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Blair Witch Vol 2: Coffin Rock Walkthrough


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Walkthrough written by:

Linda Shaw, Norma Kuderna, & Ozma

(It should be noted: IF you have downloaded and installed the Blair Witch

Volume II: Coffin Rock DEMO version, you MUST uninstall this demo before the

new game will function properly)



WHERE WE SAVED. If you are in NEED of a saved game, please be SPECIFIC as

to the location in the Walkthrough and the NAME of the Saved Game we have



Date Unkown: Listen to the opening scene. Lazarus meets Robin Weaver. Pick

up your saber and follow her. You’ll automatically be taken to the Grandma’s,

Bess Weaver’s, farm outside Burkittsville, Maryland. Watch as the ghosts run

from the Woods next to your bedside. When you are standing as a ghost figure

next to your real self laying in bed, leave the room. Make your way to the

room with Robin sleeping on the floor. Get the Cross from the table. Use the

Cross to get rid of the children ghosts that attack you while you’re in the

house. Move around the house and then go back to where Robin is sleeping.

The Fireplace will light up and you’ll hear the evil ghost speak from the

fireplace. Robin will leave for the lady in the Woods and you’ll wake up from

your dream. Meet Bess Weaver, the Grandma. She’ll ask you to get Robin back

from the Woods. Pick up the guns and ammo on the dresser next to the bed.

Move into the Kitchen and talk with Bess. Use your “action” key to initiate

conversation with her 3 seperate times. Exit the Front Door and turn right

towards the cows. Use the guns on the cans on the Fence Posts. Move around

the silo and get the 2 piles of bullets. Shoot all 3 cans off the posts and

watch the cutscene.


Follow the soldier and kill him in the barn. Get the picture from his body.

Turn and kill the 2nd soldier that enters the barn. Exit the barn and move

towards the front of the house. Kill another solider and you’ll wake up from


Bess comes outside and meets you as you remembered your previous mission.

You’ll want to leave immediately and go to find Robin. Bess tells you that

you’ll want to meet a young man, Peter Durant. She advises you NOT to go with

the search party, as she feels they are all leading themselves to their deaths.

Peter Durant is the man you’ll want to see. Walk with Bess (she walks slowly!)

to the house and get your “viddles to go!” Then run down the path leading

away from the house. As you run down the path, kill 3 wild dogs (snally gasters)

and get the Health Twana from the small shed. You’ll meet up with Peter Durant

in the crowd of men. You’ll also meet Pastor Vance. Learn about the legend

of a Witch in the Woods. You’ll pass out again.

[DREAM-MEMORY]: Get the bullets off the table and speak with your Chief. He

gives you orders to leave and rid a Supply Unit of Rebels. He tells you to

head for the Forest, and move in at Tappy Creek. Exit and go FORWARD out the

front door to meet up with the 3 soldiers that have been assigned to accompany

you to the Supply Unit. DREAM-MEMORY ENDS

Wake up and speak with Durant. Finish your conversation and follow Durant

around to the other side of the house. Question him 3 times about Mrs. Kedward,

The Blair Witch, Indians, Snally Gaster, Ghosts and goblins in the Woods.

Also listen to him tell you about visions of Ghostly Soldiers from the Civil

War haunting the Woods. Durant advises you to go down the Main Road and towards

the Railroad tracks. He also suggests you follow the Creek. Durant gives you

an old Native Handicraft to ward off evil spirits.

Exit the building and head out the main path to begin your search for Robin.

Move Forward to the tracks. Turn right at the tracks and go into the “outhouse”

looking building. Get the Brakelantern. Turn and exit the small building.

[DREAM-MEMORY] You are once again a Union Soldier with your 3 soldiers that

are to assist you. Lazarus tells of his assigment to command a small band

of soldiers to the Central Maryland Woods. He is hoping that the Rebels are

gone already after what he saw at Gettysburg. Shoot all the rebels (about

4-6 of them), then get the Health Twanas and bullets from the big rocks on

the side of the dirt road that lead to the Woods, and the shack. There is

also a Health Twana on the outside of the larger building. DREAM-MEMORY ENDS.

Listen to and meet the Old Man. He is an Old Blind Man that has a house in

the Woods back past the Cemetary. He is from the Black Forest of Bolvaria.

Move closer to the old man after the cutscene conversation and use your “action”

key 4 times to initiate questions. He, too, tells of the Legend of the Old

Woman who eats kids and an Old Owl.

Turn to leave and the Old Man says that he hears Robin Weaver. You’ll hear

her too. You’ll see the little girl. Head in her direction. Stop on the right

by the Brick Walls and get the Health Twana, but be prepared to shoot the

Rebel Ghosts that come at you (I believe there are 2; 1 from each direction).

Go farther up the path and down towards the left. The screen will get dark

and you will be in another Dream-Memory.


Kill some more soldiers with your pistol or saber and go on crossing the path.

The Dream-Memory will end, and you will be Lazarus in the same place. Cross

the path as Lazarus. (Saved Game Titled: [email protected]) Hear Robin calling

you? Or is it her? “Robin, where are you?” You will go up the hill and see

an old hag. Another DREAM-MEMORY. This time a ghost talks through a rebel

prisoner before he dies. The DREAM-MEMORY ends and you go toward the Hag as

Lazarus. (Saved Game Titled: HAVE NECKLACE) Pick up the necklace and that

will give more power to the Cross because it will glow. Use the Cross on the

Hag and when she is stunned with that, use one of your weapons on her to kill

her. You will see her Health Indicator going down on the lower left side of

the screen. When she is dead, you will be able to leave this area on the path

that leads to the left. and along the creek. Robin’s Spirit will appear telling

you to hurry. As you approach the broken bridge, you will see Robin in the

middle, telling you to be careful and not to fall in.

DREAM-MEMORY: The Soldiers are sitting around the fire while the Lieutenant

writes in his journal to his fiance. Mosely is getting worried hearing sounds

so Newhouse decided to check it out. He crossed the bridge and gets pushed

in by a hand that reaches out from the water. Shoot at the hands and finally

you and your men will have gotten them all and will be able to cross the bridge.

You will become Lazarus again. DREAM-MEMORY ends.

(Saved Game Titled: HANDS IN CREEK) Cross over as Lazarus and go towards the

left to meet up with the Search Party. You will ask about Steuben, the Blind

Immigrant, but nobody knows him. They leave behind a bunch of stinkiy smudge

sticks. Pick them up and they will be the bundled herbs in your inventory.

Walk farther into the forest away from the creek. Be prepared to kill and

run from the Stick Monsters. Some you can kill, but others will keep coming

back to life. Stay away from the litte green mounds you see on the patch because

they will take your health away. (Saved Game Titled: HAVE HERBS) After running

around, shooting at the Stick Monsters, there will be another switch and you

will be battling rebel ghosts. There are frequent switches from Lazarus to

the Union Soldiers. The next scene will be the soldiers around the campfire.

It is October 24th, and the Lietutenant is continuiing his diary notes. One

of the Soldiers is polishing his bugle. Mosley is attacked by a Confederate

ghost and dies leaving only the 2 soldiers.

(Saved Game Titled: BUGLE) As Lazarus again, you pick up the bugle and fight

off the Stick Creatures and ghosts. A cut scene will show a tree with sacks

and a path being sealed off with sharp branches. Get to that tree and shoot

the sacks to open up the path again.

Continue up the path and you will get a cutscene and end up next to a tree

that has fallen across the river. Shoot and use your other weapons to get

past the grabbing hands to the other side. Prepare to fight off more Stick

Creatures and Ghosts. Stick Monsters, Wild Dogs, and Ghosts! Oh my! Pick up

the Health Twana and notice a tree that has been partially chopped near the

base by the creek. It is NOT the tree stump where you find the Axe. Finish

chopping that tree down and run across it to the other side of the creek.

It gets spooky here! Go into the graveyard and you will be Stueben once again.

(Saved Game Titled: GRAVEYARD)

Cutscene occurs and switch to the Soldiers again. DREAM-MEMORY. It is October

25, 1863. After a few notes in your journal, you will move on and enter the

graveyard. You will kill the ghosts of Newhouse and Mosely as the private

gets spooked and runs away. Go to the first gravestone to the left of the

entrance and click on it when it is highlighted. Cutscene again. Hurry, there

is little time left! You are Lazarus again. DREAM-MEMORY ends. I’m sure he

is up to no good! Kill the Wild dogs and pick up the doll, then the shovel

to fill the grave. Pick up the skeleton arm on top of the grave. Hurry off

to find Robin!

Pick up more ammo and Health Twana’s as you run along the path, killing Wild

Dogs and Stick Monsters. Avoid the green piles that steal away your Health.

Keep heading upwards on your viewer screen. Eventually you will finish this

section and end up in a clearing where you find more ammo next to an old tree

trunk. Be prepared for more Ghost attacks as you follow the sound of Robin’s

voice and arrive at Coffin Rock. You will see the possessed Robin and Steuben

preparing for the Ritual. Go towards Robin and watch the cutscene.

You will be switched to the Lieutenant in that open area where you find ammo

next to the old tree trunk. Go up the path to Coffin Rock and pick up the

Twana on top. Go farther past Coffin Rock on that same trail and kill a few

more Wild Beasts and Stick Monsters to get another Health Twana. Go back to

Coffin Rock, and down towards the creek where you see a little Waterfall.

Walk on the small rocks to get up close and you will see a cave entrance on

your right. In the cave you will meet up with Skunk (the Private) again. He

goes ballistic and shoots you. You will wake up as Lazarus on top of Coffin

Rock. Watch the cutscene. (Saved Game Titled: 4 PILES)

There is nothing you can do to help Robin on Coffin Rock right now. Your next

goal is to locate the 4 piles of green glowing rocks and disable them by placing

the correct inventory item at each site. Do the ones farthest from the Coffin

Rock FIRST. Go down the path from Coffin Rock and you will come to a pile

of these stones. If you would like, you can use your bundled herbs here. Continue

on the path towards the right and you will see a tree to chop down near the

creek. Run across to the other side and use your Brake Lantern on the first

green pile of rocks you come to. You will see a cut scene saying it is too

late. Don’t believe it! Just continue on to the next pile and use your bugle

there. Go back across the creek and up to Coffin Rock. This time go past Coffin

Rock and you will come to a 4th pile of green glowing rocks. You can use your

skeleton arm here. SAVE YOUR GAME because you will have 70 seconds to get

back to Coffin Rock and save Robin! Go up to Robin and give her the Doll.

Watch the cutscene. Steuben changes into a beasty monster and runs off. Go

after him! You’ll learn your name is: Robert MacNichol. You need to enter

the cave near the Waterfall.

(Saved Game Titled: CAVE END) Enter the cave. Use your Cross to kill the Little

Ghost Children with the glowing eyes. Once you kill the Little Ghosts, the

portal will open to the rest of the cave (if you need ammo, you will find

some scattered around the cave with a few Twana’s for Health, too). Continue

in the cave passageways using your Cross to kill the ghosts and your sword

to kill the Wild Dogs. Eventually you will come to a house that resembles

Rustin Parr. You enter through the basement. Look around the house and listen

to the the eerie ghost children’s whispers. You will find Monster Stueben

on the first floor in the room to the left of the Fireplace. Kill the Monster

and you will find yourself waking up at Aunt Bess’s house. She says you are

healing and will be just fine!

Watch the credits roll!


Or is it?

Linda Shaw, Norma Kuderna, and Ozma38


Thanks to Revolution reader Linda

Shaw, Norma Kuderna, and Ozma38