NFL Blitz PS Cheats

Onside kick:

After scoring, hold Up + Turbo + Jump + Pass.

Extra blocker:

While hiking the ball, hold Turbo + Jump + Pass.

Hide play cursor:

At the play selection screen, press Up twice on the upper left play.

Secret Codes:

On the versus screen, Press Turbo, Jump, and Pass to change the icons below

the helmets. The numbers in the following list indicate the number of time each

button is pressed. After the icons have been changed, press the D-pad in the

indicated direction to enable the code and a sound. Example, to enter 1-2-3

Left, press Turbo, Jump(2), Pass (3), Left. NOTE: More than one code may be

activated per game. For some effects, the code must be entered by both players

in 2-player mode – indicated by (both) under Effect.

2-5-0 Left      Fast Passes
1-2-3 Left      Super field goals
2-1-1 Left      Allow to go out of bounds
3-1-2 Left      Power-up blockers
5-0-0 Left      Turn off stadium
0-1-0 Up        Late hits
0-4-0 Up        Huge head
2-1-0 Up        No first downs
3-4-4 Up        No interceptions
1-5-1 Up        No punting
4-3-3 Up        Invisible
5-1-4 Up        Infinite turbo
0-4-5 Up        Super Blitzing
2-3-3 Up        Power-up teammates
3-2-1 Up        Power-up offense
4-2-1 Up        Power-up defense
4-0-4 LeftPowerup Speed (both)
0-3-0 Down      Fog on
0-4-1 Down      Thick fog on
0-0-1 Down      Show field goal %
4-2-3 Down      No random fumbles
1-0-2 Right     Hide receiver name
0-5-0 Right     Big Football
3-1-0 Right     Team Tiny Players
1-4-1 Right     Team Big Players
2-0-3 Right     Team Big Heads
2-0-0 Right     Big Head
2-2-2 Right     Night game
2-1-2 Left      Weather: clear 
5-2-5 Down      Weather: snow
5-5-5 Right     Weather: rain
3-3-3 Left      Invisible receiver (PSX only)
0-3-2 Left      Fast Turbo running
3-2-1 Left      No head
1-2-3 Right     Headless team
0-1-2 DownNo CPU help during gameplay
1-1-1 DownNo CPU help; codes turned off
3-1-4 DownCPU more skilled
5-0-0 LeftRemoves Stadium background
0-2-1 RightShows wide field (both)
2-1-0 UpPlayer must score in 4 downs
5-5-5 UpInfinite Turbo, No First Downs, Super
Field Goals (both)
2-2-3 RightUnlimited Distance Passing (PSX only)
4-2-3 RightSuper-efficient passing (PSX only)
5-2-2 DownUnidentified Ball Carrier (PSX only)
4-4-4 UpSuper Blitz (PSX only)

Secret Characters:

On Record Keeping screen, enter name and PIN of player. Announcer should make

a comment if you entered info correctly.

Mark TurmellTURMEL0322
Sal DiVitaSAL0201
Jason SkilesJASON3141
Jim GentileGENTIL1111
Dan FordenFORDEN1111
Headless GuyCARLTN1111
Jennifer HedrickJENIFR3333
Dan ThompsonDANIEL0604
Jeff JohnsonJAPPLE6660
Robotron BrainBRAIN1111
John RootROOT6000
Luis MangubatLUIS3333
Mike LynchMIKE3333
Demon ShinnokSHINOK8337


Game Shark Codes

Infinite Turbo Home8017204a0064

Infinite Turbo Away8017206a0064

No Turbo Home 8017204a0000

No Turbo Away8017206a0000

Show Field Goal %80099bd00001

No CPU Assistance80099bc40001

Show More Field80099b8c0001

Huge Head80099c140001

Super Blitzing80099c000001

Big Ball80099ba00001

Hide Receiver Name80099ba40001

Random Play Choice80099c2c0001

Super Field Goals80099c480001

Big Players80099b980001

No Punting80099c080001

Big Head80099b900001

Team Big Head80099b940001

No First Downs80099c100001

Step Out Of Bounds80099c440001

Powerup Teammates80099bfc0001

Fast Pass80099c300001

Tiny Players80099b9c0001

Powerup Blockers80099c3c0001

No Interceptions80099c0c0001

Powerup Speed80099c380001

Powerup Defense80099bf80001

No Fumbles80099bc80001

Infinite Turbo80099c040001

Fast Turbo Running80099c340001


Night Game80099bb00001

Pile On80099c180001


Turn Off Stadium80099c280001

Clear Weather80099c4c0001




Team Headless80099bb40001

Smart CPU Opponent80099bcc0001

Thanks to Revolution readers Cartman13_1998, hamood, Joseph Youman, Austin

Schlong, Philly Cheese Steak, Cheat Master, and Adam Ace!