Burnout 2: Point Of Impact Xbox Cheats

Burnout 2: Point of Impact


Cheat mode:

Unlock any cheat and the Cheat Mode will appear at the options screen.


Finiah all Grand Prix Championships with gold medals.

Runaway Mode:

Finish Crash mode with all gold medals on all fifteen tracks.

Face Off:

Win all the face offs in the first championship.

Custom Series Championship:

Get all gold medals in every race and win everything in the first championship.


Finish the Custom Series Championship.

1997 Eclipse and 2001 Focus SVT:

Finish the Custom championship twice and get best score possible in the races.

Custom Compact car:

Win the Custom Series Qualifier.

Custom Coupe car:

Win all gold medals at the Split Second Grand Prix.

Custom Muscle car:

Win Pursuit 6.

Custom Pickup truck:

Win Pursuit 5.

Custom Roadster:

Win all gold medals at Point Of Impact Grand Prix.

Custom Sport car:

Win all gold medals at the Speed Streak Grand Prix.

Custom SUV:

Win Pursuit 4.

Police car:

Win Pursuit 1 by destroying the criminal's car before it gets away.

Classic 1970 car:

Win Pursuit 2 by destroying the classic 1970 car with the police car.

Drivers Ed car:

Finish Driving 101 with all gold medals.

Oval Racer:

Beat Face-Off 2 against the Oval Racer.

Gangster car:

Win Pursuit 3.

Hot Rod car:

Win Face Off 1.

Stock car:

Win Face Off 2.

Japanese Muscle car:

Win Face Off 3.

Super Car:

Win Face Off 4.

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