Speed Punks PS Cheats

Speed Punks


Great Start:

Hold Square and X at the same time until you get the green light. Then let

go of Square. Now hold X and you will boost off.

Super Start:

Hold Square until you see the green light. After the green light goes away,

let go of Square, and hold X and you will boost off even faster!

Unlock Cosworth:

Beat all of the races in the easy category. Then you will have to beat Cosworth

in Millenium Park. Now go back to the person select and you will see Cosworth.

Race as Beamer:

Place first in all races in hard mode tournament.

Race as Tetsuo:

Finish first in medium tournament, then beat Tetsuo at City One.

Full Turbo:

Hold brakes and accelerate at same time, do two 360’s, then release.

Infinite Machine Guns:

When you get a machine gun pickup do not use it for the whole race. Instead,

get first place. At the next race you will have infinite machine guns!(works

with missiles, bombs,etc…)

GameShark Codes

Stop Time    d00940b00034

Infinite Boost Upon Pickup

Everything Unlocked

Infinite Credits


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