Virtua Fighter 4 – FAQ

Everything About Virtual Fighter 4 
Version 1.0
By:Jonathan M. Mead
Email: [email protected]

                       Table Of Contents
      1: Legal Stuff
      2: Introduction
      3: Controls
      4: Characters
       4:A: Akira Yuki
       4:B: Pai Chan
       4:C: Lau Chan
       4:D: Wolf Hawkfield
       4:E: Jeffry McWild
       4:F: Kage-Maru
       4:G: Sarah Bryant
       4:H: Jacky Bryant
       4:I: Shun-Di
       4:J: Lion Rafale
       4:K: Aoi Umenokouji
       4:L: Lei Fei
       4:M: Vanessa Lewis
      5: Modes
       5:A: Arcade
       5:B: Kumite
       5:C: Versus
       5:D: Training
        5:D:1: Command
        5:D:2: Free
        5:D:3: Trial
       5:E: A.I. System
        5:E:1: SbN's Virtua Fighter 3 AI Training Tutorial 

       5:F: Data Files
       5:G: Replay
       5:H: Options
      6: Faqs (Email [email protected] for questions)
      7: Funny things you can do(not done yet)
      8: Codes (not done yet still looking for more)
      9: Updates
      10: The Thank You's

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                    2: Introduction
I am going to try to do the best I can to tell you 
everything you can learn about Virtual Fighter 4. Also of course
I'm only human, so come on. If you have questions email me at
[email protected] and I'll see what I can do.

                     3: Controls
* = If has * after a move that means you hold it. 
& = means a combo of move and button like right and punch.

U = Up
D = Down
L = Left
R = Right
UR = Diagonal Upright
DR = Diagonal Downright
UL = Diagonal Upleft
DL = Diagonal Downleft
P = Punch
K = Kick
G = Guard
P+G = Punch and guard at same time
P+K = Punch and kick at same time
K+G = Kick and guard at same time
P+K+G = All three at same time 

Throws = P+G (normal)
   Advanced ones require certain combos with it.
Throw Excape = P+G (normal)
Run = R, R* 
Dash = R, R or L, L
Crouch Dash = DR, DR or DL, DL
Jump = U&P or U&K (normal)
Down Attack = U&P (normal)
Evading = U or D (normal)
Evade Attack = P+K+G (while evading)(normal)
Recovery = P+K+G (when hit ground)
Rising Attack = K or D&K (normal)
Reversals = 
(high) L&P+K (mid) DL&P+K (low) D&P+K
Charge Attack = If an attack can be charged the hold the 
last button you pressed.
Breaking Walls = If by breakable wall you can break it,
and put them through them.

                      4: Characters

    For each character I will have their bio. if want your moves
I recommend you look in your little book, if you have lost is or
don't have one goto the command training. I will try to see what 
I can do for you though.

                       4:A: Akira Yuki
 Country: Japan
 Sex: Male
 Blood Type: O
 Job: Kung-fu Teacher
 Hobby: Kung-Fu
 Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
 Weight: 174 lbs.
 B/W/H: 45/35/37
 Fighting Style: Hakkyoku-Ken

       Akira failed to win the Third World Fighting Tournament.
After he returned home to Japan and told his Grandfather about 
his loss, he isolated himself in a mountainside retreat to 
train rigorously to atone for his lack of ability. Whilst 
questioning himself, "What is true strength?", Akira was 
suprised to discover a number of devastating new moves. As he
continued to inprove his style, Hakkyoku-Ken, Akira felt his 
soul strengthing, and immediately resolved to fight in the 
tournament once more to demonstrate his improved skill.

                        4:B: Pai Chan       
 Country: China
 Sex: Female
 Blood Type: O
 Job: Action Star
 Hobby: Dancing
 Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
 Weight: 108 lbs
 B/W/H/: 33/21/35
 Fighting Style: Ensei-Ken

       Pai Chan left the Third World Tournament after being 
defeated by her father, Lau. Upon returning home, Pai 
realized that despite her loss, her fighting skills closely
matched those of her father. While training to improve her

Hisou-Ken, Pai learned that Lau had contracted an incurable 
disease and yet still planned to compete in the fourth 
tournament. Determined to prove a worthy successor to her
father's legacy, Pai plans to enter the tournament to defeat 

                       4:C: Lau Chan
 Country: China
 Sex: Male
 Blood Type: B
 Job: Cook
 Hobby: Chinese Poetry
 Height: 5 ft. 8 in.
 Weight: 170 lbs.
 B/W/H: 39/35/37 
 Fighting Style: Koen-Ken

       After losing against Kage-Maru in the final round of 
third tournament, Lau found himself incurably ill. Fearing his 
individually developed style, Koen-Ken, may be forever lost 
upon his death, Lau began looking for a worthy successor. His 
main ambition in entering the fourth tournament is to find that
successor and offer them the chance to master his powerful 
martial arts style.             

                     4:D: Wolf Hawkfield
 Country: Canada 
Sex: Male 
Blood Type: O 
Job: Wrestler 
Hobby: Karaoke
Height: 5'11" 
Weight: 223lbs. 
B/W/H: 48/37/39 
Fighting Style: Pro-Wrestling

       The reason Wolf took part in the Third World Tournament 
was a recurring nightmare of the apocalypse. These nightmares 
ceased when the tournament ended, and Wolf returned home. He 
spent his time traveling from one fighting arena to another, 
training riorously. Unfortunately, the nightmares soon returned. 
Wolf visited the shamen of his settlement once again and was told 
that the tournament organizers planned to turn Wolf's nightmare 
into a reality. Not wanting to witness such a terrible event, 
Wolf resolved to enter the next tournament and prevent such a 
thing from happening.

                     4:E: Jeffery McWild
 Country : Australia  
 Sex: Male       
 Blood Type: A
 Job: Fisherman         
 Hobby: Reggae Music
 Height: 6 feet even   
 Weight: 245 pounds
 B/W/H: 48/37/38
 Fighting Style: Pancratium 

        After the 3rd World Fighting Tournament, Jeffry had 
received enough money to repair his boat to hunt the infamous 
"Satan Shark" in his homeland in Australia.  Unfortunately, 
by the time he reached the sea, the Satan Shark had moved 
to new hunting grounds.  Now Jeffry needs to purchase a 
sonar tracking device to track the Satan Shark down.  
This is a very costly purchase, so Jeffry once again signs up 
for the 4th World Fighting Tournament.

                      4:F: Kage-Maru
 Country: Japan
 Sex: Male
 Blood Type: B
 Job: Ninja
 Hobby: Mahjong
 Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
 Weight: 146 lbs.
 B/W/H: 40/35/35
 Fighting Style: Hagakure-ryu Ju-Jutsu

        Kage took part in the Third World Tournament in order 
to defeat Dural and obtain new parts which he assumed would 
help him save his mother, Tsuki-Kage. Sadly, the parts seemed 
to have no positive effect. Tsuki-Kage's condition worsened and 
she turned into Dural completely. After recovering from the 
attacks he suffered from Dural, Kage resolved to infiltrate 
the Organization and retrieve his mother. It was inside the 
Organization that Kage discovered a new more complete Dural 
was poised to compete in the Fourth Tournament to recieve a 
final adjustment. Kage also learned that this new Dural 
contained the secret to saving his mother. "I cannot let her 
suffer anymore," he thought. And with that, he pledged to 
enter the Fourth World Fighting Tournament and save his 
mother's life.

                      4:G: Sarah Bryant
 Country: United States of America
 Sex: Female
 Blood Type: AB
 Job: College Student
 Hobby: Sky Diving
 Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches
 Weight: 121 Pounds
 B/W/H: 35/22/35
 Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do

        After regaining her memory and returning home to a normal 
life, Sarah still has lingering doubts. Although her brainwashing 
was incomplete, her desire to defeat her brother (Jacky) was 
overwhelming. Was there some part of her, then, that also wanted
 to fight her brother? Before long, she receives a call 
from her brother (Jacky) informing her that he plans to enter 
the fourth tournament. Hoping to regain her former life 
completely, Sarah enters the tournament as well, determined to
defeat her brother and put the past behind her.

                     4:H: Jacky Bryant
 Name: Jacky Bryant
 Country: United States of America
 Sex: Male
 Blood Type: A
 Job: Indy Car Racer
 Hobby: Training
 Height: 6 Feet
 Weight: 165 Pounds
 B/W/H: 43/34/36
 Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do
        With Sarah back in his life and the Third Tournament 
behind him, Jacky was anxious to return to racing and work on 
this driving abilities. But only three months prior to his 
first comeback race, Jacky's sponsors were mysteriously 
attacked. During the same week, Jacky received a letter 
ordering him to enter the Fourth Tournament if he wanted 
the attacks to stop. This threat was more than enough to 
convince Jacky to begin training and enter the tournament 
once again.

                       4:I: Shun-Di
 Country: China
 Blood Type: O
 Job: Herbal Doctor
 Hobby: Collecting Herbs
 Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
 Weight: 136 lbs.
 B/W/H: 35/34/35
 Fighting Style: Drunken King-Fu

         Although he joined the Tournament to look for his 
pupil, Shun failed to find him. Returning home, Shun found 
a letter from his pupal if he failed to excape the 
organization. After months passed and his pupil did not 
return, Shun resolved to train for the FOurth World Fighting 
Tournament, infiltrate the Organization, and rescue his pupil 
by force.

                      4:J: Lion Rafale
 Country: France
 Sex: Male
 Blood Type: AB
 Job: College Student
 Hobby: Skateboarding, Collecting Knives
 Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
 Weight: 139 lbs.
 B/W/H: 35/33/35
 Fighting Style: Tourou-Ken (Preying Mantis)

         After two defeats at previous Tournaments, Lion 
returned home doubting  his own abilities. Proud of his 
son despite his losses, Lion's father encouraged him to return 
to training and helped him regain his pride. A few months later, 
the invitation for the Fourth World Fighting Tournament 
arrived. With renewed confidence, Lion left home, claiming,  
"I am the only one who will win the championship!"

                     4:K: Aoi Umenokouji
 Country: Japan
 Sex: Female
 Blood Type: A
 Job:College Student
 Hobby: Ikebana 
 Height: 5 ft. 4 in.
 Weight: 104 lbs
 B/W/H: 33/21/34
 Fighting Style: Aiki ju-jutsu

         Aoi has realized what a small world she was in after 
losing the previous tournament. Returning home, she tried hard 
not only to learn Aikido and Kobujutsu, but also improve her 
knowledge of other martial arts. She is anxious to enter the 
Fourth World Tournament so she can demonstrate her enhanced 
repetoire of moves.

                        4:L: Lei Fei
 Country: China
 Sex: Male
 Blood type: B
 Job: Monk
 Hobby: Prayer
 Height: 5 ft. 9 in.
 Weight: 139 lbs.
 B/W/H: 39/33/33
 Fighting Style: Shaolin Style

         At times in Chinese history, there emerged martial arts
styles that wielded power enough to threaten the ruling dynasty.
The Emperors, fearing the danger these legendary arts posed, at
times used their military might to ban and supress certain
styles. For those arts too powerful even for the millitary, it
fell to a little-knoen group of martial arts experts to
eliminate the forbidden style and its practitioners. Even now,
long after the last emperor, the group still stands vigilant.
Lei Fei, a young monk with outstanding abilities even within 
the order, was charged with the elimination of "Koen-Ken", a 
forbidden style resurrected by Lau Chan. But as Lei Fei 
prepares for the tournament, his thoughts we not to destroy
Koen-Ken, but to make the legendary powers his own...

                     4:M: Vanessa Lewis
 Country: Unknown
 Sex: Female
 Blood type: AB
 Job: Security Officer
 Hobby: Singing
 Height: 5 ft. 9 in.
 Weight: 121 lbs.
 B/W/H: 37/22/37
 Fighting Style: Vale Tudo

         Held by "J6" at a young age, Vanessa developed very 
powerful physical abilities.  She was later rescued by a 
special forces officer named Lewis during his assault on "J6". 
Lewis adopted Vanessa, but was murdered by terrorists on her 
20th birthday. Learning that the terrorists were targeting 
VIPs, Vanessa became a security officer and vowed to find her 
father's killer. Years later, Vanessa learned that a woman 
named "Sara Bryant" was being targeted by "J6". She immediately 
contacted the Bryants and entered the Fourth World Fighting 
Tournament to protect Sara from harm.

                          5: Modes
        I am going to describe each mode with decent detail and 
tell you special stuff about it if I have the knowledge.

                          5:A Arcade 

        Arcade is like always done in a certain order of people
here is the order:
1: Lion Rafale                  8: Jacky Bryant
2: Lei Fei                      9: Aoi Umenokouji
3: Pai Chan                     10: Shun-Di
4: Kage-Maru                    11: Wolf Hawkfield
5: Jeffry McWild                12: Sarah Bryant
6: Vanessa Lewis                13: Akira Yuki 
7: Lau Chan                     14: Dural (note 1)

Note 1: You can fight her once if you lose, too bad.

        Not much to be said here. You can get items if you have
a custom character, and train up a fresh AI. So Whatever.

                          5:B: Kumite

        Here is when you go into a countless fights. Your main 
goal is to get your rank as high as possible. I don't want to
quite spoil the special stuff so I'll just list the basic 
rankings. You start out at 10th Kyu. Then you goto 1st Kyu.
From there you goto 1st don to 10th don. Then there are even 
higher ranks than that. I don't want to spoil it for anything. 
but for anyone who cares it is in the spoilers faqs at the 

                          5:C: Versus

       Ok Vs. you know this mode, yu fight against another human 
or AI. Simple enough Eh? Well I heard that if you get dural,
(hint hint) you can play her in versus mode.

                          5:D: Training

       Now training, here you can do command training, (learning
your moves) Free training (Practicing) and Trial(Getting through
courses). These mode is for normal characters, and Human custom
characters. You cannot use AI's here. Lets explore more.

                          5:D:1: Command
       Here you can go through all of your characters moves.
So this helps you learn and get used to your moves and commands. 

                          5:D:2: Free
       This mode is the one where you can practice stuff like 
juggles, moves, and other stuff. You can even change how the 
walls are set up. You can make the walls high fences (caged in)
breakable, and an open place (no walls). Also you can edit how
the computer acts. Here you can pretty much edit every feature
of free training. Play this mode before you throw yourself into
the wolves.

                         5:D:3: Trials 
       All of these modes are for beginners learning how to play
or just how to do certain things. Here it teaches you how to do
moves and also what these things do. Such as learning to evade,
learning how to escape in a throw, etc. And I heard doing all 
the trials you can get something. (hint hint) It will be in the
codes section.

                          5:E: A.I. System
       I am going to use a faqs I found that was posted by
SuicidalByNature420 and I had nothing to do with the editing of
the faqs. This faqs below is copyrighted by SuicidalByNature420
So the same rules apply.

    **~~ SbN's Virtua Fighter 3 AI Training Tutorial ~~**

      Alright, I've spent the past few days playing with the AI 
Mode and now that I think I've got a good amount down, 
I've decided to write a tutorial for those of you looking 
to train your own AI fighter. I am in no way a master of 
this and am just learning myself, but this should be good 
to get you started and get your AI on the winning road. 
This guide will have 3 parts, seperated into 3 posts. 
Feel free to add your own comments or tips, I will update 
this thread whenever I find something new. 

Getting The Basics Down
     Before you start, go to the bathrom, grab some snacks, 
do anything you need to get done, and get comfortable - 
this is going to take a while. The initial training is 
the hardest hump to get over in this game. Remember what 
you're doing here - you're training this AI fighter to face 
Kumite opponents, yeah... those same guys that were just 
wiping the ring with YOU 5 minutes ago. Making matters 
worse... your new AI pet isn't as bright as you are, 
in fact right now she's dumb as dirt. She needs to learn 
her moves. 

     So, go to Sparring mode and get comfortable, I usually 
start by going through the characters whole move list 
and teaching them EVERY move. Do each move, then stop 
and let your AI do it. If they do it right, that means 
they understood and can now do the move. If they do 
something different and a question mark pops up in the 
AI bubble, that means it's too hard for them. Skip it 
and move on, we'll come back to that later. Note that 
I said *ALL* moves, this includes reversals, throws, 
and stances. You also have to teach your AI moves for 
the stances or they'll get confused whenever they enter
it. To teach your AI a reversal just have him perform
an attack that can be reversed and reverse it. They'll
start using the reversal in fights and get better at
it. Once they know their whole move list(or at least 
all the ones you can perform, don't worry if there are 
some you can't do, you'll learn them eventually), 
go back to square one.

     Now it's time to show your AI the ropes, repeat the moves, 
reversals, and combos you want your fighter to be 
proficient at, and learn him/her some of those tougher 
strings. To get your AI to use a move more often, just 
do it repeatedly. They'll get better and use it more 
often. Reverals and defensive play can be reinforced the 
same way. To teach them longer strings you must break 
it down. Figure out where they're messing up, if it's 
a PPPD+K combo and they're getting 2 punches off, then
you know the problem is the 3rd punch. Do PPP, let 
them do it, then try PPPD+K, keep doing that until they
learn it. Same for throw strings, do one part, then let 
them go, then do the next, etc until they can do the wole
string. This can be VERY time consuming, don't try to 
teach them any overly complicated things too early, they
will pick these up easier after they have more experience.

The Amateurs
     OK, so your AI knows almost their whole move list, you want them 
to really make use of a PPPK combo so you've trained that for a 
while. You also spent a good amount of time going over reverals
and you've taught her a few throws. Your AI is ready to whup some 
AI booty in Kumite, right!? Wrong. You don't show a boxer how to 
jab and then throw him in the ring with Tyson, do you? Start your
AI off in Arcade mode, let him/her learn the basics of fighting 
in here. A good way to prepare your fighter for Kumite is to keep
them in arcade until they can beat it, or at least reach Dural. 
It's really up to you, the more time you spend in Arcade, the 
better your record will likely be. 

Going Pro...
      OK, your AI has won the tournament, their offense is top 
notch and they're really hitting a stride on defense. You are 
now confident enough to throw your virgin AI to the wolves. 
From this point, it's all you, use sparring, replays, and 
fights to improve your AI's technique. Teach them right and 
wrong, this mode goes as deep as you want it to. To help you
along the way, here's some tips to get you started.

PART 3.1
Being An Expert Corner Man
     When you're watching your AI duke it out with your 
finger on the X and O buttons, think of yourself as 
the corner man. You want to watch your fighter closely,
watch their every movement, get them to maximize the 
advantages and minimize disadvantages.

    I think I've gotten the "?" and "PLAY" messages down as 
well as using X and O during a fight to reinforce what 
you want your student to do.

    You can check in any time and tell your student what 
you think of their performance so far or to show 
approval or disapproval of a move. The problem with 
this is, they will stop to look at you when you do it. 
It's about timing here, get your advice in while your 
AI is in the middle of a throw or long combo. That way
you won't distract him/her, leaving an opening for attack.

     When "PLAY" pops up in the window, your student is looking 
for advice, s/he wants your approval. It usually appears 
after a long combo, fancy move, or a custom string that you 
taught them in Sparring. Press O if you like it and want 
them to use the move/combo more often(and thus get better 
at it), press X if you don't want him/her to use it as much.
You can ignore the PLAY message(for example, if the fighters 
are in a staredown, pressing a button would make your bot turn 
towards you and at that point ant 5th Kyu+ is gonna go buck nasty 
on them) but I've noticed the bot has a higher chance of becoming 
confused("?") in the transition if you do, so try to get a response
in there.

     When the "?" appears in the window, that means your 
fighter has become confused. You may notice that if you teach 
your fighter a complicated string in sparring, they sometimes 
get a different result an it will pop up. This means your fighter
is trying to do something he's not good enough to do yet. 
It happens a lot while they are learning multi-part moves. 
During fights it can also mean that your AI just doesn't know 
what to do, perhaps just just got lit up by a long string or 
maybe Lei Fei or Shun Di just went into some bizarre stance(
the AI will react to different stances). Whatever it is, it's 
always bad so hit X if you see it, that'll usually send your AI 
into a flurry. Keep the current situation in mind, if you like
what your AI did when you pressed X then press O, if she 
reacted the wrong way for that situation press X. An example 
where this comes in handy - your AI is facing Lei Fei, he just 
switched into the U+P+K+G stance, you Bot has never seen it and 
gets confused. You press X, your bot leaps into action... with 
a punch combo, s/he gets snatched up and slammed on his/her face.
You'd press "X" to tell them that punch combo is not a good 
reaction for that situation, next time s/he'll try something else.

PART 3.2
Going Over Replays
     This is like the Amateurs, you don't NEED to do it but the more 
you do, the better off your fighter will be. Going over replays 
plays the same role it does in professional football. Use it to 
show your fighter what they are doing right and wrong, if they 
are being too aggressive hit X after a long combo string, if 
they are being too defensive, hit O at the end of strings. If
they pull a nice reversal, hit O to say it was nice. Use 
replays to improve your AIs skills, like I said, it goes as
deep as you want it to. You can replay every match if you'd

Part 3.3
Don't Forget To Practice
     As your AI gets better you may start using Sparring mode less,
DON'T - your fighter learns more in this mode than ANYWHERE 
else. Keep going back every now and then, teach some new 
techniques, teach your fighter a custom combo or juggle. There
is no such thing as too much practice.

     OK, I've looked into those Data Files ratings a little more and
I think I've finally got it all figured out. There are 2 
windows of importance in there:

AI Ability
     This is a general rating of your AI's skill in certain aspects
of fighting. There are 8 categories:

 ++ Trust - I'm not positive, but I think this is a rating of 
your general corner man skills. It's how much your AI trusts 
you, the better you do lead her on, the more she'll trust you,
and the more she'll follow your advice.

 ++ Striking Attacks - Obvious, her striking skill. Every time 
you see +/-HIT during a fight, this is what is changing. The 
higher your AIs rating here(1-100), the better she will be at 

 ++ Throws - Just like above but for Throws, this changes 
whenever you see +/-THROWS.

 ++ Reversals - Your AI's Reversal skills, +/-REVERSE is 
the message for this.

 ++ Guard - Your AI's blocking ability, +/-GUARD affects this.

 ++ Escape - I'm not to clear on this, I know I never saw a 
+/-ESCAPE and can't remember if I've seen a +/-EVADE. Any 

 ++ Recovery - I would assume this is your AI's ability to 
recover from stagger moves?

 ++ Recovery Speed - But then again this seems like it 
stagger recovery??

     This is like your Skills/Abilities/Magic window in a 
roleplaying game, it lists every single move in your
AIs arsenal as well as their skill-level with that move. 
It's also good for figuring out what moves your AI 
hasn't learned yet(they will be blacked out on the list).
Each move has a seperate skill level, but I'm not quite 
sure how the numbers are figured. I'm betting each move 
belongs to a category from the AI Ability screen and 
these are figured out by a combination of your input 
and the +/-HIT, THROW, etc. messages.

     These windows also show(in parenthesis next to the 
overall rating) how much the number has gone up or 
down since you last checked. They're a pretty good 
window for watching your fighters general development.
I'd recommend checking them whenever you check your 

        (c) Copyright By SuicidalByNature420

                     5:F: Data Files
       This is where you look at your custom characters and look
at diffrent stuff like if it is an A.I. you can look at what it 
has learned. Also if you have a custom charater period you can 
look and change his or her outfit.

                      5:G: Replay
       If you have replays you have taken to see what you are 
doing wrong or just wanna be a show off, then this is where you 
go to see them. You can save replays where is says Winner OR 
Loser, it will say to save replay. This is for human players.

                      5:H: Options

       Forgive me for saying this but "duh!!!" come on options
what do you think this means. Unless your name is 
Homer J. Simpson (no coincidence) then I think you can this one 
down. But just for the "others".

                      6: Faqs
      Since I haven't had this out long I need your help, ask
(resonable) questions.  If you repeatedly ask a stupid question
I will block you from my email. You must make the subject,
"VF4 Faqs Question" And I will Answer it. Any of you that ask,
it's not a bad thing.

               7: Funny stories (not done yet)

      I found out two ways to get a ring out in high fence 
places. Sarah can use her UR&P over a fence. And Kage can do it
with B&B&P+G Then U&P+G. This will make the enemies head hit 
out before you do. That is it for now.

                         8: Codes 
      I will list the codes then tell you where I got them from.
Thanks to you's whos codes are up here.

------------------------------ Source: Mao2
   Training mode1 selectable in vs. Mode:

Have a created character reach shodan (Beginning Rank) and it 
will be selectable in Vs. Mode. 

------------------------------Source: Mao2
   Training Stage 2 selectable in Vs. Mode:
Have a created character reach godan (Rank 5) and it will be 
selectable in Vs. Mode. 
------------------------------Source: Mao2
   Training Stage 3 selectable in Vs. Mode Have a created 
character reach haou (Monarch) and it will be selectable in Vs.

------------------------------Source: Mao2
Unlocking Dural In Kumite Mode, defeat the boss character 
Dural, and she will be selectable in Vs. Mode only. Dural's
 stage isn't selectable, but when you choose to fight as 
Dural, the stage you fight on will ALWAYS be on her stage.

                       9: Updates

      None yet.

                   10: The Thank You's

      This part is then is for all of you who needs to have me
thank you dearly, for with out all of you it would not be 
possible. If you think your name should be up there, email me at
[email protected] And Subject is "Faqs Thank You's" You must 
remind me what you did.

-Me (The creator)
-SuicidalByNature420 (For the A.I. Faqs)
-Mao2 (For the codes)
-My Mom (for having me)

This Document Is Copyrighted By Jonathan M. Mead (Dueling Master)
                    (c) All Rights Reserved (c)

  Many thanks to Revolution reader Jon Mead!