Prince of Persia,Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time PC Cheats

Prince of Persia 3D


Cheat Mode:

Start a game with one of the command line parameters below to enable cheat mode.

Here’s an easy way of doing this:

Create a Shortcut to the game on your Desktop. Right click on it, go to properties.

You will see something like: “C:***********pod3d.exe.”

Now type one of the command lines after it:

(ex.C:*********** pop3d.exe -l “geometryroomsprisonfix)

I "geometryroomsprisonfix"
I "geometryroomsivorytwr"
I "geometryroomscistern"
I "geometryroomspalace2"
I "geometryroomspalace3"
I "geometryroomspalace4"
I "geometryroomsroof1"
I "geometryroomscityanddocks"
I "geometryroomsdirig1a"
I "geometryroomsdirig1b"
I "geometryroomsdirig2"
I "geometryroomsdirigfinale"
I "geometryroomsruins"
I "geometryroomscliffs"
I "geometryroomssolar1"
I "geometryroomsmoontemple"
I "geometryroomsfinale"

Thanks to Revolution reader Dark Angel!