Fighting Force PS Cheats

Cheating Force:

At the main menu screen, hold Left, Square, L1, L2, R1, and R2 until “Cheat

Mode” appears at the bottom of the screen. Now go to the Options menu and you

should be able to choose your Level and Invulnerability.

Unlimited lives:

Pause the game and press Right, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, X.

3 Birds with 1 Stone:

Get to the jet and blow it up to get the gun. Don’t use the ammo in it yet.

Kill all but one person. Walk outside and kill the last person. Soon a car will

pull up to release some baddies shoot the car before it opens up and bye bye

baddies. It also triples your score as well.

GameShark Codes

Load O' Special Attacks  d0093a16ffff
Infinite Credits         80093d500009

Thanks to Revolution readers Grand Admiral Thrawn, Richard Don, Ten Kills One

Shot, Trent Finan, and Brian Marshall!