007 Racing PS Cheats

007 Racing


Vantage Car:

At the title screen press L1, R2, Triangle, Circle, X quickly. You will

hear a laughing sound press “start” and go to “TWO PLAYER” now the “Vantage”

car will be available.

Tall Pedestrians:

Type in LEMKE at the enter name screen for extra tall pedestrians.

Slippery Track Both 2 00 Agent:

Knock out all 11 fire hydrants on the ‘Gimme a Brake’ Mission (the mission

must also be completed). All track surfaces are as slippery as soap. The

user will have difficulty controlling their vehicle. Discover and activate

New York’s alternate sprinkler systems.

No Radar in Two-Player Mode:

Beat the “Ambush” mission with at least 85% health on the “Agent” difficulty


Pre-Mission Replay:

Beat the pre-mission on the “Agent” difficulty setting with a time less

than 1:30 to view the pre-mission replay


Thanks to Revolution readers Ben, themos69, Chris Mathews and Bernabe Murguia!