Sonic And Knuckles Collection PC Cheats

Sonic And Knuckles Collection


Level Select:

On Angel Island, get on a swinging vine and press Left, Left, Left, Right, Right,

Right, Up, Up, Up. You will hear a ring chime if its done correctly. Then restart

the game and press up on the title screen.

Super Sonic, Hyper Tails, Hyper Sonic:

When you get all Chaos or Super Chaos emeralds with all characters you will

become either Super Sonic, Hyper Tails or Hyper Knuckles after you get 50 rings.


Chaos Emeralds:

Chaos Emeralds are obtainded by getting all blue Spher’s in Special Stage mode.

To go to special stage mode you must find a huge ring, get 7 chaos emeralds then

obtain 50 rings and jump twice.

Super Chaos Emeralds:

Super Emeralds are found inside the Super Rings. The Super Ring look’s like a

huge ring that flashes color’s. Once inside the altar all the chaos emeralds you

have will go up and spin around and then Super Emeralds will apear. They will

also be see through until you jump on them. Then go to a harder special stage

and get all the super emeralds. *Note: the blue one is very hard to get!


Thanks to Revolution reader mike strobelt!