NCAA GameBreaker,Ncaa Gamebreaker 2004 PS Cheats

At the MAIN MENU, hit L1, R1, L2, R2 in succesion. You will get a menu of the following:

Big Arm: The QB has a stronger arm

Little Arm: The QB has a weaker arm

Cannon: The QB has the best arm possible

Big Foot: Kicker has a stronger leg

Little Foot: Kicker has a weaker leg

Thunder Foot: Kicker has the strongest leg possible

Helium Hang: time is better on kicks

Blocking Up: Offensive line blocks better

Blocking Down: Offensive line blocks worse

Hands: WR's have better hands

Jukes: WR's/RB's cut quicker

Flash: Speed Boost

Circus: Flip WR flips in air

Long Dives: Player dives farther(mostly for the WR)

Tackles: better tackling

Rock Em: harder hits

Interceptions: More INt's

Fumbles: More fumbles

Swim Up: DL's swim better

Swim Down: DL's swim worse

Strap it Up: ?Unknown?

Hammer: ?Unknown?

Slow CPU: CPU plays slower than norm

Angry CPU: ?Unknown?

Cruel CPU: ?Unknown?

Tight Cover: secondary covers the WR's better

Loose Cover: secondary covers the WR's lighter

Giants: all players are tall

Midgets: all players are short

Big Ref: the ref is BIG

Big GB: gamebreakers are Big

Tiny GB: gamebreakers are small

Healthy: all your players remain healthy

Amazons: cheerleaders are Big

Lights Out: makes staduim dark only during night games

Fast Clock: clock moves quicker

Slow Clock: clock moves slower

Politics: no penalties on the home team

Super Stiff: stuff arm is better

Tasmanian: spin moves are better

Hurricane more rain

Blizzard; more snow

Tornado: more wind

Platinum: players are platinum

Gold: players are gold

Silver: players are silver

Bronze: players are bronze

Copper players are Copper

White Knights players are white

Phantoms: players are black

EMU All Stars: Eastern Michigan all stars

Mich All Stars: Michigan All stars

ND All Stars: Notre Dame all stars

Neb All Stars: Nebraska all stars

OSU All Stars :Ohio state all stars

USC All Stars: Southern cal all stars

Jack T =Loose Ball Easier

Thanks to Revolution reader Erekson!