Midnight Club 2 PS2 Cheats

Midnight Club 2

Playstation 2

Cheat mode:

At the main menu, highlight Options Mode and press Down, then press Left or

Right until “Option: Cheat Codes” is selected. Press X and then enter one of

the following case-sensitive cheat codes, which work in Arcade mode:

dextran                 All modes

All cities

All cars

All areas and cars rimbuk All areas and cars immortal Guns, rockets, nitrous and no damage

More control in air savethekids Rocket and guns - press R3 and L3 to use gladiator No damage greenLantern Infinite nitrous howhardcanitbe(0-9) Change Career mode difficulty (0 is easiest, 9 is hardest)


Beat all 5 L.A. Arcade circuit races.

Paris Cop Car:

Beat all 6 Paris Arcade circuit races.

Tokyo Cop Car:

Beat all 7 Tokyo Arcade circuit races.

Rocket Car:

Beat the game 100%.

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