NHL ’99 PC Cheats

NHL ’99


Type these codes in during the game:

MANTISGives players elongated arms, legs, and necks.
NHLKIDSMakes players kidsize.
AWAYGOAL Gives away team a goal.
HOMEGOAL Gives home team a goal.
PENALTY Causes a penalty.
INJURY Causes an injury.
ZAMBO Puts the zamboni on the ice.
VICTORY Starts fireworks over the rink.
FLASH Cameras flashes from the stands.
SPOTS Turns on the pre-game spotlights.
CHECK Every players automatically body checks an opposing player to the ice upon contact.
GRAB Similar to CHECK but with a stick hold instead of a check.
GREATSKATE  Full player attributes

Enter “FREEEA” as a password. Then the EA Blades and EA Storm teams

will be selectable. If these two teams are matched up together, fights will

constantly break out.

Go to the credits screen and select Programmers, then type these:

eaonlineAllows Internet play
headboneHuge heads
crankitUnlocks all D3D resolutions (may not work on all cards)
gulliverHuge goalies
warp9 REALLY speeds up the game!
nobodyTake out the crowd
quickerPlayers more talented 
buffedHuge players
1999See Stanley Cup video   

Super Players:

Go to "Create Player" and type in the name of one of the people in

the Main Credits. It will ask you if you want the same settings as this player.

Click yes. He will be Maxed out.

Victory sounds:

Right after you score a goal, press 4 to hear a yell. Press it again to hear

more sounds.

Three Minute Power-Play:

Get into a fight, but do not punch the other player at all. Just stand there

and let the other player punch your player. To force the other player to fight

back, pause the game and switch controllers to the other team. If your player

loses the fight, he will get a two minute minor for roughing and the other player

will get a five minute major for fighting. After your player serves his two

minutes in the penalty box, you will have a three minute power-play. If your

team scores on that power-play, the player will still stay in the penalty box

because he is serving a major.




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