Burnout 3: Takedown Xbox Cheats

Burnout 3: Takedown


Assassin compact carGet 15 Takedowns
Assassin muscle carGet 30 Takedowns
Assassin coupe carGet 60 Takedowns
Assassin sports carGet 100 Takedowns
Assassin super carGet 150 Takedowns
Classic hotrod Get every special event postcard
Custom compact carGet 10,000 Burnout Points
Custom muscle carGet 25,000 Burnout Points
Custom coupe carGet 50,000 Burnout Points
Custom sports carGet 100,000 Burnout Points
Custom super carGet 200,000 Burnout Points
Compact DX carGet 4 Gold Medals
Muscle DX carGet 10 Gold Medals
Sports DX carGet 25 Gold Medals
Super DX carGet 32 Gold Medals
4WD heavy dutyGet 10 Million Crash Dollars
4WD racerGet 2 Million Crash Dollars
B-Team vanGet 15 Million Crash Dollars
City busGet 70 Million Crash Dollars
Heavy pickupGet 1 Million Crash Dollars
Delivery truckGet 20 Million Crash Dollars
SUV deluxeGet 5 Million Crash Dollars
Tractor cabGet 30 Million Crash Dollars
Oval racerGet every signature takedown
Fire truckGet the ten crash headlines
Modified compact car Gold medal in the Waterfront Face-Off
Modified muscle car Gold medal in Mountain Parkway Face-Off 1
Modified coupe Gold medal in the Alpine race
Modified sports car Gold medal in the Continental Run Face-Off 2
Modified super car Gold medal in the Golden City Face-Off
Dominator compact car Gold medal in the King of the Road Face-Off
Dominator muscle car Gold medal in the Lakeside Getaway Face-Off 2
Dominator coupe Gold medal in the Frozen Peak Face-Off 1
Dominator sports car Gold medal in the Alpine Face-Off
Dominator super car Gold medal in the Dockside Face-off

Need for Speed Underground vehicles:

Get gold medals in every crash event. Then, at the vehicle select screen, hold the black and white buttons.

Next song:

While playing, hold the White button.

Need for Speed Underground's traffic:

Get a Gold rank on every Crash mode level, then, at the vehicle selection screne, hold the white and black buttons while choosing your car.


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