Medal of Honor: Underground PS Cheats

Medal of Honor: Underground


These codes only work on previously completed levels. The screen

should flash green if done correctly.

Cartoon Gallery:

Enter MOHDESSINS as a password.

Team Gallery:

Enter MOHUEQUIPE as a password.

Dreamworks Interactive Personal Screens:

Enter DWIECRANS as a password.


Enter “PUISSANCE” as a password. .

Quadruple Firing Rate:

Enter “BALLESVITE” as a password.

Bouncing Bullets:

Enter “RICOCHET” as a password.

Podoski Mode:

Enter “LATIREUSE” as a password. This allows one shot kills, including tanks

with a handgun. Note: The code only has an effect on levels that have already

been completed and also gives your enemies the ability to kill you with

one shot (unless the “Invincibility” code has also been activated).

Wacky Taxi Mode:

Enter “AUTODINGUO” as a password. You have 60 seconds to kill each enemy

in this mode. Note: The code only has an effect on levels that have already

been completed.

Grand Cheat Select:

Options from the Main Menu, then select Password. Enter: ENTREZVOUS Re-enter

the Password screen and enter: PORTECLEFS If you entered the code correctly

you will have unlocked every mission, multi-player character and secrets

in the game.


Faster Crossbow Reload:

On mission 4 you get to use “Big Joe” (crossbow). The problem is that it

takes 10 seconds to reload. You can speed this up by pressing the square

button after each shot.

Bouncing Bullets:

Go to the Password screen found in Options and enter in the word RICOCHET

and select the Send button. It will flash green if you did it right. Now

back out and enter the Secret Codes screen and the Bouncing Bullets code

should be listed. Highlight it and hit X to turn the effect on. When you

start a game your bullets will now bounce off the walls.

Civil War and Podolski Modes!:

If you are rated excellent in all the missions from two of the campaigns,

you will be able to use “Civil War Mode” and “Podolski” mode. In Civil War,

all Germans fight themselves and you. In Podolski Mode, one shot = one kill.

This is true for you and the Germans! Try it, it’s very difficult, and puts

a whole different spin on the game. On one hand, scoring kills is easy–but

if you are hit just once you die. Health kits are not an issue at all.

submitted by R. Palmer

Dodging Missiles From Tanks:

When you’re up against a Nazi Tank, pick the weapon you will use and press

L1 to move left and R1 to move right. This will let you dodge their missiles.

(You should stop sometimes so the enemy tank will move the nozzle towards

you, then you should move the opposite way the nozzles is facing and throw

a grenade or whatever weapon you have.)

Secert Mission:

To get the secert mission, just beat the game. Now you get to go on a mission

as Jimmy from the first MOH.

Your Not So Tuff:

The easiest way to kill a tank is to shoot the treads first. Once you do

that, you can use R1 and L1 to maneuver around and destroy the gun turret.

(When shooting from above, take out the gun turret first.)

Strike a Pose:

In the level where you work to become an undercover photographer when the

guards ask for your papers take their pictuce before you show them and they

pose for you.


Thanks to Revolution readers Kirk Potter, dom, Master Mind, dom, Sam Holbrook,

Phil B., TANKBMMR-UNDERGROUND, PC Brent, Dan Mares and Jared Macdonald!