Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko PS Cheats

Enter the following as Passwords at the Vault Screen:

Extra Life:Triangle, Circle, Star, Square, Square, X.

Ten Lives:Square, X, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square.

Invincibility:Square, Star, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Diamond.

Level Select:Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle, X, X.

Play as Alfred:Square, X, Triangle, Square, Star, Star.

Play as Cuz:Square, Diamond, Square, Square, Triangle, Diamond.

Play as Rex:Square, Star, Star, Square, Triangle, Triangle.

See FMV Sequence:Circle, Triangle, Square, Star, Diamond, Star.

See FMV Sequence 2: Diamond, Star, Square, X, Triangle, Circle.

See FMV Sequence 3:X, Diamond, Star, Triangle, Triangle, Circle. 

See all FMV:Star, X, X, Circle, Square, Triangle.

Turn Off The Timer  Square, Square, Diamond, Circle, X, X.

Mini Dracula Gex    Star, X, X, Circle, Square, Triangle. 

ARMY Channel Mini-Movie X Diamond, Star, Triangle, Triangle, Circle

GANGSTER TV Mini-Movie Circle, Triangle, Square, Star, Diamond Star

WESTERN Station Mini-Movie Diamond, Star, Square, X, Triangle, Circle


Pause the game, hold L2 and press Down, Up, Left, Left, Triangle, Right, Down.

Gex should now be invincible.

Debug mode:

Pause the game, hold R2 and press Up, Circle, Right, Up, Left, Right, Down.

You”ll hear a sound to confirm entry. Now unpause and press Select to bring

up the debug screen.

Gex quotes:

Pause the game, hold L2 and press Down, Right, Left, Circle, Up, Right. Unpause

and press Select to hear a witty Gex line.

Bonus Level:

Get all four remotes in ‘Clueless in Seattle’ and the pole and you will

get the bonus level on top of the building in funky town.

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