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Dragon Clan:

Dragon Combo - Split your forces as follows: 2 Dragon Warriors with Chi Shield in Front, 2 Kabuki Warriors with Stardust behind them, 2-4 Sumo Cannoneers with Super Keg closely following, followed by the primary force of your group (can consist of a few samurai coupled with geisha). Send in the Dragon Warriors first. As soon as they engage, switch on Chi Shield. When the enemy forces surround them, Super Keg them all with your Sumo Cannoneers while Stardusting them for any missile-counterattack. After that, clean-up should be easy. This usually results in the enemy losing its entire group with you losing 1-2 units at most -- very effective.

Indirect Fire and Zen Arrow - The Sumo Cannoneer obtains Indirect Fire as a Battle Gear from the Shrine. The Archer receives the Zen Arrow power from the Shrine as well. Indirect Fire allows the Sumo to increase his attack range. If he has a spotter unit to reveal areas beyond the fog of war, he can be very effective from long distances and higher ground.

Zen Arrow allows the Archer to fire an arrow at great distances and reveal the line of sight from wherever it lands. This can be used as an effective method of "spotting" for the Sumo without putting any other units in harm's way. Other clans have units, such as the ninja or bandit, which make good spotters. These could be used in conjunction with the Sumo to produce favorable results as well.

Serpent clan:

Hit & Run - Develop a force of about 10 Musketeers with Sniper Scope, 3 Cannoneers with Mines, and 3 Raiders with Caltrops, then get a few Ronin and a few Fan Geisha to use as your primary offensive force. Park your force away from your enemy's main base. Lay down a mine field leading from you to the edge of their line of sight. Then take your Caltrop-Raiders and run them to the base (going through the mine-field, of course). Hit the first building you see a few times, to get their troops rallied against you. Immediately switch on the Caltrops and dart to your main force, through the mine field. Switch on the Musketeer Sniper Scopes. As the enemy approaches you, they're faced with Caltrops and Mines. If they get through all that, they still need to get past the Snipers, which should blow them to pieces. Once this force is dispatched, send in your Raiders to burn everything down.

Necromancer Safe Haven - Put a Necromancer in a watchtower and he'll raise zombies from the dead corpses around him while still maintaining a safe distance from enemy units that can directly attack him.

Vetkin's "Bravado" - The Vetkin's Bravado Battle Gear robs stamina from all nearby units, so it is especially useful for disabling the life-giving abilities of the Geisha for a short time. It is also useful for robbing melee units of their running ability. If Vetkin does this and leads them back to nearby missile units, they'll get extra shots off before the enemy can close in.

Easy Yin Points - In skirmish battles choose any map with lots and lots of trees. Train two Ronin and equip them with the battle gear "Yin Blade", then have the two Ronin attack a tree (make sure Yin Blade is on). After the tree is destroyed u should have at least 12 to 15 yin points.

Lotus Clan:

Group Battle Tactic- Create 4 Unclean Ones with Death Sentry, 1 Staff Adept with Whirling Staff, 1 Leaf Disciple with Scrye Leaves, 2 Channelers, and a whole bunch of Warlocks, and if you can, summon Issyl. Use the Scrye Leaves to scout out ahead of you. When you're about to engage the enemy, deploy all four Death Sentries. Get your Staff Adept in the middle of your forces and turn on the Whirling Staff. This will protect your forces from all missile fire. Use Issyl's Haste to nearly double your attack rate. Make sure your Channelers protect your Warlocks, and watch the destruction unfold.

Zymeth Defense - Summon Zymeth, call a storm, then put Zymeth in a watchtower as base defense.

Teleport Trick - Build a watchtower near an enemy's village and teleport units through that tower right at the enemy.

Brothers/Rebirth - Bring 1 or 2 Brothers into the battlefield (especially the leaf brother) with 3 to 5 Infested Ones. Keep giving the Infested Ones rebirth after they die.

Lots & Lots of Yin - When you build a Crypt of Brothers, you get a free yin. Then summon one of the 3 brothers except brother Sehk. Force attack the trees until a free yin appears. Keep doing this until your satisfied.

Wolf Clan:

Heal Your Wolves - Once you buy the "Herbalists" technique from the Vitality Garden, pull your damaged Wolf units out of combat. They'll heal to 100% health if they stand still for a short period of time.

Early Rush Tactic - As soon as possible, build a Wolves' Den and get 2 Peasants to catch horses. Build up a force of 4 Packmasters each with 3 Wolves (total of 16 units, trained in the time it takes to train 4 first-tier units). Rush the enemy and engage them. This probably won't kill off your opponent, but it will severely damage his production ability, thus giving you the opportunity to build some bigger units (Sledgers, Hurlers with lava rock, etc.).

The Power of Wolves - Wolves should never be underestimated. Wolves are raised in the Wolves' Den on fresh horse meat. To raise Wolves,order one of your Peasants to gather wild horses. Gathered horses will be deposited into the Wolves' Den and used to raise wolf cubs. To give a Wolf to one of your units, send the unit into the Wolves' Den. Most Wolf Clan units can only have one Wolf pet at a time. However, the Packmaster can have up to three Wolves and the Werewolf can have up to two. Peasants cannot have Wolves, and will instead train into Packmasters upon entering the Wolves' Den. That pet will fight and die for the its master. This makes Wolves a great source of protection for all your units, especially your peasants, Druidesses, and long range units. Although not very tough, Wolves add melee damage potential to all units. They can be very effective when used with fighting Druidesses since a Druidess has the ability to entangle an enemy, thus giving the Wolf free attacks on ! the opponent. Also, The Pack Master is another good unit that gets trained in the Wolves' Den. So, as a building, the Wolves' Den has two primary uses (as opposed to the Stables in other Clans which are only used for horses). Lastly, each horse you bring in will give you two wolves.

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Basic Tips

Use Those Peasants

Believe it or not, peasants can help turn the tide of battles. Make sure you have a watchtower up so you can see when an attack is coming (watch towers have a great range of vision). When the attack is coming, let the enemy get up to your watchtower then throw all of your peasants at him. While the enemy is fighting your peasants, send your troops in. The enemy will have to regroup all of his men to attack your troops instead of the peasants, which gives you a good advantage.

Tie Up Ranged Units

Units like the Dragon Power Keg Cannoneer, Serpent Cannoneer and Lotus Unclean one are all very dangerous with their ranged attacks. When fighting against an enemy who has these, it is very important that you "tie them up." You need to get a melee unit through the enemies front lines, and engage in hand to hand combat with the ranged unit. Since ranged units do less damage and tend to be vulnerable in hand to hand combat it is a good advantage to get on them quickly.

Decoy, Decoy, Decoy

When people see one unit they tend to want to send all their troops and kill that unit right away. If you see your opponent does this, use it to your advantage. Send a 3rd tier unit on a horse just inside his vision and try to draw his troops away from his base. If your opponent follows the bait, have 2-4 fire units (Wolf Pitch Slingers, Dragon Archers w/ fire arrows, or Serpent Raiders work the best) and send them along the top of the map and down into the enemy base. While his troops are off chasing the decoy, you'll have a nice opportunity to get some of his buildings on fire.

Free Healing

If any of your peasants, first or second tier units are hurt, you can train them and the upgraded unit will come out with full health. Note, you shouldn't do this to all of your hurt units because you need a well rounded army of first, second and third tier units.

Destroy Enemy Buildings Without Attacking Them:

To easily destroy an enemy base just send your guys in and start attacking the enemy soldiers. While your guys are keeping them busy Left-click on an enemy base then hold down CTRL now press D twice.

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