Vs. PS Cheats



Hidden Outfits:

When choosing your character press the start button

Moves List:

Here are some moves to help your game.


Elbow Lunge- Back, Forward + Punch.

Chop with Elbow Lunge- Down, Forward + Punch Down, Forward + Punch.

Break Dance Sweep- Down + Kick, Down + Kick.


Spine Smasher Grapple- Punch + Escape.

Shin Kick Combo- Back + Kick, Kick, Kick, Kick.

Side Kick Combo- Forward + Kick, Kick, Kick, Kick, Kick.


Catapult Throw- Back + Punch + Escape.

Shin Kick/Reverse Kick- Back + Kick, Kick.

Elbow Thump/Side Kick- Down, Forward + Punch, Kick.

Slim Daddy

Crouch Kick with High Kick- Down + Kick, Kick.

Snap Kick/Dash Punch Combo- Forward + Kick, Punch.

Overhand Combo- Back + Punch, Kick, Kick.


Armlock Takedown Counter- Back + Punch + Kick.

Pirouette Kick Combo- Forward + Kick, Forward + Kick.

Twin Punch Combo- Punch, Punch, Punch.


Tsunami- Back, Forward + Punch + Kick.

Snap Kick with Axe- Forward + Kick, Forward + Kick.

Backhand Jab Combo- Punch, Punch, Kick.


Knee Buster Kick Counter- Down + Punch + Kick

Punch Combo- Punch, Punch, Kick.

Crouch Kick/Elbow Upper- Down + Kick, Punch.


Face Smash Takedown- (to opponents back) Punch + Escape.

Crossover Kick- Kick, Kick.

Punch Medley-Punch Punch Punch Kick.


Shoulder Charge- Back, Forward + Punch + Kick.

Circle Punch/Lunge Combo- Back + Punch, Punch, Punch, Punch, Punch, Punch,


Circle Punch/Uppercut/Back Kick- Back + Punch, Punch, Kick.


Horse Kick- Down + Kick, Down + Kick.

Overhand Chop with Elbow Smash- Down, Forward + Punch, Punch.

Elbow Jab with Shin Breaker- Forward + Punch, Back + Kick.


Backflip Attack- Up, Forward + Kick.

Pivot Kicks- Down, Back + Kick, Kick, Kick.

One-Two Revolution Punch- Back + Punch (tap), Back + Punch (hold).


Laugh Attack- Back, Forward + Punch + Kick.

Punch with Charlie Horse- Forward + Punch, Punch.

Lunge Punch Combo- Down, Forward + Punch, Punch, Kick.


Power Uppercut- Down, Forward + Punch + Kick.

Step Kick with Side Kick- Forward+Kick Forward+Kick

Crouch Kicks with Side Kicks-Down+Kick Down+Kick Kick

Jalil Axe

Kick with Body Kick- Forward, Forward + Kick, Kick.

Turning Kick Combo- Kick, Kick, Kick, Kick.

Crouch Kicks- Down, Back + Kick, Down Back + Kick.


Axe Kick- Forward + Punch + Kick.

Axe Kick/Lunging Axe Kick- Forward, Forward + Kick, Kick.

Jabs- Forward + Punch, Punch.


Football Shoulder Charge- Back + Punch + Kick.

Crouch Kick/Power Uppercut- Down + Kick, Punch.

Step Kick, Rising Knee- Forward + Kick, Kick.


Thanks to Revolution reader Jason Sommerfeld!