Pod PC Cheats



Crash - Type during a race for Collision Control

Dural - Type at the settings screen, for whichever car you want

Garag - Repairs the damage on your car

Holigan - For a real surprise - let chaos rip!

Label - Show the players name above the car, name is even visible if the car isn't.

Map+F9 - Enhanced map, show cars as numbers 1 to 8.

Map - Show the track map in place of the tacometer.

Mirror - Enables REVERSE button on Track selection, type this on main menu.

Retro - Rear view mirror Rocket - Type at the settings screen to get 300 credits instead of 200

Scrshots - Type at the beginning of a race, then enter ALT+F12 to capture screenshots.

Valay - Type at option menu for Damage Control

Thanks to Revolution readers Rok, Sophia 'Pod-errific' Chee and Lauren 'Pod-tastic' Finkleman!!