A Bug’s Life PS Cheats

Infinite lives:

Go to Training mode and find the letters F-L-I-K to gain an extra life. Repeat

this over and over again to get as many as you want before returning to the

regular game.

Level Skip:

Pause game play and press L1, L1, R2, R2, X, Circle, Triangle. Alternately,

press L1, L1, R2, R2, X, Circle, Triangle at the main menu.

99 Lives:

At the main menu, hold R1 and press X, O, L2 and a chime should confirm the code.

Bonus Level:

Finish all of Mr. Spoil’s objectives at the training level. Then bounce on all

of the spiders to kill them to unlock a bonus level. Finish the bonus level to

view all FMV sequences.

High Flying Bugs:

In the levels “ant island”, “the tree” and “clover forest”, find all the brown

tokens to get the cannon plant. Once you’ve done this, plant a cannon plant and

a dandelion. Fly the dandelion into the cannon plant and you’ll shoot so high

you can fly anywhere on the level.

GameShark Codes

Infinite health     800A6594 0004
Infinite lives      800A65A0 3209
FLIK                300A65A2 000F

Thanks to Revolution readers Andrew Peterson, Alex San Juan, KinglyDuckBoy,

prplehze59, PMG, Bobby Anil, Jason Sommerfeld and Deryl Yeap!