Bushido Blade PS Cheats

Access Katze:

If you beat Slash mode without dying once you can access Katze (The gun

toting mini-boss) in Versus mode.

Get to the bosses:

In order to skip all of the normal characters and go straight to the sub

bosses you must: First, cripple your first opponent so that he/she CAN

NOT walk. Then run to the manhole that you would normally jump down after

defeating the last normal opponent. By doing this you should be able to

skip through about 3 or 4 fights.

Secret Endings:

To get the Second Endings for Bushido Blade you have to do 3 things.

  • Don’t get Dishonored (you will know if you do this obviously because the

    game will end)
  • Before the end of the fourth fight run from your opponent through the complex

    and find the manhole your character jumps down during the cut scene after

    the fourth fight.
  • Don’t get hit once!! You cannot take a single hit. It’s ok to let them hit

    your weapon but if you take ANY damage even from a sub weapon you can’t get

    the special ending….

GameShark Codes

Enable Katze In VS Mode800a10040001

Enable All Endings800a10d4ffff 800a10d8ffff Automatic Win8013d6360001 8013d5240005 Hold L2 Heart Attack Buttond013d1d80001 8013d5240005

Thanks to Revolution readers Aaron Chambers, Matt Woolvett, Blades 6969, and

Mike McCaughan!