Ehrgeiz PS Cheats

Play as Yuffie:

Beat arcade mode as Cloud.

Play as Vincent:

Beat arcade mode as Tifa.

Play as Zack:

Beat arcade using all FF7 characters.

Play as Django:

Beat arcade mode using all non-FF7 character.

Play as Koji Masuda:

Beat arcade mode using any male character.

Play as Clair Andrews:

Beat arcade mode using any female character.

Alternate costume:

Hold Up while selecting a character.

Cloud & Tifa’s 3rd costumes:

To get Cloud’s 3rd costume, beat the game with Yuffie. To get Tifa’s, beat the

game with Vincent. To select these costumes, hold Down when selecting Cloud

or Tifa.

Even more costumes:

Fulfill the following 8 conditions to unlock extra costumes. The order is not

important, though the costume you enable is fixed (ie. Yoko is always the first

new costume, regardless of which condition you meet). Once you’ve unlocked a

third costume, press Down while selecting a character to use it.

– Beat arcade mode with any character without continuing

– Beat arcade mode and get Ehrgeiz with any character

– Perform a 10-hit combo in practice mode

– Get 35,000 points in Battle Beach mini game

– Get 2,000 points in Infinite Battle mode

– Enable all FMVs in the movie player

– Get a perfect score in Evil panel (computer must have 0 panels)

– Beat computer in Battle Runner on any level with any number of laps

You’ll unlock new costumes in the following order:

1. Yoko

2. Han

3. Doza

4. Inoba

5. Sasuke

6. Jo

7. Lee Shuwen

8. Godhand


To taunt, press Select and a direction on the D-pad. Some characters have more

than one.

Alternate Vincent Picture:

At the Character Select screen, highlight a character preceding Vincent. Press

Up on the D-pad, then Up-Left or Up-Right, then Left or Right (like a ‘fireball’

move). You’ll see Vincent as a Turk.

Alternate Opening FMV:

Let the opening loop several times, and eventually you will see the alternate


Extra Battles:

Fight through Arcade mode and beat Sasuke in less than 3 minutes 20 seconds.

If you do this, you will run through the second gate to fight Cloud and Tifa

before Django.

Evil Panel:

Beat Battle Panel 10 consecutive times. Then at the main menu, select Battle

Panel while holding L1+L2+R1+R2 to access Evil Panel.

Racetrack Mode:

At the Opening screen, press Start and L1.

Infinite Mode:

At the Opening screen, press start and R1.


Each character has only one ending (except Han – see below), so it doesn’t

really matter whether or not you kill the final boss.

Han’s Good Ending:

Han is the only character to have two endings. To get the good ending, you have

to beat the final boss before the credits stop rolling. To beat the final boss,

you must break open the two boxes which will reveal two pieces of the sword.

Throw the two pieces of the sword at the boss, who will explode. Now quickly

run around gathering all of the items, including Han’s leg. Viola!


Easy Dajango:

Select Cloud and when fighting Dajango, just get him in the corner and keep

pressing X for a nice cheap defeat, but watch out for that roll attack!

Find the Golden Axe:

Go down the well in The Forsaken Dungeon right before the Octopus you should

find it.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Health P18011eade00b8

Infinite Health P2801228f200b8

No Health P18011eade0000

No Health P2801228f20000

Max Power Bar P18011f7d600d0

Max Power Bar P2801235ea00d0

No Power Bar P18011f7d60000

No Power Bar P2801235ea0000

Extra Characters801f19fcffff

Extra Characters801f19feffff

All Movies    801f1a00ffff

RPG Mode Codes:
Infinite Health     801E7B90 0080 

Max Power Bar       801F2CFE 0080 

Max Magic/Fireballs 801F2E68 FFFF 

Infinite Money      801F2E90 FFFF

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