Command & Conquer Red Alert: Retaliation PS Cheats

All cheats are activated by clicking on the sidebar Team Icons Menu with the Cancel

Button (O button). Move the cursor over the following icons and press Cancel on


Win MissionO, O, Triangle, X, X, Square
Lose MissionO, X, O, Square, Square, X
Unshroud MapTriangle, Triangle, X, O, Triangle, Square
More MoneyX, X, Square, O, O, O
Parabomb X, X, X, O, Triangle, Square
NukeO, X, O, O, X, Square
Chronoshift Square, O, Triangle, X, O, O
Iron CurtainSquare, X, O, X, Triangle, Triangle
Civ. NamesSquare, Square, O, O, Triangle, Triangle
Soylent GreenSquare, X, Square, X, Square, X

Ant missions:

Complete the game once. Then go to England to access the Ant missions. You can

be in any difficulty and any rank.


Sell Vehicles:

If you build a Service Depot (Repair Pad). Then whenever you put your vehicles

on the Service Depot you can sell your vehicles.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Funds for Alliesd00101240000

Infinite Funds for Sovietsd00101240000

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