Ace Combat 2 PS Cheats

Ace Combat 2


Bonus Aircraft:

Finish the game and see the Normal or Bonus Ending. A new option will

appear after you picked the difficulty under the “START GAME” option

at the Title Screen. Using this option, you may have a chance to buy some

new aircraft as you play through the game again. (Like the F-15S,

MiG-31, Su-25, and the XFA-27)

Free Mission Mode:

Using the “EXTRA” Aircraft Mode, finish the game and see the Normal or

Bonus Ending. After the “START GAME” option at the Title Screen, the

“FREE MISSION” option will appear. Now, you can play all the missions

you have discovered so far.

The Normal Ending:

Play the game up to the 19th mission, “Kingpin”. Finish the mission

WITHOUT shooting down the skilled enemy pilot Z.O.E. (The enemy plane

that is marked as ‘DANGER’ in the Briefing Screen.)

The Bad Ending :

On the 19th mission, “Kingpin”, be sure to shoot down the skilled

enemy pilot, Z.O.E. You will then be able to play the 20th mission, “Last

Resort”. Do not shoot down the cruise missile that’s launched to see

this “Bad Ending”.

The Bonus Ending:

On the 20th mission, “Last Resort”, be sure to shoot down the cruise

missile. You will then be able to play the 21st mission, “Fighter’s

Honor”. Finish this mission to see this “Bonus Ending”.

Music Player:

Play the game and achieve a rank higher than First Lieutenant. A new

option will then appear in the Options Menu. Inside, you may play all

28 music tracks from the game!

View The Aircraft In 3D:

Remember all those Skilled Enemy Pilots that are marked as “DANGER!”

on the Briefing Screen? If you manage to shoot every single one of them

down and complete your collection of medals on the Statistics Screen,

a new option will appear in the Options Menu. All the planes you have encounter so far (both yours and the enemies’) may be now seen in 3D!

You may rotate the cool planes around, and even zoom in and out!

Lock replay view:

Hold Square during a replay to lock the camera.

Alternate mission map view:

Highlight the “Mission” option on the mission selection screen, and press Select. Three new viewing angles may be selected..

GameShark Codes

Infinite Missiles8002caa80000

Infinite Missiles8002caaa0000

Infinite Fuel8003936c2400

Infinite Fuel8003936e82ac

Extra Planes80010c440101

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