Cool Boarders 4 PS Cheats

Enter the following as your name. You’ll hear a voice to confirm:

ICHEAT       All boards, boarders, and mountains
IMSPECIAL    All special events

NEWHILL New race areas


Mystery character:

Play as the mystery character; complete the Colorado Tournament with Jimmy Halop.

You will hear “Cool Man” to confirm.

Fast Eddie:

To be Fast Eddie; complete rookie on trick master to unlock Fast Eddie.

Not the Aaaverage Bear:

To be the Bear break all the records in France and beat the special event to

unlock the Bear.

Frosty the Snowman…

To be the Snowman break all of the records in Japan and beat the special event

to unlock the Snowman.

Open Mars:

Set a record on all courses in colorado to unlock Mars.

GameShark Codes

Have All Mountains              8006757c0004 

P1 10000 Pts.                   800679bc2710
Enable Eddie                    3006757e0001 

Enable Mars                     3006757f0001 

Enable Irving                   300675800001 

Enable Cool                     300675810001 

Enable Honey Brown              300675820001 

Enable Crusty                   300675830001 

Enable Spazz                    300675840001 

Perfect Time                    8004d32a2400 

Unlock All Mountains            3006757c00ff 

Trick Master                    3006757d00ff 
- All Difficulties Beaten       8006757effff 
Vermont - Unlock All Events     3006758000ff 
Colorado - Unlock All Events    3006758100ff 
France - Unlock All Events      3006758200ff 
Japan - Unlock All Events       3006758300ff 
Alaska - Unlock All Event       3006758400ff 

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