Nuclear Strike PS Cheats

Level Passwords:

JUNGLEWAR - Indocine

CUTTHROATS - Islandchain)

MACARTHUR - 38th parallel

COUNTDOWN - Pyongyang

PLUTONIUM - Peace Strike (Pyongyang II)

ARMAGEDDON - An undisclosed archeological dig

LIGHTNING - Secret Level!

More Passwords:

PACKISBACK - Unlimited ammo, feul, amd armor

WARRIOR - 5 Extra Continues

PHOENIX - 4 Extra Continues

MPG - Reduced Fuel Consumption

EAGLEEYE - Reconnaissance Mode (Peace)

WARPDRIVE - Faster Vehicles

LAZARUS - Infinite Lives

GOPOSTAL - Refills weapons infinite number of times

AVENGER -No enemies

GUNSRUS - Unlimited ammo

CHAINMAIL - Unlimited armor

UNLEADED - Unlimited fuel

Thanks to Revolution readers Matthew Lee, Preston Bucher, Jon Hodges, Sniper, Drew Montgomery, Kennie from the Bronx, Stephen Trahan, Thief102, Benjamin Allan Morgan, NjTripface, and Puffy Jake!