NHL 2001 PS2 Cheats

NHL 2001

Playstation 2

Super Defenseman:

At the create-a-player screen enter Sandis Ozolinsh or Chris Pronger as

a name. Answer “Yes” to use his ratings, then adjust them as needed.

Super Forward:

At the create-a-player screen enter Peter Forsberg, Jaromir Jagr, Keith

Tkachuk, Pavel Bure, Steve Yzerman, Owen Nolan, Rob Blake, Eric Lindros,

Nicklas Lidstrom, or Olaf Kolzig as a name. Answer “Yes” to use his ratings,

then adjust them as needed.

Super Goalie:

At the create-a-player screen enter Patrick Roy, Dominik Hasek, or Ed Belfour

as a name. Answer “Yes” to use his ratings, then adjust them as needed.

Jersey Number 99:

At the create-a-player screen enter Wayne Gretzky as a name. The game will

automatically assign him jersey number 99.

The Dude Player:

You have to enter the created players first name as “dude”. Also, entering

any current NHL players name as well as the name of some of the people listed

in the credits, will you to be able to use there stats.

The Hammer:

Create a player and enter Hammer as his first name. The announcer will refer

to him as “The Hammer” during game play.


Hold Triangle after scoring a goal, winning a fight, winning a game, or

when the opposing team gets a penalty.

Play as “The Animal”:

Enter “The Animal” as the name of your created player and the announcer

will refer to him as…”The Animal”


Eliminate Opposition’s Goalie:

Press Start to pause the game, select “Controller Setup”, then choose the

opposing team. After entering the team’s menu, change the goalie status

to “Pull”, then press Start. Wait a moment, then press Start and return

to the control selection screen. Move back to your original team and press

Start. After entering your menu press Start and the opposing goalie will

be gone.

Shorter Penalties:

When in a fight, let the opposing player punch you without fighting back.

Your opponent will get a five minute penalty, while your penalty will only

be two minutes.

Make a Big Hitter a Big Shooter As Well As a BH:

During gameplay, select the big hitter. Pause the game, change controller

to opposing team. Pull their goalie. Then, change back to your original

team. With the goalie gone, shoot the puck to make a goal. Do this about

3 or 4 times. Then in the next game, the big hitter will have a hammer an

a stick next to his name!

Drain the Opposing Team’s Line:

During gameplay, pause the game, then change your controller to the opposing

teams side. When you have done this, go back to the menu. Select the team’s

options. Choose “Edit Lines” menu, and then switch out their good players

for 3 bad players. Put the same 3 people on ALL the lines. After you have

done this, change back to your team, and play the game. During the game,

all of the opposing team’s lines will be fatiuged. They will then play sluggishly!

Easy Goals:

To score on every shot simply gain control of the puck, skate to the dots

on your blue line and fire a shot, not a slapshot though. You have to be

almost on the dot for it to work correctly.

Play As Any Current NHL Star:

Create a player and enter their First and Last name as they appear in the

game and It will ask you “do you want to create a character like this one

already in the registry?” Just hit yes this works with EVERY Current NHL

player, then just change whatever you want except for the “Skater type”

and your new character will look like and have a photo exactly like the

one you’ve modeled him after!!

Creat Super Players:

During the season you can create a bunch of super players (i.e. use peter

forsberg as a name) then trade them to a team for one player (because the

computer teams want half your team to get anyone) and then go back and delete

the created super players who are now on the other teams roster, so you

get a player for free.


Also for trading you can stack your team by trading someone who’s say a

70, and keep going through the list of computer teams until you find a team

that will take your 70, for a player who is a 72, then do the same to trade

that 72 for a 74, and so on. Eventually by doing this you can trade “up”

until you’ve gotten a whole team of players who are 85-95.

Score Easy Goals:

To score easy goals, when your momentum is up and you have a faceoff at

center ice, pass the puck back to the right defenseman, have him pass straight

to the right wing, skate the right wing straight along the boards, then

when you get to about the next faceoff circle, pass across to the left wing

(on manual shoot) and this scores most of the time…if you do it right

you can score 4 or 5 goals in under a minute.

Get Almost Every Player In a Trade:

To get almost any player in a trade, go to the Create-a-Player option and

select it. Then type in the name of the player you want to trade for. Then

an option will come up that tells you that there is a player with the same

name in our database would you like to create a player like him? Select

yes and assign him to the team you want. Then trade the created player for

the real player and most of the time it will work. Then you delete the created

player and the real player will be on your team.

Easy Trades:

To get any one that you want in a trade even if its Jagr for German Titov

all you have to do is when u start a new season go down to CPU trading and

change it to no. Now the computer teams will not reject a trade ever.

GameShark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On)

99 Goals (Home)

0 Goals (Away)


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