Spy Hunter PS2 Cheats

Cheat Mode:

Unlock cheats by finishing all mission objectives within a certain amount of time.

To enable the cheats, enter “System Options”, then select “Extras”, and “Cheat

Grid”. To play the FMV sequences unlocked in the cheat menu, select the “Movie

Player” that is above “Cheat Grid”.

Saliva Spy Hunter Video: Complete level 1 in 3:40.
Green HUD (Heads Up Display): Complete level 2 in 3:35.
Saliva Your Disease Video: Complete level 3 in 2:40.
Night Vision: Complete level 4 in 3:15.
Early Test Anamatic Video: Complete level 5 in 3:25.
Extra Cameras: Complete level 6 in 3:45.
Rainbow HUD (Heads Up Display): Complete level 7 in 3:10.
Inversion Camera: Complete level 8 in 3:05.
Concept Art Video: Complete level 9 in 3:45.
Fisheye View: Complete level 10 in 3:15.
Camera Flip: Complete level 11 in 3:10.
Puke Camera: Complete level 12 in 3:30.
Making Of Video: Complete level 13 in 2:15.
Tiny Spy: Complete level 14 in 5:10.
Hover Spy: Complete the entire game.
Super Spy: Complete all 65 objectives in the game for 
           unlimited ammunition and invincibility for your car.  

Invincibility And Unlimited Ammo:

In order to use this code you must beat the game. I know its kinda hard but

keep trying. First of all check your mission dossier. You will see a a lot of

little squares. These are your objectives. When you beat all of them then they

will turn yellow. If you beat all objectives you will unlock something called

super spy mode. This makes you invincible. Now you can beat all other levels

in the time allotted in order to unlock all cheats.

Sounds Like Chicken:

Enter as the player name Saliva and you will hear the same sound from the chicken

hunter two player game. I don’t know if it does anything in the game. As far

as I can tell it only makes the chicken sound.

GameShark Codes

Master Code (Has To Be On)
EC8783C4 14317DE4

Unlock Camera Flip Cheat
4CA1FFBC 1456E7A6

Unlock Extra Cameras Cheat
4CA1FF44 1456E7A6

Unlock Fisheye View Cheat
4CA1FFA4 1456E7A6

Unlock Green HUD Cheat
4CA1FCE4 1456E7A6

Unlock Hover Spy Cheat
4CA1FF1C 1456E7A6

Unlock Inverse Camera Cheat
4CA1FF74 1456E7A6

Unlock Night Vision Cheat
4CA1FC14 1456E7A6

Unlock Objective Points Agent 1
4CDE4D04 1456E766

Unlock Objective Points Agent 2
4CDE51A4 1456E766

Unlock Objective Points Agent 3
4CDE5544 1456E766

Unlock Puke Camera Cheat
4CA1FFD4 1456E7A6

Unlock Rainbow HUD Cheat
4CA1FF5C 1456E7A6

Unlock Super Spy Cheat
4CA1FE34 1456E7A6

Unlock Tiny Spy Cheat
4CA1FF04 1456E7A6

Thanks to Revolution readers Golgo 13, Mike Russell, Roger Moss and Prince B.!