Delta Force: Land Warrior PC Cheats

Delta Force: Land Warrior


Press ~ then type in the following of the codes.

Kariya               Max out Ammo
corbet or stilllife  Be invisible
drury                Get full ammo
roy                  invincibility
domi                 artiltery strik

thetrooper God Mode diewithyourbootson Unlimited Ammo sunandsteel Reload Ammo revelation Artillery Rounds Bozo Bozo Mode roy Invincibility fly_up Fly up Commands: /s: Save Scores /d: Reload From Directory, Not PIF file. /p filename: Play Demo /sys: System Info. /?: Display Command Options /r: Record Demo In 1-Player Mode.


Magical Reload:

If you save your Mission, when you reload the Mission, your Ammo is back

up tp Full…

Loading & Saving:

Type in savegame or loadgame to do one or the other.

Mobile Machinegun and/or Grenade Launcher:

Throw away your primary weapon (by pressing 0) and then go to some machinegun

or grenade launcher. Then go away and the machinegun (or grenade launcher)

will stay in your hand so you can shoot from it while moving. If you change

your weapon or pick up another primary weapon, the machinegun (or grenade

launcher) will be lost and you have to repeat this action in order to get

the machinegun (or grenade launcher) back.

Thanks to Revolution readers sadakosan, Lasse Treland, Tristan de Jong,

Spyder and Kenneth Barrett!