Nightmare Creatures 2 PS Cheats

Nightmare Creatures 2


Walk Through Walls:

At the main menu hold R2 + L1 + Circle + Square and press Select.


Press Start to pause game play, then hold R2 + L1 + Circle + Square and

press Select. Select the “Cheats” option to access an option for unlimited


Level Select:

At the main menu, highlight ‘New Game’. Press and hold L1 + R2 + Circle

+ Square + select. Highlight ‘New Game’ and press Right to select your

level. Press X to go to the level you’ve selected.


Save Continues:

I found that when you save a game you also save how many continues you

have. When you get to a save point in the game and are almost dead the

best thing is to save the game where you are press start, exit the game,

then reload your game you start right where you saved it last but with

full health so you can hopefully make it to the next save point without

losing a continue.

GameShark Codes

Enable Hero Unlimited Live in Cheat Menu        

800ab4280001 Enable Unlimited Power Up in Cheat Menu 800ab4380001 Enable Display Hero Live in Cheat Menu 800ab4480001 Enable Unlimited Continue in Cheat Menu 800ab4580001 Enable Kill Enemy in Cheat Menu 800ab4680001 Turn on Enemies Take No Damage From Axe Cheat ONLY 800b910a0011 Turn on Unlimited Power Ups on Pick Up Cheat ONLY 800b910a0012 Turn on Display Hero Life Cheat ONLY 800b910a0014 Turn on Infinite Continues Cheat ONLY 800b910a0018 Turn on 1 Hit Kills Enemies Cheat ONLY 800b910a4010 Turn on Infinite Health, Unlimited Power Ups, Display Hero Life, Infinite Continues, and 1 Hit Kills Enemies 800b91088802 800b910a401f Press Select+X At Main Menu For Level Select d01fcedebffe 800b93000001 d01fcedebffe 801fff040001 Press Select+L2 During Game to Activate Debug Mode d01fcedefefe 800b92f01fff Infinite Health 800b91088802


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