Sim Coaster PC Cheats

Sim Coaster


Polar Zone:

Play the Land of Invention, and beat the first objective. After a little more

gameplay, the president will grant you the ability to open the Polar Zone

theme park.

Arabian Knights:

Play the Polar Zone, and beat a few of the objectives. The president will

inform you that Arabian Knights will soon be open for you, but you must complete

a few more objectives. You must have your staff trained for some of the objectives.

Golden Tickets:

Certain people will offer you challenges and if you win , you will earn two

golden tickets!

Earn Training Room:

Beat the first objective in Land of Invention and you will be able to build

a traning center where you can train your staff.

Earn Research Lab:

Beat the first objective in Land of Invention as well. You will be able to

hire scientists and research new things for your park.


Thanks to Revolution reader Aaron Illingworth!