NFL Gameday ’99 PS Cheats

To enter the following Easter Egg cheats, go to the Easter Egg menu and type

in the code:

big ballsLarge football
big hitsLouder noises
blindersNo penalties
boboAll players' last names are BOBO
bunyonBig players
coffee break Speed juiced
con manComputer hides pass coverage
cpu scoresIncreased CPU offense
cpu stuffsIncreased CPU defense
creditsView the credits 
davisRunning back is juiced
egg headHuge heads
even teamsMakes all players equal
euro leaguePlayers have European last names
flea circus  Tiny players
gd challengeHidden Difficulty level
grudge match'Red' red zones, checkered goal areas, invisible field goals
hamstrungMore hamstring injuries
hangtimePunts hang in the air longer
hoopsPlayers named after basketball players
hot shotCPU celebrates in mid-field
mind readerCPU knows what play to cover
invisibleInvisible players
its in the fpsSlower frame rate
presidentsPlayers named after Presidents
prime timeCpu makes big plays
playing cardsFlat players
pop warnerSmall, fast players
puppetsPlayers have red strings attached to their heads
red zone        Players have programmers names    
rocket manBall carrier has longer speed bursts
skeletonPlayers look like skeletons
slideshow       See cheerleaders after game
sportsPlayers have last names from credits 
staminaJuiced endurance
steel legLonger Field Goals
stickemGreat hands for receivers
swimmersSwim move juiced
tele tummyPlayers have televisions for stomachs
weakQuick fatigue

Hidden Teams:

At Team Selection screen, press Circle to choose from a list of superbowl and

all-star teams.

GameShark Codes

L1 & Sel For Score Decrease Away   d0144d02fbfe

L2 & Sel For Score Increase Away   d0144d02fefe

R1 & Sel For Score Decrease Home   d0144d02f7fe

R2 & Sel For Score Increase Home   d0144d02fdfe

Away Team 67 Chiefs                800c6b84003e  

Away Team 67 Packers               800c6b84003d  

Away Team 68 Packers               800c6b84003f  

Away Team 68 Raiders               800c6b840040  

Away Team 69 Colts                 800c6b840042  

Away Team 69 Jets                  800c6b840041  

Away Team 70 Chiefs                800c6b840043  

Away Team 70 Vikings               800c6b840044  

Away Team 71 Colts                 800c6b840045  

Away Team 71 Cowboys               800c6b840046  

Away Team 72 Cowboys               800c6b840047  

Away Team 72 Dolphins              800c6b840048  

Away Team 73 Dolphins              800c6b840049  

Away Team 73 Redskins              800c6b84004a  

Away Team 74 Dolphins              800c6b84004b  

Away Team 74 Vikings               800c6b84004c  

Away Team 75 Steelers              800c6b84004d  

Away Team 75 Vikings               800c6b84004e  

Away Team 76 Cowboys               800c6b840050  

Away Team 76 Steelers              800c6b84004f  

Away Team 77 Raiders               800c6b840051  

Away Team 77 Vikings               800c6b840052  

Away Team 78 Broncos               800c6b840054  

Away Team 78 Cowboys               800c6b840053  

Away Team 79 Cowboys               800c6b840056  

Away Team 79 Steelers              800c6b840055  

Away Team 80 Rams                  800c6b840058  

Away Team 80 Steelers              800c6b840057  

Away Team 81 Eagles                800c6b84005a  

Away Team 81 Raiders               800c6b840059  

Away Team 82 49ers                 800c6b84005b  

Away Team 82 Bengals               800c6b84005c  

Away Team 83 Dolphins              800c6b84005e  

Away Team 83 Redskins              800c6b84005d  

Away Team 84 Raiders               800c6b84005f  

Away Team 84 Redskins              800c6b840060  

Away Team 85 49ers                 800c6b840061  

Away Team 85 Dolphins              800c6b840062  

Away Team 86 Bears                 800c6b840063  

Away Team 86 Patriots              800c6b840064  

Away Team 87 Broncos               800c6b840066  

Away Team 87 Giants                800c6b840065  

Away Team 88 Broncos               800c6b840068  

Away Team 88 Redskins              800c6b840067  

Away Team 89 49ers                 800c6b840069  

Away Team 89 Bengals               800c6b84006a  

Away Team 90 49ers                 800c6b84006b  

Away Team 90 Broncos               800c6b84006c  

Away Team 91 Bills                 800c6b84006e  

Away Team 91 Giants                800c6b84006d  

Away Team 92 Bills                 800c6b840070  

Away Team 92 Redskins              800c6b84006f  

Away Team 93 Bills                 800c6b840072  

Away Team 93 Cowboys               800c6b840071  

Away Team 94 Bills                 800c6b840074  

Away Team 94 Cowboys               800c6b840073  

Away Team 95 49ers                 800c6b840075  

Away Team 95 Chargers              800c6b840076  

Away Team 96 Cowboys               800c6b840077  

Away Team 96 Steelers              800c6b840078  

Away Team 97 Packers               800c6b840079  

Away Team 97 Patriots              800c6b84007a  

Away Team 98 Broncos               800c6b84007b  

Away Team 98 Packers               800c6b84007c  

Away Team All Star 49ers           800c6b84002c  

Away Team All Star Bears           800c6b84001f  

Away Team All Star Bengals         800c6b840020  

Away Team All Star Bills           800c6b840021  

Away Team All Star Broncos         800c6b840022  

Away Team All Star Buccaneers      800c6b840023  

Away Team All Star Cardinals       800c6b840024  

Away Team All Star Chargers        800c6b840025  

Away Team All Star Chiefs          800c6b840026  

Away Team All Star Colts           800c6b840027  

Away Team All Star Cowboys         800c6b840028  

Away Team All Star Dolphins        800c6b840029  

Away Team All Star Eagles          800c6b84002a  

Away Team All Star Falcons         800c6b84002b  

Away Team All Star Giants          800c6b84002d  

Away Team All Star Jaguars         800c6b84002e  

Away Team All Star Jets            800c6b84002f  

Away Team All Star Lions           800c6b840030  

Away Team All Star Oilers          800c6b840031  

Away Team All Star Packers         800c6b840032  

Away Team All Star Panthers        800c6b840033  

Away Team All Star Patriots        800c6b840034  

Away Team All Star Raiders         800c6b840035  

Away Team All Star Rams            800c6b840036  

Away Team All Star Ravens          800c6b840037  

Away Team All Star Redskins        800c6b840038  

Away Team All Star Saints          800c6b840039  

Away Team All Star Seahawks        800c6b84003a  

Away Team All Star Steelers        800c6b84003b  

Away Team All Star Vikings         800c6b84003c  

Away Team Scores 0                 801084580000

Away Team Touch Downs Worth 16     8005ff440010  

Big Balls                          3010f3620001  

Big Hits                           3010f3660001  

Blinders                           3010f3650001  

Bobo                               3010f36e0001  

Bunyon                             3010f3730001  

Coffee Break                       3010f37d0001  

Con Man                            3010f37f0001  

CPU Scores                         3010f37a0001  

CPU Stuffs                         3010f37b0001  

Credits                            3010f3600001  

Davis                              3010f36c0001  

Egg Head                           3010f3790001  

Euro League                        3010f3800001  

Even Teams                         3010f3610001  

Flat Land                          3010f3860001  

Flea Circus                        3010f3700001  

GD Challenge                       3010f3780001  

Grudge Match                       3010f3710001  

Hamstrung                          3010f3630001  

Hangtime                           3010f3740001  

Home Team 67 Chiefs                800c6ba0003e  

Home Team 67 Packers               800c6ba0003d  

Home Team 68 Packers               800c6ba0003f  

Home Team 68 Raiders               800c6ba00040  

Home Team 69 Colts                 800c6ba00042  

Home Team 69 Jets                  800c6ba00041  

Home Team 70 Chiefs                800c6ba00043  

Home Team 70 Vikings               800c6ba00044  

Home Team 71 Colts                 800c6ba00045  

Home Team 71 Cowboys               800c6ba00046  

Home Team 72 Cowboys               800c6ba00047  

Home Team 72 Dolphins              800c6ba00048  

Home Team 73 Dolphins              800c6ba00049  

Home Team 73 Redskins              800c6ba0004a  

Home Team 74 Dolphins              800c6ba0004b  

Home Team 74 Vikings               800c6ba0004c  

Home Team 75 Steelers              800c6ba0004d  

Home Team 75 Vikings               800c6ba0004e  

Home Team 76 Cowboys               800c6ba00050  

Home Team 76 Steelers              800c6ba0004f  

Home Team 77 Raiders               800c6ba00051  

Home Team 77 Vikings               800c6ba00052  

Home Team 78 Broncos               800c6ba00054  

Home Team 78 Cowboys               800c6ba00053  

Home Team 79 Cowboys               800c6ba00056  

Home Team 79 Steelers              800c6ba00055  

Home Team 80 Rams                  800c6ba00058  

Home Team 80 Steelers              800c6ba00057  

Home Team 81 Eagles                800c6ba0005a  

Home Team 81 Raiders               800c6ba00059  

Home Team 82 49ers                 800c6ba0005b  

Home Team 82 Bengals               800c6ba0005c  

Home Team 83 Dolphins              800c6ba0005e  

Home Team 83 Redskins              800c6ba0005d  

Home Team 84 Raiders               800c6ba0005f  

Home Team 84 Redskins              800c6ba00060  

Home Team 85 49ers                 800c6ba00061  

Home Team 85 Dolphins              800c6ba00062  

Home Team 86 Bears                 800c6ba00063  

Home Team 86 Patriots              800c6ba00064  

Home Team 87 Broncos               800c6ba00066  

Home Team 87 Giants                800c6ba00065  

Home Team 88 Broncos               800c6ba00068  

Home Team 88 Redskins              800c6ba00067  

Home Team 89 49ers                 800c6ba00069  

Home Team 89 Bengals               800c6ba0006a  

Home Team 90 49ers                 800c6ba0006b  

Home Team 90 Broncos               800c6ba0006c  

Home Team 91 Bills                 800c6ba0006e  

Home Team 91 Giants                800c6ba0006d  

Home Team 92 Bills                 800c6ba00070  

Home Team 92 Redskins              800c6ba0006f  

Home Team 93 Bills                 800c6ba00072  

Home Team 93 Cowboys               800c6ba00071  

Home Team 94 Bills                 800c6ba00074  

Home Team 94 Cowboys               800c6ba00073  

Home Team 95 49ers                 800c6ba00075  

Home Team 95 Chargers              800c6ba00076  

Home Team 96 Cowboys               800c6ba00077  

Home Team 96 Steelers              800c6ba00078  

Home Team 97 Packers               800c6ba00079  

Home Team 97 Patriots              800c6ba0007a  

Home Team 98 Broncos               800c6ba0007b  

Home Team 98 Packers               800c6ba0007c  

Home Team All Star 49ers           800c6ba0002c  

Home Team All Star Bears           800c6ba0001f  

Home Team All Star Bengals         800c6ba00020  

Home Team All Star Bills           800c6ba00021  

Home Team All Star Broncos         800c6ba00022  

Home Team All Star Buccaneers      800c6ba00023  

Home Team All Star Cardinals       800c6ba00024  

Home Team All Star Chargers        800c6ba00025  

Home Team All Star Chiefs          800c6ba00026  

Home Team All Star Colts           800c6ba00027  

Home Team All Star Cowboys         800c6ba00028  

Home Team All Star Dolphins        800c6ba00029  

Home Team All Star Eagles          800c6ba0002a  

Home Team All Star Falcons         800c6ba0002b  

Home Team All Star Giants          800c6ba0002d  

Home Team All Star Jaguars         800c6ba0002e  

Home Team All Star Jets            800c6ba0002f  

Home Team All Star Lions           800c6ba00030  

Home Team All Star Oilers          800c6ba00031  

Home Team All Star Packers         800c6ba00032  

Home Team All Star Panthers        800c6ba00033  

Home Team All Star Patriots        800c6ba00034  

Home Team All Star Raiders         800c6ba00035  

Home Team All Star Rams            800c6ba00036  

Home Team All Star Ravens          800c6ba00037  

Home Team All Star Redskins        800c6ba00038  

Home Team All Star Saints          800c6ba00039  

Home Team All Star Seahawks        800c6ba0003a  

Home Team All Star Steelers        800c6ba0003b  

Home Team All Star Vikings         800c6ba0003c  

Home Team Score 0                  801084560000
Home Team Touch Downs Worth 16     8005ff180010  

Hoops                              3010f3870001  

Hot Shot                           3010f3770001  

Its In The FPS                     3010f3690001  

Max Accuracy                       80052a58000b

Max Blocking                       80052a28000b

Max Break Tackle                   80052a8c000b

Max Durability                     80052a9c000b

Max Endurance                      80052a04000b

Max Hands                          80052a48000b

Max Tackling                       80052a54000b

Max Throwing                       80052a7c000b

Max Vertical                       80052a18000b

Mind Reader                        3010f37c0001  

Playing Cards                      3010f3720001  

Pop Warner                         3010f3750001  

Presidents                         3010f36f0001  

Prime Time                         3010f36a0001  

Puppets                            3010f3810001  

Red Zone                           3010f3840001  

Rocket Man                         3010f36d0001  

Slide Show                         3010f3760001  

Sports                             3010f3830001  

Stamina                            3010f3820001  

Steel Leg                          3010f3670001  

Stickem                            3010f3680001  

Swimmers                           3010f37e0001  

Tele Tummy                         3010f36b0001  

Weak                               3010f3640001  

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