Druuna PC Cheats



Cheat Mode:

While you are in the room where the consoles are, go to the one which is on the

left side. Move your cursor to the left and right arrows and press enter to change

the letters that appear. When you choose the one you want move the cursor to the

confirm option and press Enter. The letter must appear in the lower-left side

of your screen.When you choose all the letters for the cheat, move the cursor

to the O.K. option and press Enter to confirm the cheat. A sound will confirm

that the cheat has been properly inserted. Write CHEATON to enable the

cheat mode. Start a new game and press F2 to make the console appear so that you

may insert the following words.

Code        Result
DRUUNA0     Casual clothes
DRUUNA1     Naked Druuna
DRUUNA2     Underwear
DRUUNA3     Lara Croft suit
DRUUNA4     Wonder-woman outfit
DRUUNA5     Spiderman outfit
OGGOK       All items available
AP     All levels available
ABRHAM21    All maps available 

Thanks to Revolution reader Manos Maroudas!