:

                             Snowhead Temple    Goron Shrine
                       Goron Race track            /              /
                                                /------ Goron Village
        Gerudo Lagoon                   Death Mountain= there is no Death mount what you think it is its part of the swamp go to the 
             |                              /         Deku Palace and turn around and look you'll see it
             |                         |   /
         Great Bay -------------- Clock Town ---  Graveyard       = part of Ikana not the mountains
             |                     ____|                                  
             |                    /    |       Ikana Valley --- Rockville + there is no Rockville   It might be Sakons Hideout
         Zora Hall               /     |                
          /             Milk Road      |            Ikana Castle
    Great Bay Temple     /       |   The Swamp
                                |     |   |______ 
                 Romani Ranch      Lost Woods   |
                        /                       /
      Doggy race   Cucco Shack  Deku Palace
                                                Woodfall Temple

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