Midnight Club 2 PC Cheats

Midnight Club 2


Go to the Options screen and select Cheat Codes. Now enter the following:

theparrotAll modes
griswoldAll cities
yerbamateUnlimited Nitro
rimbukAll cities, vehicles and modes in Arcade mode
upupdowndownAll cities, vehicles and modes in Arcade mode
howhardcanitbe 0-9 Adjust difficulty (0 is easiest)
howfastcanitbe 0-9Adjust speed (0 is slowest)
starpowerNo damage, Press F to fire gun
leatherandlaceNo damage, Press F to fire gun, H to fire rocket
octaneNitro boost
starlitePsychadelic view

Unlockable cars:

To access any of the following cars, meet the corresponding condition:

1971 Bestia Finish Angel's 'Drag' race
AlardeFinish Stephane's races
BoostFinish Blog's races
Bryanston V Finish Jewel and Julie's races
CitiFinish Moses's races
Citi Turbo Finish Gina's races
CoheteFinish the 'Biker's' race
EmuFinish Steven's races
Fripon X Finish Ian's races
InternaFinish Angel's races
Jersey XS Finish Dice's races
KnightFinish Nikko's races
Cop car Finish every LA Circuit race
Lusso XT Finish Ichiro's races
Modo Prego Finish Parfait's races
MonsoniFinish Ian's races
MonstruoFinish Hector's races
NousagiFinish Zen's races
Paris cop car Finish every Paris circuit race
RSMC 15 Finish Shing's races
SaikouFinish Haley's races
Saikou XS Finish Kenichi's races
Schneller V8 Finish Primo's races
SLF450XFinish every circuit/career race
StadtFinish Farid's races
Tokyo cop car Finish every Tokyo circuit race
Torque JX Finish Makoto's races
TorridaFinish Maria's races
VelociFinish Savo's races
VictoryFinish Inspector Owen's races
Vortex 5 Finish Ricky's races

Unlockable driving modes:

To access any of the following driving modes, meet the corresponding condition:

Driving Mode Condition
2-wheel driving Finish Dice's races
BurnoutFinish Angel's first race
Mid-air control Finish Maria's pre-race
Nitro Boosts Finish Moses' races
Slipstream Turbo Finish Hector's races

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