Command & Conquer: Renegade PC Cheats

Command & Conquer: Renegade


During play, press ~ to bring up the console. Now enter the following:

extras fnkqrrm
Enable extras cheat
admin_message (message)
Send admin message to all clients (host only)
message (message)
Sends chat message to all clients (host only) 
display fps
Toggle framerate
View game in progress info in console window 
End current game (host only)
Kick and ban a user from the game (WOL server only) 

More multiplayer units:

Press F8 and enter extras fnkqrrm. In the Purchase terminal, hold down

ALT when you click on Vehicles or Characters to access the extras.

Dealing With Mutants:

When you come up against those tiberium mutated monsters, use either a laser-based

weapon or the flame thrower – shooting them with tiberium guns like the chem

sprayer only heals them.

Better Hum-Vees and Dune Buggies:

To augment the destructive ability of any vehicle, try becoming a Technician

or Hotwire and rig your ride with proximity mines!

Burning Chem-Warriors:

NOD Chem-Warriors are highly vulnerable to fire. Flame on! Too bad the GDI can’t

get flamethrowers in multiplay…

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