Bushido Blade 2 PS Cheats

Fight as sub-characters:

To open up new characters, beat Story Mode and keep the sub-characters alive.

Each sub-character you keep alive will be selectable.

Hundred slashes mode:

Complete the game with the 6 regular characters.

Slash Mode:

Beat Boss mode without using any continues.

Play as Katze:

Beat Slash mode with a Shainto fighter in under 15 minutes to enable Katze.

You can only use him in Vs., Group Battle, and Link games.

Play as Tsubame:

Beat Slash mode with a Narukagami fighter in under 15 minutes to enable Tsubame.

You can only use her in Vs., Group Battle, and Link games.

How to beat the bosses:

Shainto – You have to hit him right on the emblem on his back. Striking

him from any other angle is pointless.

Narukagami – Keep hitting him so he teleports. Eventually, he will be

teleport close to you and you have to hit him while he’s kneeling.

Bloody Loading Screen:

To get a fully bloody loading screen on vs. cpu mode. Get a person with a fatal

secondary weapon and you must be on a stage with a ledge to climb. Climb the

ledge and press back until the cpu climbs up and throw your weapon. If you hit

and kill them while they were climbing you will get a fully bloody loading screen.

This has been tested with Utsusemi, Kaun, Hongou, and Highwayman.

GameShark Codes

Have Utsusemi3009BC7F 0003

Have Red Shadow3009BC80 0003

Have Tsubame3009BC81 0003

Have Sazanka3009BC82 0003

Have Suminasashi3009BC83 0003

Have Nightstalker3009BC84 0003

Have Matsu Mushi3009BC85 0003

Have Hongou3009BC89 0003

Have Katze3009BC8A 0003

Have Highway Man3009BC8B 0003

Have Chihiro3009BC8C 0003

Have Utamaru3009BC8D 0003

Have Tonu Umeda3009BC8E 0003

Have Iso Hachi3009BC8F 0003

Have Extra Character 13009BC90 0003

Have Extra Character 23009BC91 0003

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