Whiplash PC Cheats



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(nothing)Will display MR DULL in name, makes announcer sound dull
CINEMAWide screen mode (1 player only)
DR DEATHTrack is 2x as long, 2x laps, and other players try to kill each other as well as you
DUELExpert enemies
FORMULA 1Alternate set of cars
FREAKYInverts colors
GOLDBOYBonus Tracks (8 bonus tracks)
I WON Shows win sequence
LOVEBUNCheat Indy Car (cheat key releases ice onto track)
MAYTECheat Car (Hold down cheat key for super speed and acceleration)
MRFROSTYTrack becomes slippery
MR ZOOMSpeeds up game
MREPRISEPremire Cup (8 extra tracks)
REMOVEWill display MR BRUSH, removes all cheats
SUICYCOCheat Car (cheat key destroys other players within range)
SUPERMANNo destruction to your car
TACHYONSSuper fast game
TINKLECheat Car (cheat key makes other cars flip in the air)
TINYTOTSShrinks cars and they drive just like motorcycles
TOPTUNESAlternate tunes
YOTARACETracks 2x as wide and long(distance)

Thanks to Revolution readers Steven Schmoeller, Brando Camando, Jc White, and

Matt Mouat!