Nascar 2001 PS2 Cheats


Black Box Classic Car:

To unlock the Black Box Classic car beat the Short Track Challenge.

Black Box Exotic Car:

To unlock the Black Box Exotic car beat the Half Season.

EA Sports Car:

To unlock the EA Sports car win the Road Course Challenge. Car:

Beat the Super speedway Shootout under either veteran or legend difficulty settings.

Treasure Island Track:

Beat a season under the veteran difficulty setting.

Richard Petty:

Beat the full season in rookie mode to unlock the king Richard Petty.

Big Lead:

If your leading the race or betwen 5th place get a yellow flag, pull into the pits then abort it. You should pull out in front of the pace car in 1st place. Then it should put you in the back of the pack in first place. You should be able to lap the other cars.

GameShark Codes

(M) Must Be On
Auto Pilot / Low Lap Time
This code will put the race into auto pilot mode 
until you hold the X button for 3 seconds.

If you qualify for Pole Position, this code will 
allow you to take first place easily.

Unfortunately the auto pilot doesn't exceed 
81 MPH.


No Car Damage in Arcade Mode  
4CB45A42 1456E7A5
4CB45A4A 1456E7A5
4CB45A4E 1456E7A5
4CB45A52 1456E7A5
4CB45A56 1456E7A5
4CB45A5A 1456E7A5
4CB45A5E 1456E7A5
4CB45A62 1456E7A5


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