Zone of the Enders PS2 Cheats

Zone of the Enders

Playstation 2

Multiplayer Mode:

Beat the single player mode under any difficulty setting. Finish the game a

second time under any difficulty setting to unlock 2 new stages. Or just reload

your game after you have beaten it, and beat it again from the last save(should

be in the Hub, unles you didn’t save before it). After you beat it save like

you did the first time you beat it and in the versus menu should have the 2

new frames. Although only one of the new frames is worth it.

All Characters and Levels in Multiplayer Mode:

Beat the game easy mode with at least a “D” rating.

Alternate Ending:

Get an “A: rank in all S.O.S. calls. New music will play during the ending sequence.

Double Blade for Jehuty:

First you get all the weapons without using any Metatrons. Then you beat it

2 on any difficulty.When you play close up press R2 direction and Square. He

will slice them to oblivion.

Unlock Remaining Frames and Battle Levels:

On any difficulty setting, beat the game a second time.

Full Ammo & Health:

Pause the game and enter L1, L1, L2, L2, L1, R1, L1, R1, R2, R2 NOTE: This code

will cause a decrease of one level each time it is entered.

Unlock Disco Mode:

At the title screen press Up, Down, Down, X, Triangle, Left, Right, Square A

sound effect will confirm correct code entry.

Get Versus Mode In Start Menu:

At the start screen (Where you have to hit start to go to the main menu) hit

the buttons O, X, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up. You will hear

a sound to confirm the code was entered correctly.

Unblockable Atacks:

If the enemy is blocking, Either use a Burst or throw attack, it is un blockable!

Jehuty Dodge:

If the enemy has shot a swarm of bullets at you, keep pressing Dash + Down or

Dash + Up. Jehuty Will Do Semi-Multiple Flips!


Restore Health:

If you feel that you don’t have enough ‘life’ to complete a mission or even

a given task, simply allow frame to be destroyed and continue. You will return

with your life completely filled. The Factory 2 is a great spot for an easy

Metron orb. It’s right at the beginning of the level.

Restore Items:

Need to replenish your ammo or Metatron or whatever, and you’ve already used

all the items in your current area? If you select Area Change and then go right

back to that same area again, all the items will be restored. But beware…

All the enemies will return as well.

Semi Turned Based ZOE:

If you need more time while switching special weapons with the O button, then

pause the game. Now go to Weapons and change to the weapon of your choice. Then

unpause the game and you will now have that weapon. I paused the game, switched

to my Decoy item, unpaused it. Activated the item, then paused it again and

picked the Comet. So now while the enemy pummles my decoy, I use the Comet to

pummel the enemy.

Easy Win on Nebula:

When the fight starts out dodge around and and nail him with burst shots when

he hovers in the middle of the area. After you get him down to 50% of his life

he’ll spazz out and then start a pattern of attacks, most of which can be easily

dodged if you know how to. But you don’t have to suffer through this. Every

time Nebula finishes an attack he shifts and launches a laser net or missile

cluster as he takes off. After he does this the first time dodge the fire and

wait for him to start his decent. As he comes down have a burst shot ready.

Just as he reaches the middle mark and stand himself up let it go. If you timed

it right it will hit his head before he can get any of his attack off. It’ll

blow a fuse or something and he’ll be forced to recharge, thus exsposing his

vulnerable spot. Switch to your gautlet and let him have it. I saay use the

gauntlet because even though a burst shot does more damadge, you can get a gauntlet

shot off easier and faster than a burst. You should only have to do this 4 or

5 times before Nebula is toast and you can move on.

Secret Third Ending:

Get a “E” ranking in all S.O.S. missions, you get a new ending.

Final Score Comments
Based on the grade assessed to your final score, you will receive comments from one of the voice actors:
Rank B- Leo
Rank A- ADA
Rank S- Celphis

GameShark Codes

(M) Must Be On
Infinite Javelin
Infinite Geyser
Infinite Bounder
Infinite Phalanx
Infinite Halberd
Infinite Comet
Infinite Gauntlet
Infinite Sniper
Infinite Decoy
Infinite Mummy
Press L2 = Javelin Equipped
Press L2 + X = Geyser Equipped
Press L2 + O = Bounder Equipped
Press L2 + Triangle = Phalanx Equipped
Press L2 + Square = Halbered Equipped
Press L2 + L1 = Comet Equipped
Press L2 + R1 = Gauntlet Equipped
Press L2 + R2 = Sniper Equipped
Press L2 + D-Pad LEFT = Decoy Equipped
Press L2 + D-Pad RIGHT = Mummy Equipped
Ultimate Jehuty

This code will turn your mech into the ULTIMATE fighting machine. Super health,

and the ability to destroy almost any enemy with one swipe of the Jehuty’s blade!!!

When this code is on, it will save to your modified Jehuty to your memory card.

Be sure you want to continue playing with this code active BEFORE saving!!


0 Continues Used
0 Saves Used
9999 Defeated

NO Casualties-Town 2

Thanks to Revolution readers Imhotep, ShuvOohl, Jehuty, Jc, Jay Psychotic,

Matthew C. Isaacks, Nathan Jon Fernandez, Mi Numero Uno, Gunshi and CAke MeoW!