Total Annihilation: Kingdoms PC Cheats

Total Annihilation: Kingdoms


During play, press Enter and type the following codes. Press Enter again to activate.

+bigbrotherCPU cycles through units
+clockShows game clock
+lotsablood Units bleed more
+nameunit X Rename unit X
+wackywater Toggle wavy water effects (3D only) 
+wackyfog Toggle wave fog effects (3D only) 
+rollingfog Toggle rolling fog effects (3D only) 
+fogcolor X Change the fog color (X = 1-256)
+logo X          Change your race color (X = 1-9)
+lightrange XChange render lighting (X = 1-20)
+F2menu          Brings up the menu 
+selectunitsDeselect selected units 
+vidmode          Change resolution 
+makeposter Svaes screen as a huge .bmp 
+quit Exit to windows 

+atm Full mana +tilt Max men and material +cdstart Start/stop music +combustion Enemies die +doubleshot Weapons do double damage +halfshot Weapons do half damage +ilose Instant lose +iwin Instant win +lushee Limited resource increase


Here’s How to Ally with the Computer in Skirmish:

Play a skirmish when you get to the player screen example:

Player arm 1000 1000, computer core 1000 1000 in between player and arm is an

ally symbol like. Now pick 3 players now click the ally symbol. Make sure you

have the same as the one as the computer if not you will be destroyed in battle.

Note: You can’t ally with 3 or the computer will say you can’t ally

with 3 ok now what you do is find the one or the last player possible and make

sure he’s got a different ally symbol from yours and your teammate. When you and

your teammate have allyed by having the same symbol and the enemy has a different

one, your ready to play any level. But before you do you have to know whose who.

Ok here’s what I do: Pick a color for my commander like RED and my team mate BLUE

and the enemy BLACK. Now when I play look at the radar to see the color. Find

the blue team then go to him and you now have allieed notice a few things :-

1: You can repair his units and he can repiar yours
2: Your teammate will NOT fire on you 
3: You can help your team mate build things fast 
4: Make sure you build as well as his units are not   
very much so help him by building defenses the more 
you and he builds the better and armoured your bease 
is trust me ive allyed with 3 against 1 and guess 
what happened we won id rate total annihilation 9/10

Thanks to Revolution readers Alex Diehl, Stephan, George, brian and Mort McMort!