Bass Landing PS Cheats


Catch Bigger Fish in Free Fishing Mode:

In free fishing mode select Lunker Lake. Then pick Set Up Environment. For Pressure

go to None, Season: 4 mid-6 mid or 8 mid-10 mid, Weather yesterday: cloudy/sunny,

Weather today: cloudy/sunny, Wind direct: east, Wind speed: 0.0-1.0, Water temp.:

60-70, water clear, Time: 6:00-8:00 or 15:30-17:30, Time lapsed: none.

(Note- Best lures are the popper or the spinner bait. The fish like hiding in

the weeds. Sometimes the best place to fish is in the first set of sticks.)

GameShark Codes

Max Caught Fish Weight 800b1464b18d 
Max Caught Fish Length 800af6186428 
Always Catch Fish 800c08700004 
on First Throw 800c08740014 

Thanks to Revolution readers Martin Brodeur, Skyler Bruhy and Holly!