SlamScape PS Cheats

During gameplay, enter the following:

Invincibility: Press and hold Select, then press-S, S, O, O, S, S, T.

Full weapons power-up: Press and hold Select, then press-Left, S, Right, O, Up, T.

Enter the following at the password screen:

Lev. 2-X, X, X, T, O, X, S, T

Lev. 3-S, O, S, S, T, O, T, T

Lev. 4-S, O, S, X, T, T, S, X

Lev. 5-O, T, X, T, X, S, S, T

Hidden Movie:S, S, X, S, S, T,O, S

Art lev: T, O, X, T, X, X, T,O

Thanks to Revolution reader Sportman01!