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     /////////////   Author  --             Barry Willemsen   \\\\\\
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   ///////////// Start Date  --             04/27/2005          \\\\\\
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                             1. TABLE OF CONTENTS            /

            1 .................. Table of Contents
             2 .................. Introduction
              3 .................. Legal, Contact, and Version History
               4 .................. Game Overview
                                         A)  Controls
                                         B)  Starting Characters
                                         C)  Combat
                5 .................. Walkthrough: The Way of the Open Palm
                 6 .................. Walkthrough: The Way of the Closed Fist
                  7 .................. Quests
                   8 .................. Appendices
                                          A)  Styles
                                          B)  Techniques
                                          C)  Followers
                                          D)  The Dragon Amulet
                                          E)  Literary Works
                    9 .................. Credits

                                2. INTRODUCTION              /

                      Excerpt from the Jade Empire Manual:

              "The  Jade  Empire. Fashioned from  the  Void by the
              will  of  the  Great  Dragon  and  blessed from  its
              creation,  the  empire  stands  at the  heart of the
              civilized world -  a cultural wellspring in a sea of

              The majesty of the Sun dynasty has guided our people
              for generations,  preserving our prosperity through-
              out the ages. The peace of the realm was broken only
              when nature itself rebelled, withering the land in a
              decade of thirst.  But even this the Emperor Sun Hai
              would  not allow.  For  when  he  declared  the Long
              Drought at an end, it was so.

              Though you were raised  far from the benevolent gaze
              of the  Emperor,  you  have learned much here in Two
              Rivers  -  including  control over your body and the
              mastery  of your  mind.  But the end of your time at
              this  borderland  school draws near. Now, experience
              will  replace  lessons  as  you  travel  beyond  the
              shelter  of  Two Rivers.  Remember  that  though the
              reach of the Empire  stretches far, powerful spirits
              lurk just  beneath  the  surface,  and the threat of
              chaos is ever present.

              It is natural that,  as  an  orphan,  you would have
              many  questions.  And, while your inquiries  to this
              points  have  been met with silence, perhaps on this
              day, answers at last will find you."

  It is with these words that the Jade Empire manual greets you, and you have to
  admit that it is a fairly promising, mysterious intro. It sets the scene for
  Bioware's newest creation, the highly expected, Wuxia-inspired game that many
  enthusiastic previewers already deemed candidate for Game of the Year. It is,
  in my opinion, indeed a great game, if not a bit short, and I'd love to share
  my thoughts on the strategy incorporated in the Chinese world of myth with
  you. Which is why I am writing this FAQ. I aim to offer detailed solutions on
  all the main- and sidequests, as well as provide you with the locations of the
  different treasures (gems, books, etc.) found in the game.

  My name here on GameFAQs is BWillemsen, which is just an abbrevation of my
  real name, which is Barry Willemsen. I have wrote some FAQs up to now, but
  this is my first try at a true RPG, so bear with me if the document suffers
  from beginner flaws. I will try to correct them as I find them. Typos, of
  course, are inevitable in a walkthrough of this size, but the I will try to
  make as few as possible.

  If you wish to place this FAQ (or part of it) on your site, please read the
  conditions stated in section three, "Legal, Contact and Version History", to
  keep everything going smoothly. I doubt anyone is reading this part of the
  FAQ at all, but I still urge you to play the game and solve the quests
  yourself if it's your first time through. It really isn't that hard.

                    3. LEGAL, CONTACT, AND VERSION HISTORY   /

                    Copyright 2005 and after Barry Willemsen

  Before you read anything of the FAQ, please read this and make sure you agree
  with the terms and conditions included in the text below:
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders. This may not be reproduced under
    any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on
    any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written
    permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
    public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

  In other words, just mail me for permission before placing this FAQ or pieces 
  of it on your site. You can find my e-mail adress in the Contact Info section 

                                  Contact Info

  If you discover a major error in this FAQ, would like to submit a strategy
  that isn't included in here, or have a question about the game that isn't
  answered  in this FAQ, you can e-mail me at the following adress:


  Of course, there are some restrictions on e-mailing me:
    - Don't send me SPAM
    - Make sure the subject line is recognizable. Weird topics will not be read
      and deleted immediately.
    - E-mails with questions that are answered (or soon will be) in the FAQ will
      not be replied to.
    - Don't ask for cheats or any other strategies: all tactics I know are in
      this FAQ
    - If you have negative things to say about this FAQ you can always send them
      to me, as long as the mails remain polite and have a normal topic. I'll 
      rewrite some parts of the FAQ if I have to, and credit the one who has
      located the error in the Credits section.

  If you have some original strategies, to submit or you know easier methods 
  to beat all those fights, e-mails will be gladly accepted. I will put the
  strategy/hint/tip in a highlighted spot with your name above it in the update.
  Just remember that e-mails probably won't be replied to the first day
  afterwards. I still have lots of things to do myself and I won't be able to
  read my mail every day.

                                Version History

    Version 0.05 -  Submitted on 04/29/2005
                    Just couldn't wait to release it. Only a skeleton as of
                    now, but I'm definitely working on it. Quests and Appendix
                    are still heavily under construction, I haven't started
                    an Open Palm walkthrough yet, and Closed Fist walkthrough
                    is done up to the beginning of Chapter 2. Wowzers.

    Version 0.1  -  Submitted on 05/03/2005
                    It seems that, even though just a skeleton frame, this FAQ
                    has gotten a lot of attention, both from other sites and
                    readers. I am grateful for all of your opinions, and you
                    should have been properly credited in the Credits section
                    by now. Don't stop contributing, but please consider that
                    the FAQ is far from complete and I need to add a lot of
                    things, which will happen in the near future.

                               4. GAME OVERVIEW              /

                                     /  A  

    D-Pad            --  Highlight different options (1)
    Left Thumbstick  --  Highlight different options (2)
    A Button         --  Confirm a highlighted option (1)
    START            --  Confirm a highlighted option (2)
    B Button         --  Cancel a previously selected option
    BACK             --  Return to previous menu

    Left Thumbstick  --  Move your character
    Right Thumbstick --  Control camera (click for 1st-person view)
    START            --  Display in-game menu
    BACK             --  Pause game (then press X to display controls)
    A Button         --  Action (talk, pick up object, etc)
    X Button         --  Toggle mini-map (small/large/off)
    Y Button         --  Toggle run in Focus Mode
    B Button         --  Forward Tumble
    White Button     --  Chi Heal
    Left Trigger     --  Switch targets counterclockwise
                         Cycle through in-game menus
    Right Trigger    --  Switch targets clockwise
                         Cycle through in-game menus

    Left Thumbstick  --  Move your character
    Right Thumbstick --  Control camera
    START            --  Display in-game menu
    BACK             --  Pause combat
    A Button         --  Basic Attack
    X Button         --  Power Attack
    Y Button         --  Toggle Focus Mode
    B Button         --  Block
    White Button     --  Chi Heal
    Black Button     --  Toggle Chi Strike
    Left Trigger     --  Switch targets counterclockwise
    Right Trigger    --  Switch targets clockwise
    D-Pad            --  Switch between styles

    A, A, A          --  Basic attack combo
    A + X            --  Area attack
    L + R            --  Free Target Mode
    B + Up           --  Flip towards opponent
    B + Down         --  Flip away from opponent
    B + Left         --  Roll to the left
    B + Right        --  Roll to the right

  NOTE: The button configuration in the In-Game Menu is displayed in the bottom
        of the screen, since it is different for every distinct submenu.

                                     /  B  
                               Starting Characters

  You can choose six (seven in the Limited Edition) characters to start the game
  with. Instead of choosing the most attractive model or textures, you should
  try to pick one which fits your playing style best. There are four kinds of
  characters: Fast, Strong, Magic, and Balanced. In my opinion, it is best to
  choose a Balanced character if it's your first time through. But it really
  remains your choice. The default characters are these (though you can change
  their name if you wish):

    [MALE]   Furious Ming
    [FEMALE] Radiant Jen Zi
      TYPE:             Fast
      STARTING STYLES:  Thousand Cuts
                        Heavenly Wave

      A fast character may not be the strongest, but he can maintain
      Focus in battle longer than others, easily sidestepping strikes
      and delivering counterattacks with blinding speed.

        130 Health           -  Body    3
        120 Chi              -  Spirit  2
        150 Focus            -  Mind    5

    [MALE] Tiger Shen
      TYPE:             Strong
      STARTING STYLES:  White Demon
                        Heavenly Wave

      A strong character trades speed and magical aptitude for raw
      strength and power, enabling him to dish out and withstand much
      more damage than other warriors.

        150 Health           -  Body    5
        120 Chi              -  Spirit  2
        130 Focus            -  Mind    3

    [MALE]   Monk Zeng [Limited Edition unique]
    [FEMALE] Scholar Ling
      TYPE:             Magic
      STARTING STYLES:  Leaping Tiger
                        Heavenly Wave

      Though not as physically strong as others, a magic character is
      the best at channelling Chi to enhance physical strikes and fuel
      powerful elemental magics.

        120 Health           -  Body    2
        150 Chi              -  Spirit  5
        130 Focus            -  Mind    3

    [MALE]   Lu the Prodigy
    [FEMALE] Wu the Lotus Blossom
      TYPE:             Balanced
      STARTING STYLES:  Legendary Strike
                        Heavenly Wave

      While not the fastest or strongest of warriors, the balanced
      character is the most versatile. The balanced character excels
      at adapting to exploit his enemies' weaknesses.

        140 Health           -  Body    4
        130 Chi              -  Spirit  3
        130 Focus            -  Mind    3

                                     /  C  

  In a game like Jade Empire, encounters with hostile entities are, of course,
  completely inevitable. Combat is sudden and plentiful, ranging from martial
  combat with normal, human opponents to fighting the Greater Demons of the
  Underworld. The combat controls have been listed above, but I still want to
  give some tips on fighting in general:

    - Always target the enemy closest by you.
    - Never walk around, always move by rolling or flipping by using the B
      button in conjunction with the Left Thumbstick. This way, you will
      avoid getting caught up in an enemy combo.
    - Charge into an opponent by doing a forward tumble, they will be stunned
      for a small period of time. Use this to get in a combo, and then repeat
      it. This works especially well on big demons, as you can usually dive
      through their legs (!).
    - Never start an attack from the front. Always use B + Up to flip over
      your opponent, then charge them from behind.
    - Don't block too much. Evading and staying on the offensive is much more
      efficient and enjoyable.
    - Unless you're facing a particularly tough opponent or boss, refrain from
      using your weapons too much. They cost Focus, and Focus is much better
      spent on Focus Mode.
    - Practice on using Harmonic Combos to obliterate your opponents much more
    - Chi Strike is useless and a waste of spiritual energy. Don't use it.
        --> Read section about Chi Strike below and tell me what you think.
    - If you find yourself surrounded and wounded, use an Area Attack (A+X) to
      knock adversaries back, and then use Chi Heal (white button).
    - Remember that you can always use Chi Heal, also when OUT of combat.
    - Support styles are better than magic styles, since they cost you know Chi
      to perform, and they are usually easier to set up Harmonic Combos with.
    - Switch between different styles to keep your opponent guessing.
    - Transformations are fun to do every once in a while, but don't spend
      any points on upgrading them. They're not very useful.
    - When a targetted opponent is blocking, quickly switch to another opponent
      and start picking on that one until your previous quarry has dropped his

   The most stylish and gorish of all attacks are the Harmonic Combos. It can
   be quite fun to pull off, especially because of the "splatter-effect" it
   gives, but also because it saves you time in combat. Most Support and Magic
   styles can set up opponents for an harmonic combo, but you'll have to read
   their description (in the Appendices) to see which attack you should use.

   An example: Heavenly Wave's Power Attack can set adversaries up for your
   Harmonic Combo. We would first cast the ranged power attack of Heavenly
   Wave (the ripple which slows your opponent). When this attack connects,
   a circle will form around the opponent's feet, quickly fading away clockwise
   indicating that you can do a Harmonic Combo.

   Your aim is to switch to a Martial Style and land a Power Attack on your
   slowed opponent before the small timer runs out. If you do it right, the
   enemy should burst into an explosion of blood, bone, and intestines. A
   fairly satisfying sight, especially since you're doing it with your bare
   hands... ;)

   "This is something I took advanatge of throughout my runs in Jade Empire. If
   you boost both your Focus and Chi, you can obliterate ANY majore enemy with
   extreme ease. Just use Focus Mode to slow things down, and then transform
   into your most powerful transformation style. The sheer power of the forms,
   combined with the fact that you have Matrix-like abilities allows you to
   mow down enemies easily... Combine this with a gem that increases the rate
   of Chi and Focus boosts, and you're nearly unbeatable. Especially useful if
   you jack up the transformation styles Damage Increase and Chi Cost Reduction

     --> Thank you Paul. I, myself, am not very fond of the Transformation
         styles, but this is a strategy that will work just as well as the ones
         I've described in my FAQ. Do remember that the gems that increase the
         chance of a Focus/Chi drop also DIMINISH your Mind/Spirit stat, so
         if you're going for this one you'll also have to concentrate on
         buying Mind and Spirit-increasing techniques.

   I've stated that I dislike these two features of Jade Empire, mainly because
   I don't rely on Chi too much. Still, Julius suggested that Chi Strikes can
   be very helpful in taking down mobs of opponents (I'd agree on the higher
   difficulty levels). To use the strikes effectively, though, you'd need a
   high Spirit stat and perhaps some Chi-boosting techniques. If someone wants
   to contribute to this discussion, send me an e-mail with your thoughts and
   I will add it here.

   On the Transformation Styles, Julius mentioned that they may cost a big
   amount of Chi, but they also do a lot of damage. So, even if you upgrade
   the Chi Cost Reduction only, the transformations can be helpful, since no
   enemy is immune to them. While that may be true, you have to consider the
   sacrifice in agility you make by transforming into such a big creature.
   Plan your attacks carefully, for interruptions are common in the latter part
   of the game. As with Chi Strikes, you will also need a good amount of Chi
   to keep the Transformations up. Want to add to the discussion? Mail me to
   put it up here.

                   5. WALKTHROUGH: THE WAY OF THE OPEN PALM  /

            COMING SOON


  Before anything else, you get a small combat tutorial which walks you through
  the basic actions you need to prevail over opponents. There's nothing hard
  about it. First, there is a dialogue with one of your fellow students, named
  Jing Woo. Since we're Closed Fist (evil) we'll just play bugger. As long as
  you don't adapt your behaviour in real-life, there's nothing wrong with
  insulting people here. :P

        >  "I doubt it. You strike with the grace of a cow."
        >  "Show your skill with your hands, not your words."

  Now, first you have to land some basic strikes on Jing Woo. Simply close
  the distance between you two and press the A button a couple of times. Then,
  you'll have to block some of Jing Woo's attacks. Stand still and hold the B
  button to do this (be careful to not touch the Thumbstick, or you will do
  an evade move, which is not what is needed here). After that, a small
  cutscene takes place. Jing Woo breaks through your guard with one of his
  Power Attacks.

  Getting hit is inevitable. Once it's done, keep some distance between your
  character and Jing Woo by pressing B + Down, and hold the White Button to
  refill your Health with Chi. Next, Jing Woo starts blocking. Walk over to
  him and press X to do a Power Attack and break through his guard. After
  that, you have to do some evading moves by pressing B in conjunction with
  tilting the Left Thumbstick a couple of times. It shouldn't be hard.

  And now, you have to defeat Jing Woo, using all that you've learned in the
  small tutorial. Simply use B to flip behind him, land a couple of quick
  blows, and then retreat. Repeat and you should KO him without taking any
  damage yourself. Once it's done, you get to speak to Jing Woo again. Time
  to piss him off some more.

        >  "Each bruise is a mark of your failure to learn our Master's
        >  "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

          / Chapter 1 
    Wherein a Master foretells of doom.
    A rival challenges for station,
    And the past haunts the present.

    Your training nears its completion in the idyllic
    setting of Two Rivers. Master Li promises that soon
    you will know more about how you came here and
    where your future will lead. All the while, strange
    tales begin to spread of ghosts that will not rest and
    shadowy assassins who heed no law.

        Main Quest Received
        A Master's Teachings
         -> Speak With Master Li

       Your earliest memories are of the town of Two Rivers, the
       school you call your home, and of Master Li, the man who
       raised and trained you from birth. Now, as your lessons draw
       to a close, you can only wonder what the future has in store.

  Right now you're in the middle of the practice arena. You should go and speak
  with Master Li, according to your objectives. The master's chambers are to the
  left of the school gates, which you should see upon leaving the ring. As you
  approach, a man named Gao the Lesser comes out. He seems to be as Closed Fist
  as a man could possibly be, yet there is no reason to talk to him. Simply
  navigate past him into Master Li's quarters, and a cutscene should commence.

        >  "I long to leave this tiny place. I am meant for great things."
        >  "Why would you do that?"
        >  "I will fight them! Let me come with you!"
        >  "Is that all? Am I an errand boy/girl? I'm better than that."

  Your conversation is roughly interrupted by a messenger. It seems that a
  bunch of bandits have attacked the village, and a student named Kia Min
  got injured. Master Li has commanded you to grab a weapon from Gujin the
  Weapon Master, but first, you'll have to find one of your colleagues, a
  woman named Dawn Star.

       Main Quest Updated
        A Master's Teachings
         -> Find Dawn Star

       Master Li was about to tell you something important, but word
       of a student injured by bandits interrupted your conversation.
       With no other town near, it seems likely Two Rivers is their

  Before you head anywhere, take a look around Master Li's quarters to find
  a big, black chest. It has three figurines on it. Now interact with the big
  lion statue. Approach the altar. First set the blue figurine on it, then the
  red, and then the yellow for ONE silver piece. Now exit the building and
  make your way to the grassy area BEHIND Master Li's chambers. You'll find a
  humble grave. Place a coin in it and you get the Lion Head Token.

  Return to the big lion statue and place the Lion Head Token upon it. Now,
  first place the BLUE and YELLOW figurines on it. Then REMOVE BLUE and place
  the RED figurine. Then REMOVE YELLOW and place the BLUE figurine on the
  altar again. You should gain the "Gaze of the Lion" technique and 75 XP
  points for your efforts. This concludes the "Lions of Two Rivers" sidequest.

  Exit the building and turn to the left to find the school gates. Interact
  with them (A) to open a path to Dawn Star's garden. Run down the path and
  cross the bridge, and you'll see Gao the Lesser and Dawn Star in a dialogue.
  The woman obviously doesn't seem to pleased, but she seems to like your

  NOTE: For gameplay's sakes, it's better not to behave mockingly towards
        your followers. It won't get you any Open Palm points anyway, so it's
        best to be polite when dealing with them. Otherwise... let it all
        out :)

        >  "It sounds like Dawn Star would like you to leave, Gao."
        >  "You know about the bandits. Master Li said to get a
           weapon from Gujin."
        >  "No. I have a bad feeling, Dawn Star."
        >  "I'm sure nothing is going to happen."
        >  "And well you should. I am bound for great things."
        >  "Let's go together. I could use the company."

  You've just gained a Follower, Dawn Star. It simply means that the woman will
  follow in your wake and help you deal with any onassaulters. Through the
  submenu "Followers" of the In-Game Menu, you can set Dawn Star to Attack or
  Support. Attack is default, and I suggest you keep it that way until you've
  acquainted yourself with the game some more.

       Main Quest Updated
        A Master's Teachings
         -> Acquire Your Weapon

       You found Dawn Star in discussion with Gao the Lesser, who
       was his usual arrogant self. Having already heard about the
       bandits from Master Li, Dawn Star has joined you to aid with
       the defense of the town.

  Time to head to Two Rivers. Run past the garden, Dawn Star should follow you
  automatically, and open the gates to go into the next area. There, you will
  find two bandits picking on the townspeople. They've obviously haven't seen
  your martial prowess. These bandits are weak, so just get behind them and
  finish them off with a combo or two.

       Main Quest Updated
        A Master's Teachings
         -> Acquire Your Weapon

       The bandit threat is clearly very real; two of them have already
       made their way to the town square. You dealt with them, but
       that was only a small group. It's all the more imperative that
       you arm yourself before the main group arrives.

  From the entrance, turn right into the grassland, then look in the left part
  of the small square for a Bamboo Cask with 25 Silver once you open it. Now
  return to the town square and head up the white staircase. Proceed until
  Dawn Star mentions Gujin's shop, then turn to the right and speak to the
  weaponsmith. He'll give you two choices: you can either have the longsword
  Fortune's Favorite, or the staff Golden Star (Tien's Justice in the Limited
  Edition). I will assume that you pick Fortune's Favorite.

        >  "Don't waste my time speaking in Tho Fan, Gujin."
        >  "I don't have time to waste. You have something for me?"
        >  "Is there anything special about these weapons?"
        >  "Tell me about the long sword, Fortune's Favorite."
        >  "I should go."
        >  "Unless you have something else to give me, I'm finished
           with you."
        >  "How many are there?"
        >  "Run back to the school and warn everyone else. I'll deal
           with these thugs."

    STYLE GAINED: Fortune's Favorite

       Main Quest Updated
        A Master's Teachings
         -> Stop the Bandit Attack

       Not long after you acquired your weapon, word arrived that
       the bandits' main force had arrived on the beach. Master Li
       hasn't returned, so it falls to you te help defend the town.

  You can now choose to fight with your weapon, in addition to the damage you
  can deal with your fists. Beware though, attacking with Fortune's Favorite
  will drain your focus. It'd be a good idea to stick to your martial style,
  until you have to deal with the big wave of bandits. Exit the shop and go
  back the way you came. You will encounter several bandits along the way to
  the town square, but they're easily disposed of.

  Run down the steps and beat the bandits on the town square. One of them
  has longer reach with a spear, so make sure you evade him from a distance,
  then kill him. Head into the grasslands once again to find another peasant
  being attacked by thugs. Same story. Once they're all dead, open the
  chest in clear sight for a big fat 200 silver pieces. Now return the path
  you came.

  Upon entering the town square, turn right and head into the dirt path. The
  game autosaves, but don't forget to also MANUALLY SAVE here. As you tread
  upon the beach, a cutscene triggers. A weird man stands atop a giant boat,
  and there is a pack of bandits lingering around it. The strange leader
  demonstrates the cannons of his ship by bombarding some hapless peasants
  into dust. It isn't long before your battle with the bandits starts.

  Don't recklessly charge in here or you'll be dead in no time. Instead, let
  the bandits come to you, and keep rolling around, even if there's no
  opponent you need to evade. Pay heed to Dawn Star's warnings, for she will
  tell you when the cannon is about to fire. If you get hit by such a shot,
  it will almost always spell out your doom. Keep rolling and flipping to
  make sure this doesn't happen. Sometimes, the cannon will hit the bandits
  themselves, helping you in the process of beating them. Once the first
  wave of bandits is dead, a second wave spawns from the ship.

  This is slightly harder. The bandits have more health this time, but they
  still shouldn't hurt you much. Thing you have to watch out for is the Bandit
  Leader that is with them. This thug possesses the quick Leaping Tiger style
  and can kick your ass if you linger in front of him. Get to his back and
  take out Fortune's Favorite to deal with him. Fortunately, his health bar
  isn't that large.

  Now, the man on the ship is surprised. Surprised enough to test you with
  some of his magics. In a movie, he summons three Spirits to deal with you,
  and they're sorcerors as well. Now, these spirits aren't much of a pain as
  long as you keep strafing and rolling to the sides to evade the ice bolts
  they send at you. Slowly close in and use your Martial Style to disperse
  them. Notice that they are IMMUNE to Fortune's Favorite or Heavenly Wave,
  so don't even bother. They should die fairly painlessly as long as you keep
  these things in mind.

  The man himself descends from his ship. He looks dangerous. Fortunately,
  Master Li comes to the rescue and kills the man with a simple combo, after
  having annihilated the Assassin's ship. It seems that he isn't only a Master
  by title, eh?

        >  "Why did you step in? I could have fought him."

       Main Quest Updated
        A Master's Teachings
         -> Return to Master Li

       The bandits have been driven back, but their leader seemed to
       recognize Master Li. The recognition leaves you with many
       questions that only Master Li seems able to answer.

  You're automatically brought to the Character submenu. Press the A button to
  level your character up. Choose whatever skills you wish, but I suggest you
  spend your style points on your Martial Arts style. It will help you in the
  long run. Make sure you don't invest in Chi Strikes as you shouldn't be
  making use of them. Take Damage Increase or Speed Increase instead. Next,
  Dawn Star talks to you. We're Closed Fist, so there's no need for character

        >  "Perhaps later."

  Now, it's time to head back to Two Rivers. But first, head back to the town
  square and into the grassland where you previously found 200 silver in the
  chest. There are three drunken fellows, Gao's men, as it would seem.

        >  "There will certainly be a lesson learned here today. Let's

  Deal with them quickly and efficiently, then return to the school. Walk past
  Dawn Star's garden (you can refill your health and chi at the Spirit Font
  if you wish, and read the Scrollstand for some cheap XP), all the way up to
  the practice arena, and you should see Master Li and Gao the Lesser standing
  there. Speak to Master Li. Gao interrupts.

        >  "Cry somewhere else. I am simply better than you."
        >  "You can call it a challenge, but my victory will be easy."
        >  "I will return when I am ready, Master."

       Main Quest Updated
        A Master's Teachings
         -> Answer Gao's Challenge

       Master Li seemed ready to accelerate your training in light of
       the bandit attack, but Gao the Lesser refused to let the matter
       of your progress go without comment.

  Before we face off against Gao, we have some things to take care off. Look
  around the practice area to see a big, fat man in orange clothing. He goes
  by the name of Smiling Mountain. Talk to him.

        >  "Are there any students available to spar with?"
        >  "Is there any way to cure Kia Min?"
        >  "I'll go see if there's any way to cure her wound."

        Sidequest Received
        Kia Min
         -> Ask Kia Min About Healing

       Smiling Mountain, one of the combat trainers under Master Li,
       is offering a special reward to any student who can set a new
       record for the number of opponents faced at once. You might
       be able to earn this mysterious reward if you can help Kia Min
       get back into fighting form.

  Kia Min's easy to be found. Talk to her.

        >  "What sort of prize?"
        >  "Is there anything I can do to help with your wound?"
        >  "Would this herb heal you quickly enough that you could
           fight again?"
        >  "I think I know enough about this herb."
        >  "Goodbye for now."

        Sidequest Updated
        Kia Min
         -> Ask Old Ming About Herbs

       Kia Min can't face you in Smiling Mountain's test until she is
       feeling better, but she vaguely remembered a type of grass
       that might speed her healing.

  Head all the way back to the beach, through Dawn Star's garden, the Town
  Square, the dirt path, until you get to the statue there. An old man should
  be walking around. This is Old Ming. Talk to him.

        >  "One of the students was wounded during the bandit
        >  "What's the difference between the two grasses?"
        >  "Thank you for the help."
        >  "Goodbye for now."

        Sidequest Updated
        Kia Min
         -> Acquire a Red Silk Grass Poultice
         OR Acquire a Bearded Tongue Grass Poultice

       Old Ming's memory still seems sharp after all these years. He
       remembered two grasses that would have similar effects in
       restoring Kia Min to fighting shape for Smiling Mountain's
       special contest. He cautioned that you should only use red
       silk grass, because bearded tongue grass is only a painkiller
       and not a true cure.

  On the way back, talk to the troubled villager.

        >  "I don't know you, are you from Two Rivers?"
        >  "Why do you need money badly?"
        >  "If you can't repay your debts, you'll have to live
           with the consequences."
        >  "It sounds like you're looking for a sympathy handout.
        >  "He has to learn to help himself. Complaining solves

        Sidequest Completed
        An Unfortunate Debt


  I smell something EVIL cooking. We're not gonna go through the expensive
  process of buying red silk grass, are we? Nah, we'll just make it so that
  Kia Min FEELS good. What do we care that she might rip something vital? It
  is not like she's all that good anyway. Head back to the Town Square and
  merchant Fen Do should be in the corner. He's the man with the bearded
  tongue grass to put in the poultice for Kia Min.

        >  "Let's talk about what you can do for me."
        >  "I'm looking for ingredients for a medicinal poultice."
        >  "Do you have any bearded tongue grass?"
        >  "As long as she thinks she's better. Give me the bearded
           tongue grass."
        >  "Here's the twenty five silver for the bearded tongue grass."
        >  "Goodbye for now."

        Sidequest Updated
        Kia Min
         -> Deliver the Poultice to Kia Min

       You now have a poultice infused with bearded tongue grass.
       The mixture may not have many curative effects, but it will at
       least take away the pain. This should be enough to convince
       Kia Min that she's able to fight in Smiling Mountain's special

  Now return to the school, and speak with Kia Min.

        >  "I have a poultice that should help your wound."
        >  "[Lie] I hope it's worth the fifty silver it cost me."
        >  "Goodbye for now."

  Things like these just make me say: Muahahahaha! You just made profit on
  something that's only helping you beat Smiling Mountain's test. Quickly, go
  talk to the big man and ask him to set a new record. You will face off
  against five different students, one of them being Kia Min. They are easily
  beaten if you keep jumping and rolling around. Beating the test gives you
  the Alloyed Body technique, which gives you a nice boost in your attributes,
  and 100 silver. Also, because Kia Min's injury has worsened, you gain points
  towards the Way of the Closed Fist, which is good.

        Sidequest Completed
        Kia Min

       You have set a new record by defeating five opponents at the
       same time. The bearded tongue grass poultice lacked any
       real curative effect, though, and Kia Min's wound has torn
       open, injuring her further. Despite his obvious concern for Kia
       Min, Smiling Mountain has awarded you a scroll called "The
       Alloyed Body" outlining his conditioning techniques.

    TECHNIQUE GAINED: Alloyed Body

  Save before you go talk to Master Li. Agree to face Gao in the ring. This
  should be a challenging fight at first. Attacking from behind is key to
  victory here. Don't try anything from the front, as he will interrupt you
  most of the time. Thereby, Gao the Lesser makes good use of the Heavenly
  Wave technique, which can be avoided by timing your rolls. The attack
  should be easily spotted. Keep your distance, run in, flip over him,
  attack, and retreat to a distance anew. Using this strategy will put Gao
  down quite quickly. Once the challenge is concluded, Gao tries to attack
  you with a forbidden magical style, but Master Li saves you by blocking
  it. Dawn Star talks to you in joy about your victory.

       Main Quest Updated
        A Master's Teachings
         -> Learn More from Master Li

       You have succesfully defeated Gao the Lesser, but in his
       pride he attacked you with a forbidden magical style.

  Before you head to Master Li, talk to Smiling Mountain again. Ask him what
  he's got for sale, then buy two of his techniques (Belly of Iron, Heart of
  Gold, or Mind of Steel). Once you've picked them, go to Master Li's quarters
  to continue the main quest.

        >  "Yes, Master. I am ready."
        >  "I am listening. What is the next step?"
        >  "Master! You've never said anything about this!"
        >  "Why hide that you are the Emperor's brother?"
        >  "What do you mean that the world may join you?"
        >  "Let's move on. Tell me what this has to do with my destiny."
        >  "Why haven't I witnessed this?"
        >  "Is it safe?"

  So, now we are in the Spirit Cave. Great. Make sure you save, then walk the
  path towards the first gate. There's a message inscribed on the stone tablet
  that is shown as soon as you try to open the gate. Master Li guides you
  through the storyline with these tablets. Head through the water and you
  reach an open area. Interact with the pillar encumbered by four torches,
  and you should gain the Dragon Amulet. This piece of jewelry allows you to
  use gems to strengthen your skills. Place your Flawed Warrior Gem in there
  now, for you'll have to use it shortly afterwards.

  Ghosts spring up from the ground. You've dealt with these before, so switch
  to your Martial style and kick some transluscent ass. After that, explore
  this area for two Vases which deliver, in total, 100 silver pieces into your
  purse. Head through the next gate by holding up the amulet you found in this
  room. Walk to the next gate and the game should Autosave. Also save manually
  at this point. A boss awaits behind the next gate, which you should now be

        >  "Back, ghost! I have been warned of your lies."
        >  "Bah! Despite your words, you are as mindless as the other

  You have to face the Old Master of the Two Rivers dojo. He's not easy to
  beat, since he's kinda tough, and he can freeze you solid. You have to be
  nimble to avoid his magics, then get close and pound on him with combos. You
  should completely ignore the other summoned ghosts, they aren't even ten
  percent of what the master can do to you. Back attacks work fairly well
  here, too.

        >  "What is this? Another trick of the ghosts?"
        >  "I choose the flame/ice (your choice)"
        >  "Finally! Master Li has withheld such knowledge."

       Main Quest Updated
        A Master's Teachings
         -> Exit the Spirit Cave

       After acquiring the artifact called the Dragon Amulet, you
       encountered several ghosts, including a mysterious female
       spirit who spoke in riddles. She claimed you were "the last
       Spirit Monk", but she explained no more.

    STYLE GAINED: Dire Flame/Ice Shard

  Search around this room and search the bones for 100 gold. Open the chest
  standing at the edge of the platform for the Structured Body technique and
  a Warrior's Gem of Fate (don't equip this gem!), and a measly 5 gold. Also
  read the two Scrollstands here for easy XP points before entering the portal
  and returning to Master Li.

        >  "I didn't need that long. A spirit released me."
        >  "You have kept things from me. What is a Spirit Monk?"
        >  "Did you try and stop your brother?"
        >  "Dawn Star is missing? Where would she go?"
        >  "I will start right away."

  Someone has kidnapped Dawn Star. And Gao the Lesser's missing as well. Haha,
  difficult to see who did that, right?

       Main Quest Completed
        A Master's Teachings

       After returning from the spirit cave, Master Li explained that
       your people, the Spirit Monks, were warriors who revered the
       Water Dragon. This connection led to their destruction at the
       hands of the Emperor, who sought to force the Water Dragon
       to end the Long Drought. You were the only survivor.

       Main Quest Received
        The Search for Dawn Star
         -> Find Dawn Star

       Your discussion with Master Li about your people, the
       mysterious Spirit Monks, was interrupted by news that
       Dawn Star has disappeared.

  Before you go and search for Ms. Magenta, there are some literary works you
  should read, just for the XP you can gain from them. You can also search
  the Lion Statue in Master Li's quarters. Choose to destroy the altar to be
  done with it, you get 25 silver pieces. You don't have to open the chest
  here, it only contains Open Palm-oriented figurines. Immediately turn left
  as you go out of the door and read the first scrollstand. Walk along the
  walkway and you should reach a bookstand. Read it. Finally, head west from
  the practice ring for another bookstand (and XP). You can now go to Smiling
  Mountain and purchase the third and final technique for 400 silver pieces,
  to gear you up for the inevitable fights that are coming your way. Once
  this all is done, head through the school gates, all the way to Two

  A burned corpse stains the town square as you enter. It appears to be Si
  Pat, the young student which warned you of the bandit attack earlier. There
  is no doubt that Gao the Lesser did this. Through the villagers you can
  hear that Gao has taken of to the town gate, into the marshes.

       Main Quest Updated
        The Search for Dawn Star
         -> Find Dawn Star

       You have found student Si Pat murdered at the gate into town.
       Eyewitnesses place the blame on Gao the Lesser, who was
       also dragging something heavy in a sack as he went.

  Head up the stairs and into Gujin's shop. Read the scrollstand there for a
  hidden bonus (Legacy of Master Li technique scroll), then proceed towards
  the main gate. It seems Gao has hired some mercenaries to slow you down. If
  you have a high enough Intimidation skill, you can avoid having to battle
  them, but usually such an attempt results in failure.

  This fight can be annoying if you get stuck on the border of the battlefield,
  but otherwise, these grunts are quite weak. Standard strategies will suffice
  against them, and I encourage you to use Martial Arts instead of spending
  Focus on your weapons. Remember that you can use your Area Attack (A+X) and
  Chi Heal, should the going get tough. Once you beat them, Guard Yung will
  get up from the floor. Eventually you can ask him where Gao's gone, and he
  will say that the only way the Lesser could have gone was into the swamp.
  Save, then head through the town gate, into the marshes.

       Main Quest Updated
        The Search for Dawn Star
         -> Pursue Gao to the Marshes

       Gao the Lesser left several men in ambush for you near the
       town gate. After you dealt with them, Guard Yung confirmed
       that Gao has already left town.

  Proceed down the watery path until you encounter some Outlaws. There are only
  three of them, one with a spear, so they should be easily disposed of. Once
  they are dealt with, search behind the worn-down chapel for a Spirit Font and
  a Bamboo Cask with the Gem of Irresistable Spirit and five silver pieces. Now
  go and talk with the man the Outlaws were threatening, Hing. Be snappy for
  some Closed Fist points.

        >  "Your concerns do not interest me. Move aside."

       Sidequest Received
        The Flower of the Fields
         -> Hunt Down Fen's Kidnappers

       It seems you are not the only one hunting a missing person in
       this swamp. A man named Hing has passionately implored
       you to rescue his Fen, the "Flower of the Fields", from bandits.

  Save, then head further down the path for a cutscene to start. A man seems
  to be hopelessly surrounded by bandits, but he handles himself quite well,
  leaving the battlefield unscathed. As you draw your weapon to handle him,
  the man calms you, assuring you that he is not a bandit.

        >  "You fought without mercy. Why should I trust you?"
        >  "I'm in a hurry. Someone was taken from the village by
           Gao the Lesser."
        >  "You seem familiar with their type. Is there anything else
           you can tell me?"
        >  "I should beat it out of you! Dawn Star deserves better
           than your cowardice."
        >  "Thank you. I knew there was a shred of decency in you."
        >  "I will go the way you say, but I will be watching you."

       Main Quest Updated
        The Search for Dawn Star
         -> A Camp to the North

       A mysterious hermit who calls himself Sagacious Zu
       reluctantly directed you to a camp of men at the north end of
       the swamp. It seems likely that Gao took Dawn Star there.

  So, Sagacious Zu is your new Follower? He's a fairly good fighter, but don't
  expect him to take a big weight off your shoulders. Scour around the area
  and search the bones near one of the trees for some silver. Also check the
  Scrollstand standing between two of the pillars of the ancient building
  nearby for experience. Continue your quest afterwards by heading onto the
  path to the north.

  Face off against some mercenaries again, yadda yadda. When they're dead, the
  woman they held captive is released. It seems to be Hing's wife we met

        >  "I don't care. Some merchant offered a reward for his
           Flower of the Fields."
        >  "You aren't the Flower of the Fields that Hing mentioned?"
        >  "I don't care who was saved. I want my reward."

       Sidequest Completed
        The Flower of the Fields

       You rescued a woman named Sing Wa who introduced you to
       Fen the Flower of the Fields, who turned out to be an
       admittedly much-loved water buffalo. Overjoyful, Merchant
       Hing thanked you profusely while his wife left you with a
       generous purse of silver for her rescue.

  Now, you should be able to choose which way you want to go: left or right. It
  really doesn't matter, the amount of enemies is about the same. Fight your way
  through the camp, the mercenaries here aren't any tougher than the last ones
  you faced. Once dead, your character questions one of them.

        >  "Fine. Just tell me what I want to know."
        >  "Where is Dawn Star?"
        >  "Why did he kidnap Dawn Star?"
        >  "What do you mean?"
        >  "I can't take that chance. You're not going anywhere."

       Main Quest Updated
        The Search for Dawn Star
         -> Rescue Dawn Star from Gao

       One of Gao's men in the marsh told you that Dawn Star
       escaped and led Gao pursued into a cave just north of their

  Yep, we'll still kill him. Closed Fist, y'know. After the mercenary's gone,
  search around the camp. Check the Bamboo Cask and the bones for some silver
  and an Inferior Intimidation Gem, then search for the entrance to the caves
  in the north. Enter the Swamp Cave.

  Save before you proceed. A cutscene takes place. Dawn Star's doing a great
  job in frustrating Gao the Lesser, but unfortunately, a direct path towards
  them has been blocked by Gao's reckless assault. That leaves you and Zu to
  deal with the two Ogres trooping around. These beasts are best taken out
  with a weapon. Their strikes are very powerful, but so slow that you can
  easily evade them. Attack from the backside, and, if you are truly full of
  despair, give them a piece of Dire Flame or Ice Shard.

  After you've disposed of those, explore this big cavern. There are some
  chests here containing silver and gems. Be careful though, one of the
  treasure chests is trapped (you character should use Focus Evade to avoid
  getting damaged). When you're done looting, look to the left of the path
  Gao just blocked to find an alternate route. Walk down the path and you
  are assaulted by a Toad Demon. It is vital that you get behind it with
  your weapon or the thing'll deal huge damage to you with its crazy tongue
  swipes. Once it's dead, you gain the ability to transform into a Toad
  Demon yourself... hygienic...

    STYLE GAINED: Toad Demon

  Proceed down the path and you should see Gao and Dawn Star.

        >  "Wasting my time on another errand, and all because of
        >  "Empty threats from a beaten man."
        >  "I'm getting sick of your raving, Gao."
        >  "Let's settle this, Gao. One on one."

  This is your second fight with Gao the Lesser. He hasn't changed much, he
  will still try slowing you with Heavenly Wave a lot. However, he also makes
  use of the Dire Flame ability, and sometimes he summons a dragon from the
  ground to spit fire at you. When he does this, make sure you are out of the
  way, or you'll be toasted (couldn't resist the pun). Anyway, you have lots
  of space to move around, so make good use of your flips and rolls. Lure him
  into doing a physical combo, then flip over him and assault from behind. It
  won't work everytime, since Gao uses his Area Attack quite often, but it'll
  get the job done without endangering your own character. You can use your
  weapon for greater damage, or even Dire Flame if you feel lucky. In all,
  it's not a very hard fight once you grasp Gao's basic patterns. Once the
  guy's finished, Dawn Star thanks you for the help. For beating Gao the
  Lesser, you get 250 silver pieces and the Gentle Persuasion gem.

        >  "I wouldn't let anything happen to you, Dawn Star."
        >  "Empty threats. Let him argue with the worms."
        >  -- Choose whoever suits you most --

  There are some chests around here to be opened, one of which contains the
  Viper's Wit technique. You can use the nearby Spirit Font to heal yourself
  should Gao the Lesser have injured you in the earlier confrontation. Once
  you're done, make your way back to the cave entrance - defeating Ogres as
  you go - and head back into the swamps.

       Main Quest Completed
        The Search for Dawn Star

       A pall of smoke in the distance served as a grim landmark as
       you made your way back to Two Rivers.

        >  "They chose their path. I just happened to cross it."
        >  "He kidnapped you so you wouldn't get caught in an attack?"
        >  "I will not run from a fight!"
        >  "Get to the point! Will it work or not?"
        >  "So it's like flying a swimming ox. Well *that* helps."
        >  "We're wasting time. If we are going, let's go!"

  You get to play a mini-game now. It's really easy. Just use the thumbstick
  to navigate your flyer over the screen, and press A to fire your primary
  weapon. Use X to use your ability, "Radiant Aura", and just blast all enemy
  planes off the screen. Their interceptors can be taken with one shot, the
  bombers take about ten. Surviving should be very simple, just keep shooting
  if you don't feel like aiming. Eventually, the flyer should descend and
  you will be back at Two Rivers.

        >  "We will find survivors. There has to be someone left."

       Main Quest Received
        The Burning Town

       As you drew closer to the town, the source of the black pall of
       smoke was apparent. Two Rivers, your home since birth,
       burned with an unnatural intensity.

  Don't waste time and travel down the path to Two Rivers town square. There
  are two raiders waiting for you, but they're too easy. Pass Dawn Star's
  Garden and head over the bridge, towards the school. A cutscene takes place
  with Kia Min. The girl - by your closed fist effort - is completely injured,
  and she dies at the hands of the bandits. Now they're coming after you. Time
  to show them what a real fighter looks like, right? Notice that this is the
  third time you get Closed Fist points for the Kia Min sidequest. Deal with
  the bandits, then proceed up the path, through the school gates. Enter the
  practice arena for a cutscene.

        >  "I'm no weakling student. I will defeat you!"

  You'll now fight some more bandits. Nothing special about them, only the
  fighting area is somewhat smaller. Swiftly deal with them, and then the
  big bad Lieutenant himself will join the battle. He's quick with his Leaping
  Tiger style, but as long as you attack from behind, you should be able to
  deal with him fairly easily. Concentrate on taking the weaker bandits out
  before you try to deal with the Lieutenant. Also watch out for the leader
  switching styles, in addition to the claws, he also has a Longsword style
  and the Storm Dragon support, which can shock you. Once they're dead, Jing
  Woo comes out, dying. He tells Dawn Star how the attack took place.

        >  "Woo mentioned a woman giving orders. What about her?"
        >  "Master Li said I was important, that I was destined for
           great conflict."
        >  "You're just a bitter swamp hermit. What do you know?"
        >  "That explains your unwillingness to come here. You
           recognized a familiar tactic."
        >  "We must find where they took Master Li, and rescue him."
        >  "Why? What is there?"
        >  "Yes, I am still curious about you, Lotus Assassin."

  You get to choose whether you want to do the flyer mini-game again, or to
  evade all enemies and skip to the next part of the storyline. Choose whichever
  you want. No matter what, you'll have a rough landing near Tien's Landing.

        >  "It'll take more than a little crash to hurt me!"
        >  "Then I guess we're grounded until we find a wind map."
        >  "Things just keep getting better and better, don't they?"
        >  "I don't plan on being stuck here for long. I'll figure
           something out."

          / Chapter 2 
    Wherein the fall of Dirge is detailed,
    The woman in black speaks of Death's Hand,
    And Gao the Greater learns the fate of his son.

    Two Rivers is in ruins, and Master Li has been
    taken captive. It is clear that this attack was
    carefully orchestrated and that shadowy forces
    have taken an interest in you and those around you.
    Leaving your home of twenty years, you set out after
    Death's Hand and his Lotus Assassins, intent on
    discovering the reasons behind this assault.

        Main Quest Received
        Picking up the Pieces
         -> Investigate Tien's Landing

       Master Li's captors took him in the direction of the Imperial
       City. To follow, you must secure a new flyer and a wind map
       to ensure you don't have another rough landing.

  You should choose whether you want Zu or Dawn Star as a companion for your-
  self, though if you're having trouble being evil ;) it's best to take Zu
  with as he doesn't really mind you killing innocents. At least he won't
  force good conscience into your face like Dawn Star would. Exit the cavern
  through the only available exit. It won't be long before three spirits pop
  up from the ground. They're somewhat tougher than what you're used to, but
  they have made no extra offensive progress since your last confrontation,
  so they should be easily dealt with.

  Once they are dispersed, your character is suddenly knocked out by a vision
  of the mysterious blue spirit. She still speaks in riddles, but we will
  learn more about her quite soon. Afterwards, Zu/Dawn Star asks what the hell
  happened with you. Tell them anything you want, then proceed. There is a
  path to that curves to the left here, up the hill. Soon, you will reach a
  headstone. Destroy it and your character should Focus Evade the trap that
  was in it. Not only that, but you'll also get three more ghosts to deal
  with. Ice wizards this time, so make sure you keep moving to evade their
  annoying freezing attack. Once they're dead, continue up the path.

  The end is marked by a Spirit Font, where you can restore any Health or Chi
  you might have lost during your encounters with the spirits. There's only
  one way to go from here, since the one of the bridges here isn't lowered. Go
  left up the steep hill that leads into what seems to be a building. This is
  actually the bridge Zu was talking about earlier. Three Conscripts attack
  you. They're even easier than the ghosts you just faced, no real problems
  here. Deal with them, then cross the bridge into the open again, to start a
  cutscene. Wow, it's Spider...-woman?

        >  "Get out of my way. You won't delay my revenge."

  Apparently, the woman clad in black is not easily intimidated. No way out of
  this fight. A pity we have to beat her, right? At least she's a good match
  after all those wimpy spirits. She's definitely quick in evading your blows,
  so you may want to take out your weapon to deal more damage with your blows,
  or you can stick to your Martial style for speed. If you're having trouble,
  try slowing her with the Heavenly Wave power attack, then move in for the
  kill. As soon as her health bar is depleted, she stops fighting, bewildered
  by your skills.

        >  "Get out of my way. I'm after Death's Hand!"
        >  "I will pursue them both! I am not afraid!"

        Sidequest Received
        A Woman in Black
         -> Be Wary of a Second Meeting

       You were challenged by a woman clad in black as you
       approached Tien's Landing. She apparently saw you leave
       Two Rivers, and assumed you were a minion of Death's Hand.
       You convinced her otherwise after surprising her with your
       martial skills.

  She will play a big part in the latter parts of the storyline, but for now
  you can forget about seeing her. Save your game, then proceed your walking
  until you reach a stone with a red fish carved upon its surface. From here,
  you can go right, to reach Tien's Landing. But first, we'll go left to earn
  some more Closed Fist points. Follow this left path until a cutscene takes
  place. Some Imperial Soldiers will assault you. They're harder than the
  occasional thug, but there generic patterns and the absence of any special
  attacks make them weak. When they're disposed of, a fourth man comes runnning
  from the small chapel. He tries to convince you that he is not an Imperial
  Soldier. Haha, we'll show him otherwise won't we :devil smiley:

        >  "Lying cur! You die now!"
        >  "I don't believe you. Time to die!"

  Beat him easily, then look around the area. There are two Bamboo Casks with
  silver in the grassland. In the chapel itself you can find a Focus Shrine to
  restore the power of your mind, and open the chests for silver and a Flawed
  Monk Gem. One of the chests is trapped, by the way, but your Mind attribute
  should be high enough to evade it. Now, return to the stone with the Fish
  on it, and this time head in the direction of Tien's Landing.

  Once there, you three will immediately make camp. Dawn Star will give you
  the Good Fortune gem, which you should equip the Dragon Amulet with. Also
  add in the Gentle Persuasion gem you gained from defeating Gao the Lesser
  earlier, if you hadn't already. Explore the small, grassy area behind your
  encampment to find a big chest with 100 silver pieces in it, then use one
  of the outer hallways to make your way towards Tien's Landing. Approach
  the bridge and two women will come strolling towards you.

        >  "Your warnings won't scare me away, peasant!"
        >  "Why are you leaving town?"
        >  "Your cowardice endangers your daughter. Flee, peasant."
        >  "So you take the coward's path into worse dangers?"
        >  "I will let you be on your way."

        Main Quest Received
        Find a New Flyer
         -> Speak with Minister Sheng

       The flyer you took from Gao's men in Two Rivers proved as
       untrustworthy as its original owners. Pirates around the
       village of Tien's Landing seem to have similar devices,
       however, so it may be worth your time to try and seek them

        Main Quest Received
        The Great Dam
         -> Talk to Minister Sheng

       The Great Dam downriver from Tien's Landing is open, and
       now the Silkworm River is running faster and lower than it
       has for years. It is impossible for large vessels to navigate,
       essentially cutting off the town from the trade that sustains it.
       Minister Sheng in the town square can provide more details.

  Before you even enter Tien's Landing, I feel obliged to warn you: this is a
  big town with lots and lots of sidequests to perform. And I will walk you
  through all of them, sometimes multiple quests at a time, so the FAQ might
  seem a bit cluttered. If you simply follow everything outlined here, you
  should have no trouble, but if you're looking for a specific quest, I
  suggest you look in the section dedicated to those to get a complete and
  compact walkthrough of how to solve it.

  Cross the bridge and walk towards the big building to your left. This is
  the Teahouse. Remember it as a landmark whenever you need to get back to
  your camp.

  When you approach the courtyard surrounding the Teahouse, there seem to be
  some problems with sailors. Three of them are threatening a woman, yet she
  does not at all appear impressed. It is not long before they engage in
  combat, dragging you in there. Wrong place, wrong time, yet the sailors
  aren't very powerful. You should be able to beat them without difficulties,
  especially with an ally, Hui, alongside you. After the battle, Hui talks
  to you.

        >  "Child? What child?"
        >  "This doesn't really concern me."
        >  "My master's true name is Sun Li the Glorious Strategist."
        >  "This is too convenient. Master Li could not anticipate I
           would crash here!"
        >  "Not much of a god if she fell to the Emperor's bluster."
        >  "The Emperor destroyed my people to take the Water
           Dragon's power?"
        >  "Why did Master Li do this? What's so special about me?"
        >  "I am always ready to learn."

        Main Quest Received
        Hui the Brave
         -> Speak with Hui

       Hui the Brave is a trusted and very loyal servant of Master Li.
       Upon his order, she has waited many years in Tien's Landing
       preparing for your arrival. She seems eager to share what she
       knows, having waited so long for this moment.

    STYLE GAINED: Spirit Thief

  After this, Hui retreats to the Teahouse. Tread in her wake by doing the
  same. For some odd reason, the game reloads everytime you enter the Teahouse,
  which is fairly frustrating. Once in the Teahouse, the sailors will get
  back to you and Hui for revenge. It's the same story as the fight that took
  place outside, only this time there are more enemies around. Note that you
  can break a table in the Teahouse by jumping on it with B, and then grab
  one of its wooden legs to bash opponents with. It won't last long, but it
  will do a surprising amount of damage. Finally, you will be able to converse
  with Hui again.

        >  "Try to speed this up. I have other things to do."
        >  "Could we speed this up a little bit. Where is the monk?"
        >  "I should go to the runes and try to find this amulet piece."
        >  "I have a lot ahead of me. I should go."

        Main Quest Updated
        Hui the Brave
         -> Search the Ruins

       Hui told a story of a wounded monk who fled the destruction
       of Dirge with another piece of the amulet Master Li gave you.
       The monk died in old Tien's Landing, and his possessions
       were lost there when the village flooded. Now that the waters
       have descended, you should be able to recover the amulet piece
       and add it to the piece you now wear.

  It would seem all these quests tie in with each other. Right now, it's time
  to enter some new subquests for experience and/or Closed Fist points, which
  you will need later in Tien's Landing. Search around the teahouse for an
  old woman named Old Mother Kwan, and talk to her.

        >  "You used to own this teahouse?"
        >  "Did you check the writ to make sure it was real?"
        >  "I'm going to speak to Dutong about this."

        Sidequest Received
        Old Mother Kwan
         -> Investigate Dutong's Writ

       Old Mother Kwan used to own the teahouse in Tien's Landing
       until Three Streets Dutong showed up with an Imperial Writ
       proclaiming that the teahouse was his. Dutong's story sounds
       suspicious and is probably worth investigating.

  Turn around and walk towards the bar. There is a man behind it named Steeper
  Yanru. Speak with him.

        >  "I want to talk about Dutong and his Imperial Writ."
        >  "Did anyone ever see the actual writ?"
        >  "I think the writ was a forgery!"
        >  "Maybe I can make Dutong confess."
        >  "Get him drunk and I'll get a confession out of him."
        >  "You can make him sober again?"
        >  "Let's send Dutong some drinks."
        >  "Give Master Dutong the Imperial seasoned spirits."
        >  "Give Master Dutong the Imperial seasoned spirits."
        >  "Give Master Dutong some peasant's wine."
        >  "I'll be back in a bit."

        Sidequest Updated
        Old Mother Kwan
         -> Get Dutong Drunk

       Steeper Yanru believes Dutong is lying about the writ. He has
       agreed to help you get Dutong drunk so he'll confess his

  Now head over to Three Streets Dutong and talk to him.

        >  "Let's talk about that writ you showed Mother Kwan."
        >  -- Take whatever stat is highest --
        >  "Yes. You told me it was a fake."
        >  "Give us the silver, Dutong, and we won't say anything."

        Sidequest Completed
        Old Mother Kwan

       Dutong admitted that he tricked Mother Kwan out of her
       teahouse, but you agreed to keep his secret in exchange for a
       pocket full of silver.

  You earn Closed Fist points for this.

  How terribly evil. And we made some good money with it, too. Head for the
  upper level of the Teahouse by using the stairs. Walk around counterclock-
  wise and eventually you should be approached by an old man. Tell him to
  mind his own problems, but do go talk to Zhong (the ogre in the corner

        >  "Get out of here, Zhong, or I'll throw you out!"
        >  "No more games, Zhong! It's time to leave."
        >  "I don't care about your dumb ox!"
        >  "Get out of here, or I'll kill the other ox myself!"

  Now you have to fight Zhong. He's merely an Ogre with slightly more health
  and toughness than usual, but he is not at all fast. You should be able to
  deal with him painlessly. When he's dead, the farmer comes complaining, but
  another man approaches you and gives you some money for killing the ogre,
  because he's glad that the monstrosity is no longer chasing away all of his
  customers. You gain Closed Fist points for this act.

        Sidequest Completed
        Zhong the Ox Carrier

       You killed Zhong the Ox Carrier. Dong Ping will be ruined, but
       the ogre will no longer scare the patrons in the Teahouse.

  Follow the walkway and you should eventually meet up with Chai Jin the
  cook from the Prosperous East. Give him 300 silver to make some dishes for
  you. The trick to finishing this is to first take the dish which will
  influence the weakest of your stats. For example, if Spirit is your lowest
  stat, take the dish which lowers Spirit first. This way you should survive
  all three dishes. Then, Chai Jin will ask you if you want to give a shot
  at the final dish. Do it (this won't affect your stats), and then choose
  to [Lie] and say that he should try it himself. The cook will die from it
  instantly. Loot the body for your lost money and The Bronze Tongue gem,
  and a load of Closed Fist points.

  Good, time to move on. Head downstairs and exit the Teahouse, into Tien's
  Landing again. Descend the small staircase, read the bookstand right next
  to it, then head to the right to find Seamstress Lan, sniffing. Talk.

        >  "Your sobbing is annoying me."
        >  "What's wrong?"
        >  "How much can you pay me?"
        >  "It's a deal. I'll take care of those thugs for you."

        Sidequest Received
        The Beaten Baker
         -> Investigate Baker Bei

       A young woman named Lan has asked you to help her fiancé,
       a baker named Bei. Every day he gets beaten up by thugs
       down by the pier. Understandably, she wants someone to do
       something about it.

  We'll deal with the baker later. For now, turn around and run towards the
  residential part of Tien's Landing. You can talk to "the Sweet" on the way,
  but it's really not necessary. Head through the small gates and follow the
  path as it curves around the grassy area. Eventually, you will reach a
  big building with a reinforced door. When you talk to the guard, he refuses
  to let you pass. Head to the left of this building and read the bookstand
  there for some experience (it's behind the dockworker).

  Turn around and run straight ahead, until you see two people facing each
  other. Talk to the old man, Jian the Iron Fist, and they will tell you they
  are playing a game of Yi, only without a board. It appears that they have
  something to teach you, but only if you can prove them that you understand
  the respective philosophies behind their styles. Vo can teach Stone Immortal,
  but this does not interest us as we are aiming for Closed Fist. No matter
  what, you will NOT have enough Closed Fist points to learn Tempest from Jian
  yet, so forget about it right now.

        Sidequest Received
        An Ancient Game
         -> Impress Mistress Vo
         OR Impress Jian the Iron Fist

       You encountered two masters involved in a game of yi, a
       strategic game in which white and black pieces struggle to
       control territory on a board. It seems their games extend to
       the world around them, as both have offered to train you in
       their style, but only if you can prove that you follow one of
       their competing philosophies.

  With your back to the pier, head to the right, past the fenced waterfall, and
  keep to the paved road to find Baker Bei. Exactly at that moment, he appears
  to be onassaulted by some thugs. Without any further notice the ruffians
  attack you, as well. They are not very strong or quick, and so they shouldn't
  pose any problems, as long as you don't get stuck in the small area you have
  to fight in. Afterwards, a scared-to-death Baker Bei talks to you.

        >  "Lan figured you couldn't handle things on your own."
        >  "Quit whining, or you might still get a beating today."
        >  "You better tell me what's going on."
        >  "She has to be doing this for a reason."
        >  "Maybe I could talk to Ai Ling for you."

        Sidequest Updated
        The Beaten Baker
         -> Talk to Ai Ling

       Baker Bei told you that Ai Ling ordered the beatings. He wants
       you to convince her to leave him alone, and he suggested
       that you speak to her at the boathouse, the headquarters of
       her gang.

  Return to the big building mentioned earlier, near the pier. Remember this
  place as the Boathouse, then talk to the guard. Tell him you're here to talk
  to Ai Ling about Baker Bei and he'll let you in. Once inside, read the book-
  stand at the far end of the initial room, then walk the only way to go and
  you should meet up with Ai Ling.

        >  "Stay away from Baker Bei."
        >  "Bei never said anything about this."
        >  "That's because he's afraid of you."
        >  "Let me bring Bei here. Maybe we can work something out."
        >  "I'll go get Bei right now."
        >  "Ai Ling claims Bei promised to marry her."
        >  "Sorry, Bei, but she's right. A promise is a promise."
        >  "Lan and Ai Ling should fight. The winner gets Bei."
        >  "Let's find out. Fight!"

  Now, Ai Ling first kill Lan, then defends herself against Bei, killing the
  unfortunate baker in the process. In sorrow, she turns her aggression toward
  you. Now you have to deal with Ai Ling and four gang members. Focus on taking
  out Ai Ling first and use your Area Attack (A+X) when they try to gang up on
  you. The girl can quite nimble, but you should be able to beat her. The rest
  of her crew are no problem at all.

        Sidequest Completed
        The Beaten Baker

       Ai Ling killed Lan and Bei and then tried to kill you.
       Sometimes things just have to end this way.

  After the fight, scan around the area for a vase. Break it and you will get
  the Boathouse Key. Turn right and open the Office Gate with it, and run up
  the stairs towards Ai Ling's office. Read the scrollstand, crash the vase
  for a Greater Warrior's Gem of Fate, and open the cabinet to feed your purse
  with a nice 750 silver. Head back to the area where you faced Ai Ling and
  check the chest for some fresh silver pieces. When all is done, exit the
  boathouse and go back to where you first met Baker Bei (under the archway).

  Cross over into Beggar's Pier the poorest part of Tien's Landing. Walk to
  this area's far end and then to the right to start a cutscene involving
  Captain Ing. When it's done, go talk to him.

        >  "Your men don't respect you very much, do they?"
        >  "How much would you pay to have the Great Dam closed?"
        >  "I have more important things to do."

        Sidequest Received
         -> Free Captain Ing's Ship

       One of the people hit hardest by the opening of the dam is
       Captain Ing. The river is too low and fast for his ship, so he is
       trapped in Tien's Landing with no way to earn his livelihood,
       and his men are becoming mutinous. If you close the dam, he
       will reward you with silver, although he has little to spare.

  Run onto the pier near to captain Ing and enter the guy's ship. There's a
  bookstand here which you can read for experience, and a chest with a fat
  1200 silver pieces - this is actually the reward you would get for closing
  the Great Dam, but we're not gonna miss it just because we're following the
  Way of the Closed Fist, are we? ;P

  Head back onto the pier again and run straight ahead, until you reach an
  open, grassy plain with several houses along its sides. There should be a
  person in orange clothing in its center, named Scholar Six Heavens. Talk
  to him. He has something to do with the Silk Strings you found earlier in
  the area before Tien's Landing.

        >  "I'm interested. What do you need done?"
        >  "What's so important about this instrument?"
        >  "I think I have already found one of the two parts."
        >  "Where would I find the case?"
        >  "I'll start looking for them now."

        Sidequest Received
        The Zither of Discord
         -> Find the Case

       Scholar Six Heavens, adherent of the Way of the Closed Fist,
       has asked you to find the lost pieces of an artifact called the
       Zither of Discord. He awaits there delivery in Tien's Landing.

  Don't forget to check the nearby Bamboo Cask for silver, then return the way
  you came and go all the way back to Vo and Jian the Iron Fist. This time,
  head the path leading steeply uphill, and follow it all the way around to
  reach the town square. Walk forward to initiate a cutscene in which Minister
  Sheng's displeasement and despair are shown. His prison has burned down...
  jeez, talk about a loser. Head somewhat left and walk towards the man called
  Old Wei. Open the chest to the old man's left for some silver, then run
  along the buildings here until you can speak to the Messenger.

        >  "If enough silver's on the line, I'm interested in whatever
           you have to say."
        >  "That sounds like an expensive problem to resolve."
        >  "Goodbye."

        Main Quest Received
        The Sickened Forest
         -> Seek Out Lord Yun

       You have heard tales of a disease affecting the Great
       Southern Forest, which lies just north of Tien's Landing. Lord
       Yun, a noble from the Imperial City, has recently arrive to
       find a solution. He seeks skilled warriors to aid him.

  You can let any thought about entering the forest rest for now, as that time's
  a long way off. Instead, turn right and read the - hilarious - bookstand
  behind Minister Sheng and his guard for XP. Then talk to the moustacheered
  maniacal ministrous monstrosity (yes, FAQ-writing does get so boring that
  you're gonna start annoying people with metaphors like these).

        >  "What kind of problems do you have?"
        >  "Is there anything that can be done?"
        >  "Why did they do that?"
        >  "Is there anything I can do?"
        >  "Interesting. I'll think about it."
        >  "Would you happen to *not* know anything about flyers
           while we're at it?"
        >  "That's all I need to know. I'll see what can be done."

        Main Quest Updated
        Find a New Flyer
         -> Find Ru the Boatswain

       The pirates nearby are known to have flyers, but the only man
       foolish enough to risk traveling to their lair is Ru the
       Boatswain, the town drunk. You'll have to find some way to
       convince him to take you.

        Main Quest Updated
        The Great Dam
         -> Enter the Ruins to Reach the Dam

       Minister Sheng said that the Lotus Assassins opened the dam to
       search for something in the ruins of old Tien's Landing. They
       don't care about the hardship they are causing the town.
       Sheng gave you a key to the ruins, hoping you can close the
       dam. He also mentioned the reward that Captain Ing

  After the conversation, you get the key to the ruins. Try to exit this area
  through the rightmost path (which leads past Old Wei) and someone will stop
  you in your tracks. It's Merchant Jiang from Beggar's Pier. It seems he has
  something urgent to tell you.

        >  "Who are you?"
        >  "What sort of help do you need?"
        >  "Yes, he did."
        >  "What'll you give me if I do this?"
        >  "Very well. I'll do it."

        Main Quest Updated
        The Great Dam
         -> Close the Great Dam
         OR Sabotage the Dam

       The Lotus Assassins opened the dam to search the ruins of
       old Tien's. Minister Sheng gave you a key to the ruins so you
       can close the dam. Merchant Jiang wants the dam controls
       destroyed so things remain as they are. He is profiting off the
       misery of the locals, and can likely offer a larger reward than
       the Captain Ing that Sheng mentioned.

  Now run off the hillside and turn right at the intersection. Open the chest
  near the teahouse for some silver, then circle the building and enter it. In
  here, immediately head for the stairs and atop them you should find a fat,
  bearded man. This is Ru the Boatswain, having a dispute with one of the
  teahouse's servants.

        >  "Go away. I must speak to this man."
        >  "Quit your blubbering, slug! I need your help."
        >  "I need you to take me to the pirate camp."
        >  "Craven slug! You *will* take me!"
        >  -- Choose whatever stat is highest --
        >  "You better show up at the pier!"

        Main Quest Updated
        Find a New Flyer
         -> Explore the Pirate Lair

       Ru the Boatswain has agreed to transport you back and forth
       between the pirates' island and the docks of Tien's Landing
       until you replace your crashed flyer. The pirates that hold the
       flyers may not be quite so helpful.

  Now exit the Teahouse and head all the way back to your camp, where either Zu
  or Dawn Star is awaiting your arrival. In the cutscene that follows, act
  arrogantly if you wish, it really won't serve you in any special way. It's
  merely a way to drive the storyline. Head into the area behind your hideout
  and go "To Dam Site". This is the old area where we faced Silk Fox earlier,
  with the fishy stone.

  Take the first road to the right and follow it all the way to the gates of
  the Ruins. Use the key to open them, then head into the next area. Proceed
  forward to trigger a cutscene. There seem to be Lotus Assassins around here,
  but fortunately they leave their dirty jobs to the Rat Demons they summon
  right before your eyes. Enter the clearing and deal with the Imperials that
  attack you. Defeating them earns you the Gem of Thief's Sense. You can take
  the path all the way to the left, which leads downhill towards a Spirit Font
  where you can restore your Health/Chi.

  Explore the clearing and you should find some bones with silver in them near
  the Assassin's campfire. There is a trapped Ceramic Urn with an Inferior Charm
  Gem near one of the pillars. Also open the supplies to the right of the
  archway leading to the next area for some Dragon Powder, which you will need
  later on. Then walk into the next area. You will be attacked by a Rat Demon
  from the left. Once you knock the demon out, the cowardly rat gives up and
  tries to talk to you.

        >  "Tell me what you know."
        >  "Tell me something useful!"
        >  "Tell me where the gem is."
        >  "So I should use the rockets to blow up the wall?"
        >  "I think I'll kill you anyway."

        Sidequest Received
        Gems in the Quarry
         -> Find Dragon Powder and Rockets

       Lotus Assassins are using rat demons to find gems. One of the
       rat demons said he could feel a gem nearby, in the ruins.

  Quickly dispose of the filth for some Closed Fist points, then walk into the
  building on the right. Kill the two Rat Demons and open the Ceramic Urn for
  more silver, then head out of there and turn to right. Go through the second
  archway. Deal with the three Imperial Soldiers that try to stop you, then
  walk into the orphanage on your right. A small cutscene triggers in which
  a Rat Demon is bewildered by the fact that he can SMELL children, but can't
  SEE them. Kill the rat, and a new scene should begin. Two ghosts of the
  children, who died here, approach you.

        >  "Do that again and you'll be sorry!"
        >  "Calm down. Maybe I can help you."
        >  "If you were strong, you could have survived."
        >  "Is there anything I can do to help you?"
        >  "Maybe there's some way I can help?"
        >  "I'll see if I can find him for you."

        Sidequest Received
        The Drowned Orphans
         -> Send Yushan Back
         OR Kill Kindly Yushan

       You met the ghosts of two children at the orphanage in the
       ruins. They died in the flood because the orphan master,
       Kindly Yushan, abandoned them. They want your help.

  Yes, that's right, we're gonna head ALL THE WAY back to Tien's Landing. You
  may want to heal yourself at a Spirit Font, as Miao inflicted some serious
  inevitable damage in that cutscene. Once back, get your ass into the Teahouse
  and head up the staircase. Go to the place where Chai Jin was. In the corner
  you should see an old man with his back towards you. This is Kindly Yushan.
  Talk to him.

        >  "You used to be the orphan master before the flood?"
        >  "Why did you let the orphans die?"
        >  "You abandoned the children? You sicken me!"
        >  "I'm taking you to the orphanage... now!"
        >  "You can come willingly, or I can drag you. Your choice."
        >  -- Your character and Yushan are now in the orphanage --
        >  "Sorry, Bin. I'm letting Miao have her revenge."

        Sidequest Completed
        The Drowned Orphans

       You forced Yushan to return to the orphanage but decided
       that Miao deserved the chance to have her revenge. Yushan
       is dead, and the orphan ghosts have gone to their rest,

  Closed Fist points are gained for this.

  Now you're standing outside the orphanage again. It's a good thing you didn't
  have to backtrack all the way, eh? Anyway, there are some rockets nearby. They
  are already aimed for the weak wall, so the only thing you have to go is put
  the Dragon Powder you found earlier in the ignition and fire them. This will
  open a path into a new clearing.

        Sidequest Updated
        Gems in the Quarry
         -> Find the gem

       The rockets opened a path to a new area. The gem must be in
       there somewhere.

  Take the newly crafted path and walk around the clearing. Three Convict Ghosts
  should appear. Take them out quickly so they don't get a chance to freeze you
  and make your life difficult. Once they're dead, search the headstone at the
  right side of the clearing for The Soft Petal gem. Turn around and walk
  forward, towards the old path, and a cutscene should trigger. Tell the bossy
  spirit "Die, fiend!" and beat him and his friends. Open the second trapped
  headstone for some silver, then take the path leading into the Quarry.

  In here, walk forward towards the first clearing. More ghosts will appear
  here, but they're nothing new. Dispose of them with your martial style, and
  once they're gone search the bones around this area for silver and the Gem
  of Evil Thought. Then head into the next, watery area. There's nothing to do
  here yet, so just proceed until the next cutscene starts. Strangler Jizu,
  the gang king, appears. Tell him "Die, foul spirit!". He acts weirdly, saying
  that he doesn't die.

  This fight can be quite tricky if you don't keep on your toes. There's no use
  in assaulting Jizu unless you first disperse all the ghosts around him. He
  will just recharge his health bar if he has allies around, so first take out
  all the convict ghosts before dealing with him. You'll have to watch out
  for his Dire Flame technique, which can catch you by surprise when you have
  your back turned to him. Once he's dispersed, a new spirit appears and talks
  to your character.

        >  "You seem different than the other ghosts."
        >  "The prisoners are dead. They drowned."
        >  "That's why I never try to help anyone."
        >  "Jizu didn't know how to finish the job and disperse you
           properly. I do."

        Sidequest Completed
        Gems in the Quarry

       Deep in the ruins of the original Tien's Landing, you
       discovered a group of convict ghosts who died when the
       quarry flooded. You've defeated their leader, Strangler Jizu,
       and discovered the gem the reat demon suggested was hidden

  You won't get to fight the ghost, but at least you will gain some Closed Fist
  points, and The Wanderer's Jewel, which you can put in your Dragon Amulet. If
  you look around here, you can find some containers with precious silver and
  gems in them. There's a vase with lots of silver, an Inferior Intimidation
  Gem, and a Scholar's Gem of Forethought. The chest and bones can also be
  searched and will provide you with fresh silver. Now return the way you came
  and you should meet up with the spirit of a little girl.

        >  "What's wrong?"
        >  "If you won't even try to help yourself, I won't help you."
        >  "I'm not interested in helping you, ghost!"

  This will yield you a small amount of Closed Fist points. Make your way out
  of the quarry and back to the orphanage area. Behind the orphanage, you can
  find a Bamboo Cask with silver after beating the Rat Demon that is intent
  on guarding it... and eating your toes. Afterwards, continue the main
  quest by heading through the next archway. Make sure you pay attention
  during the next cutscene as you can hear the password to disable those who
  guard the dam. Shao Hua. Defeat the Imperial Soldier and pursue the Lotus
  Assassin. Unfortunately, the guy curls up the drawbridge before you can set
  foot on it. Head to the right and hit the switch to lower the thing again,
  A-Team style.

  Proceed over the bridge and check the - trapped - Bamboo Casks for silver
  pieces. Head up the hill and you'll be brought to a standstill by a new
  vision of the Water Dragon. Tell her anything you want, she'll still give
  you a shitty speech about the guardian of the ruins. Now that all this is
  done, run through the archway, toward the Dam Site.

  It would be a good idea to SAVE your game here. Then head straight ahead and
  meet up with a little girl. This is Wild Flower.

        >  "Who are you?"
        >  "Make sense, girl!"

  Now you have to face off against the Guardian Demon of this place, of whom
  the Water Dragon said that he would be an ally. Wow, he's so friendly right
  now... sarcastically speaking. Anyways, Chai Ka isn't easy to overcome with
  ordinary jump-over-and-bash strategies. He will use his Area Attack a lot
  when you try to get behind him. It's best to roll sideways, before he does
  his strikes, and nail him with a small combo. Use weapons here or you'll be
  fighting him forever. Once he's almost dead, he speaks to you in total

        >  "I am --Your Name Here--"
        >  "You better tell me what's going on here!"
        >  "You better make yourself useful."
        >  "So what happens now?"
        >  "What have you done to her, demon?"
        >  "If you're coming with me, let's go."
        >  "There's nothing else I want to ask."
        >  "What would I need it for?"
        >  "Come on. You and Chai Ka are with me now."
        >  --Choose whoever you want--

        Main Quest Updated
        Hui the Brave
         -> Return to Hui

       The Lotus Assassins tricked Chai Ka the Heavenly Gate
       Guardian out of the amulet piece he was protecting, but he
       managed to preserve some of what was rightfully yours: a
       powerful gem you can add to your amulet. Return to Hui the
       Brave in the Teahouse and tell her what you have learned.

  You will get Wild Flower as a Follower, an Inferior Scholar Gem, and the
  machine called the Inscrutable Power Source for beating the demon. From
  where you entered, take the left path and open the chest at the end to learn
  The River of Time technique, then head back. Enter the red chapel and read
  the scrollstand for XP, as well as lowering the drawbridge with the switch
  and opening the trapped chest for silver and a Flawed Warrior Gem.

  Now run inbetween the two golem sentries and they will ask you for the word
  you heard earlier. Tell them Shao Hua and they will let you pass. Head all
  the way down and make your way to the bridge controls unscathed.

        >  [Remove the Jade Heart and disable the dam so it can never close]
        >  [Remove the Jade Heart]

        Main Quest Updated
        The Great Dam
         -> Talk to Jiang

       You have destroyed the controls of the Great Dam as
       Merchant Jiang in Tien's Landing asked. Bring the Jade
       Heart, a part of the console, to Jiang at his shop in Beggar's
       Pier for a reward.

  Now you get a LOT of Closed Fist points. Make your way up the stairs again
  and there will be new enemies waiting for you. You get to talk to them, but
  no matter what you choose, they will always choose to assault you. Make
  sure you take out the Lotus Assassin first, then the rest. Once they're
  dead, use the nearby drawbridge to get back to the very area you first
  started the game in. You should know how to get to Tien's Landing from here.
  Do so now.

  When you near the exit towards Tien's Landing, Silk Fox will appear again.

        >  "Another ambush? You barely escaped last time."
        >  "I will not be your errand-boy!"
        >  "What do you want for this information?"
        >  "He is Sun Li the Glorious Strategist, the Emperor's
        >  "Do not call me a liar!"
        >  "Help me defeat Death's Hand."

        Sidequest Completed
        A Woman in Black

       You encountered the woman in black again. Her name is Silk

        Main Quest Received
        Silk Fox
         -> The Silk Fox

       You met the mysterious woman known as Silk Fox in the
       ruins outside Tien's Landing. She did not join you on your
       journey, but if you reach the Imperial City, she may assist you
       in finding Master Li. It seems clear that Silk Fox enjoys
       manipulating those around her.

  When back in Tien's Landing, head for the Teahouse once more. Inside, Hui
  will still be waiting. Speak to her.

        >  "The Lotus Assassins already took the amulet from the ruins."
        >  "I have a lot ahead of me. I should go."

        Main Quest Completed
        Hui the Brave

       Hui has completed her sworn duty to Master Li and has gone
       off to resume her life now that it is once again her own.

  Now exit the Teahouse and make your way to Beggar's Pier. It's the spot with
  all the beggars and courtesans, where you first met Captain Ing. Walk along
  the left side wall and eventually a cutscene should start. Ing has given up
  all hope and his drinking away his troubles with the help of merchant Jiang's
  expensive wines. Go talk to the ripoff.

        >  "It's right here."
        >  "This town will be stronger for learning to live without the dam."
        >  "Don't forget who got you here. I certainly won't."
        >  "Goodbye."

        Main Quest Completed
        The Great Dam

       By sabotaging the dam, you doomed the town of Tien's
       Landing to a long and slow death, but at least Merchant Jiang
       lined your pockets with silver.

  You receive a Gem of Purpose and 2600 silver for doing this. If you continue
  following the leftmost wall, you will eventually meet up with Darting Lynx,
  from whom you can buy some new techniques. I suggest buying the Balance of
  Nature, which has no penalties and delivers a big upgrade to your Focus,
  which you will definitely be putting to use on the Pirate Isle. Also, make
  sure you pay a visit to Jian the Iron Fist and ask him to train you. You
  should have gained enough Closed Fist points by now.

  Defeating Jian isn't all that hard, just make sure you don't get caught up
  in the Tempest's Area Attack or Power Attack and you should be fine. This
  also means you should not try to hop behind him when he's wielding the
  Tempest style (you can see that he is using his magic from his stance). Lure
  him into using his normal, martial style, and then inflict major damage with
  the jump-behind-and-kick-arse technique. When he's reached about 1/8 of his
  health gauge, he will stop and teach you the Tempest style.

        Sidequest Completed
        An Ancient Game

       After you faced the aged master in battle, Jian the Iron Fist
       agreed to train you in the basic techniques of Tempest, a
       style fueled by discord in the practitioner's soul.

  When you're done with everything here, save your game and head over to the
  Beggar's Pier once more. Walk to its far end while keeping to the right and
  you should eventually see Ru the Boatswain. Tell him to take you to the lair
  of the pirates. The game reloads and you're on the tropical isle before you
  know it.

  Tell Ru "Very well" and walk forward until a cutscene triggers. An old pirate
  is being mocked by his younger colleagues. Eventually, he runs off the pier,
  to a location close to your position. Approach him and a dialogue will
  automatically start.

        >  "Who are you?"
        >  "I better kill you to keep you quiet."
        >  "Sounds like a good idea."

  Now walk up the pier and interact with the rope. The cannon will drop down,
  taking the pirates (and the innocent slave with them) down to the depths of
  the waters. This will give you Closed Fist points. Say goodbye to Cheung,
  then walk over the wooden walkways until you get to a platform full of
  pirates. Be careful here, use your Area Attack a lot or you'll be ganged
  upon. Fortunately, the pirates aren't really tough. Try to take out those
  with the longswords first, since they have the farthest reach. When they're
  all dead, read the scrollstand, check the vase for an Intimidation Gem and
  some silver, and eventually use the Focus Shrine should your Focus Gauge
  have run empty during the previous fights.

  There's only one way to go from here if you want to progress. Enjoy the
  scenery as you head towards your next fight. The area that follows seems to
  be the slave chamber. In a cutscene, you will see how a mysterious man, Sky,
  cuts down pirates like nothing. When more appear, he drags you into his
  fight by mentioning you. With his help, you should be able to easily finish
  the ruffians off. Afterwards, Sky speaks to you.

        >  "I should kill you for that little stunt!"
        >  "Why are you here?"
        >  "Is this man Gao the Greater?"
        >  "Let's talk about this plan of yours. How do we get past
           that door?"
        >  "I don't think of pirates as the ingenious type."
        >  "This seems awfully convenient."
        >  "If you betray me, I'll kill you."
        >  "I trained under Master Li of Two Rivers."
        >  "Perhaps you've just never seen a properly trained

  After that, a familiar woman talks to you. Yeung Yifong, Fuyao's mother.

        >  "How did you end up here?"
        >  "I don't have time to look for your daughter."

        Sidequest Received
        Yifong and Fuyao
         -> Find the Slave Breaker

       Yifong's daughter, Fuyao, has been captured by pirates. She is
       powerless to deal with these brutal men. Find Fuyao and
       rescue her from the pirates.

  You didn't agree to help her, yet you still get a quest? How's that for some
  linear gameplay? Anyway, there's still only one way to go, and that's up,
  towards the door. As you approach the construction, Sky holds the lever
  down. You can now open the door. Behind it are some fresh pirates to deal
  with. Make good use of the small area you fight in. Afterwards, check the
  chest (it's trapped) and make use of the Spirit Font if you need it.

  Head up the next set of wooden stairs. Eventually, a new cutscene should
  trigger. It seems we've finally met Gao the Greater, and another, strange
  man called Inquisitor Lim. Part of the storyline is unfolded here. Once
  they're done, walk around the walkway until you find a way to enter their
  quarters. To your surprise, the mad scientist will help you beat his pirate
  guardians. It seems he is not too happy with his current position.

        >  "Who are you?"
        >  "What else can you do?"
        >  "You built Gao a special flyer?"
        >  "Will you help me against Gao and the Lotus Assassins?"
        >  "I agree. I will see what I can do."
        >  "Goodbye."

  Open the chest in this room for 175 silver, then head to the second level of
  these quarters. Keep heading up the stairs until you get to a wide area where
  you, again, will face off against several pirates. Same story. Kill them,
  then search the chest for fresh silver, and walk into the carved path that
  lies near it. Eventually you should meet up with Fuyao and the Slave Breaker,
  who will attack you. Defeat them and Yeung Yifong will show up. Time to earn
  Closed Fist points once again |>..<| Muahahahaha.

        >  "I guess the slave breaker didn't finish with this one."
        >  "Gao is not selling these slaves now. I am."
        >  "At least they'll be together. It's a deal."

        Sidequest Completed
        Yifong and Fuyao

       Lordling Lun paid you well for Yifong and Fuyao.

  You also get some gold for this. Exit the slave quarters and head up the
  staircase to the left of the platform. You will meet up with more pirates on
  the elevated platform. Oldskool hack'n slashing. Finish them off, then
  proceed into the Workshop.

  Only one way to go here, and that's into the big building. There, one of the
  more difficult challenges await you. This is your first encounter with the
  fearsome Horse Demons. These abominations will fire orbs of flame at you
  from afar, immolating you. They also have a fiery aura that will hurt you
  if you physically touch them (Martial and Weapon styles). Upon death, they
  may explode, leaving a painful fire upon your limbs. Make sure to deal with
  them from BEHIND, even if they keep doing Area Attacks, you will be able
  to beat them eventually.

  When they're dead, ordinary pirates come storming into the workshop. They are
  lead by a brutish Ogre Guard. Fortunately, this wave isn't quite as hard as
  the demons you first faced. Save your weapon for the Ogre Guard, and first
  deal with the pirates. When they're dead, you've got a lot of reading to do
  around here. There's one bookstand and two scrollstands around, one of which
  contains the Configuration of the Horse. Also check the chest for 750 silver
  and a Flawed Warrior Gem.

  Now make your way to the Marvelous Dragonfly, the flyer levitating in the
  center of the workshop. Next to it are the Dragonfly Controls. Use them to
  make the Dragonfly shoot a missile into the cargo doors, opening a new path
  to hidden treasures. Open the prison door and you will meet up with an
  elephant demon. It will attack you no matter what you say. This beast is
  agressive so make sure you keep nimble and moving. Try to lure it into
  attacking, then jump behind it and pounce it with a quick combo. If you try
  to jump behind it without the elephant attacking you, there's a big chance
  it will cast you away with its Area Attack. Once you defeat it, use the
  nearby Focus Shrine if you need it, then search all containers here for
  silver and some gems, one of which is the unique Gem of the Frail Scholar.

  Exit the demon's territory and head through the door the Ogre Guard bashed
  open some moments before. The next set of stairs lead up to Gao the Greater's
  lair, so make sure you save. Before you enter Gao's territory, circumvent the
  octagonal construction and crash the bonsai tree at its backside for some
  silver and a gem. Then approach Gao the Greater. Tell him whatever you wish,
  though you should act with malice if you want to be Closed Fist. No matter
  what, you will end up battling Gao the Greater.

  As long as you take out all of his pirate allies, Gao won't be much of a
  problem. Take out the weaklings first, they're easy to dispose of, but do
  make sure that you're not suddenly blindsided by Gao. If you can get your
  follower to attack Gao, so much the better. When it's finally one-on-one,
  use normal tactics to beat Gao. He fires magic with ease and does it often,
  but the only thing that could possibly worry you is the area attack which
  can slow or immolate you. Otherwise, you shouldn't really have any trouble
  killing him. When he's dead, Sky comes storming in, with Kang in his wake.

        >  "Where have you been?"
        >  "You know I did. Get to the point."
        >  "That's horrible!"
        >  "I've seen similar evidence."
        >  "It will be good to have you along."
        >  "Stumbled across? You mean stole."
        >  "Glad to have you aboard, Sky."

  Open the chests in Gao's quarters for silver and the Zither Case, which is a
  plot item for the Zither of Discord quest. Also read the bookstand, which
  should complete a book set, granting you the 'Strength of Wood' technique
  as a reward. Afterwards, hurry yourself back to the Workshop, where Kang
  and Sky are already waiting.

        >  "I have an Inscrutable Power Source."
        >  "Okay, let's get out of here."

  Choose whether you want to beat the flyer mini-game or not. I personally
  chose to evade them, but that's because I'm not good at flying the damn thing
  around ;) Whatever you choose, you will eventually make it to your base camp
  in Tien's Landing, with two new followers in your footsteps. Now there's
  only one thing left to do: finding a wind map.

  First things first, though, head over to Beggar's Pier and head into the
  grassy area once again. Speak to Scholar Six Heavens, now that you have
  found the Zither Case.

        >  "I found both of the components you were looking for."
        >  "What do you need me to do?"
        >  "I'll do it."
        >  "Where is this spot?"
        >  "Goodbye."

        Sidequest Updated
        The Zither of Discord
         -> Find the Zither's Bridge

       Having recovered the strings and case, you have agreed to
       help Scholar Six Heavens find the bridge to the Zither of
       Discord, the final piece he would need to reconstruct the
       ancient instrument.

  Now that this is done, go to the town square. It's the place where you found
  Minister Sheng and his guard earlier, remember? Where the messenger asked
  you to help Lord Yun. Head through the gate nearest to this messenger and
  you will arrive in the Great Southern Forest. Save, because immediately
  after you will be onassaulted by several Lost Spirits. These enemies are the
  most annoying in the entire game, not too powerful, but their numbers make
  them a pain to deal with. Make sure to close the distance between you and
  them with forward rolls (B+UP) and get behind them to disperse them with a
  martial style. Always take out Lost Spirits before other ghosts, because
  otherwise they will keep pelting their greenish projectiles at you, which
  can very well blindside you. When one-on-one, you can BLOCK but not DODGE
  their green projectiles and you can DODGE but not BLOCK the blue ones. Keep
  these guidelines in mind when facing them.

  Once they're dead, Lord Yun runs off the stairs.

        >  "Not many people have my skills."
        >  "Perhaps there's some way I can help you."
        >  "I heard that you needed help opening the forest for travel
        >  "Where did you acquire a wind map that would cover the
        >  "It seems I need your wind map to travel north."
        >  "What do you propose?"
        >  "You have a deal. I'll find out what's wrong with your land."
        >  "Who is the Forest Shadow?"
        >  "I've heard enough about this fox spirit. What do I need to do?"
        >  "She could be behind this. I'll just eliminate her."
        >  "I need that wind map, so I have work to do."

        Main Quest Updated
        The Sickened Forest
         -> Find Spear Catches Leaf

       In return for your help, Lord Yun has offered you a copy of a
       highly prized wind map that covers the skies between Tien's
       Landing and the Imperial City. Impressed with your skills, he
       has asked that you find a cure for the blight that affects his

  Run up the concrete (WHA? Concrete in a forest?! Whatever.) and you should
  reach a clearing once again. Two Lost Spirits and a normal ghost pop up to
  make your life a misery. Notice that, if you wish, you can run over to the
  shrine that lies behind them. This will trigger some yellow-lit patches over
  the forest floor for a limited amount of time, which will damage all spirits
  that pass through. I usually only make use of it on Grand Master difficulty,
  as on lower difficulties the ghosts are easily disposed without the shrine's

  Though Yun told you to take a left, we will go right here. Run off the hill
  and talk to the Red Minister waiting there. Don't forget to check the bones
  on your way there.

        >  "Who are you, spirit?"
        >  "I see trees tearing and water churning at the rocks, and I
           see time destroying all this because it is weak."
        >  "It would be an honor to serve."
        >  "You want me to repair your instrument?"
        >  "Why do you want him dead?"
        >  "I really don't care what happens to the scholar. You have
           a deal."
        >  "How did you get past the ghosts?"
        >  "I have the bridge here. It's all yours."
        >  "I hope you at least made him suffer."

        Sidequest Completed
        The Zither of Discord

       Bladed Thesis' spirit was bound to the Zither of Discord, and
       with its reconstruction, he was able to absorb some of
       Scholar Six Heavens' life force.

  This concludes the Zither of Discord quest and yields you 500 silver pieces
  and the Chaotic Strains technique. Use the Spirit Font if you wish, return
  the way you came and this time take the left path, up the staircase. Follow
  the winding path until you get to a bridge over the river. Here, you will
  be attacked by two more Lost Spirits. When they're defeated, the man at
  the other end of the bridge talks to you.

        >  "Yes, I was in Tien's Landing."
        >  "I don't have time to baby-sit some simpleton. Make your own way."
        >  "These ghosts are the Forest Shadow's minions?"
        >  "I've had about enough of you. Go where you wish."

  After this a cutscene starts. A fox spirit destroys the man that just spoke
  with you, and after that, comes for you. She manages to turn you to stone,
  however, through the magic of fate, you are revived. In awe and fear, the
  fox spirit flees your grasp, leaving only the words "What are you?" for
  you to ponder. Continue up the road and smash all headstones you encounter
  for silver and a gem. Eventually you should reach a clearing with some
  fresh ghosts. To the right of this area, there is another shrine should
  you be willing to use it. When they're dispersed, take the left path.

  Proceed until you arrive at the Forest Shadow's temple. Your entrance will
  initiate a cutscene wherein a wild axeman is taking care of a multitude of
  ghosts. Unfortunately, mad with rage, he attacks you, seeing you for a
  ghost! The Black Whirlwind is only dangerous if you linger in front of him
  for too long. Keep jumping and mobile and he'll be picking himself off of
  the floor. Once they're dead, Spear Catches Leaf nobily grants you his

        >  "Ha! Your strikes are clumsy as a drunken cow."
        >  "I don't care about him. Lord Yun sent me here to help you."
        >  "Tell me more about this ritual."
        >  "Do you have any idea where the crystal might be?"
        >  "What was strange about them?"
        >  "I met a man from the inn on my way up here."
        >  "I'll go back to the inn and ask them about the missing crystal."
        >  "Goodbye."

        Main Quest Updated
        The Sickened Forest
         -> Restore the Missing Crystal

       You made your way to the temple of the Forest Shadow and
       met with Spear Catches Leaf. Spear Catches Leaf has told
       you that a missing crystal is key to a ritual he hopes will
       allow you to meet with the Forest Shadow.

  You can also buy some techniques from Spear Catches Leaf before you go, and
  I strongly suggest you do so. Hunter's Spirit and the Storm Dragon style can
  be especially useful, with Hunter's Spirit having a somewhat higher priority
  than the support style. From the path you first entered from, take the right
  path uphill. You should reach the area right before the inn.

  There will be A LOT of ghosts to deal with at the next clearing. Defeat them
  one way or the other, then head up the stairs towards the Pilgrim's Rest Inn,
  and once there, deal with the ghosts, look behind the tree to find a rock with
  80 silver and a gem, then watch the cutscene on the walkway, and enter the inn
  to speak with the Innkeeper.

        >  "I'm in search of a missing crystal from the temple."
        >  "That crystal is the key to reaching the Forest Shadow!"
        >  "That explains why you didn't tell me about this before."
        >  "If you have those resources, why not do this yourself?"
        >  "I think it's obvious what I have to do."
        >  "For that much silver, consider the fox dead."

        Sidequest Received
        Fox Hunt
         -> Tracking the Forest Shadow

       The people at the inn seem to want nothing more than the
       death of the Forest Shadow, the fox spirit who serves as
       guardian of the Great Southern Forest. They have offered a
       handsome reward of silver for her death.

  Search the upper level of the inn for a scrollstand and some containers which
  hold some silver for you. You can also talk to Henpecked Hou if you want. Once
  done, exit the inn and make your way back to the temple of the Forest Shadow,
  where you should talk to Spear Catches Leaf.

        >  "I have the missing crystal here."
        >  "You're running like a coward?"
        >  "I'm hoping you've done most of the work by setting up
           those furnaces."
        >  "You think the light is key somehow?"
        >  "I can figure this out from here."
        >  "I'm sure I can find a use for him."
        >  "I'm reeling from your smell."
        >  "You could be useful. Glad to have you along."
        >  --Choose whoever you wish--

        Main Quest Updated
        The Sickened Forest
         -> Complete the Ritual of Seasons

       You have retrieved the missing temple crystal from the
       Pilgrim's Rest Inn and brought it back to Spear Catches Leaf.
       Now it falls to you to complete the Ritual of Seasons at that
       temple in the hopes of finding the elusive Forest Shadow and
       ultimately a cure for the forest.

  And another follower is ours. If you want to be evil, always take Whirlwind
  with you, as he can approve of such things. Now it's time to complete the
  damn ritual. First walk up the staircase behind you and interact with the
  pedestal atop it. Your character will place the Temple Crystal. Now the
  levers can be set to work. Run off the stairs, away from the temple, and
  switch the first lever. Head to the right and downstairs some more to
  find the second singular lever. Now head back to where you came from, and
  stand still at the start of the pedestal's staircase.

  First, take the leftmost stairs and pull the BLUE switch, which stands for
  the season of winter. Now head over to the final set of levers and this time
  choose the RED switch, representing summer. Now head back to the pedestal
  and interact with it to put the focusing crystal in place. Finally, a portal
  to Heaven will be opened. It's time to head into the temple itself.

        Main Quest Updated
        The Sickened Forest
         -> Enter the Portal

       While Lord Yun's wind map will eventually take you to the
       Imperial City, it seems retrieving it will take you considerably
       farther. Completing the Ritual of Seasons has opened a portal
       in the inner sanctum of the Forest Shadow's temple.

  Before you scurry through the portal, look left and right to find a pair of
  scrollstands which you can read for experience. Use the Focus Shrine if you
  must, then head up the stairs and into... Heaven.

  All seems peaceful as you arrive. Still, it would be a good idea to save here
  as it's just the calm before the storm.



                                  7. QUESTS                  /

                                  CHAPTER ONE

                            ~*~*~ MAIN QUESTS ~*~*~

  / A Master's Teachings 
    INITIATION:       Automatically given at the start of the game.       
    Speak With Master Li
       After your tutorial battle with Jing Woo, head exit the practice ring
       and head into Master Li's quarters. A cutscene automatically starts
       wherein Master Li prepares to unveil your destiny, however, you are
       rudely interrupted by reports of a bandit attack.
    Find Dawn Star
       Exit Master Li's quarters and head through the school gates on your
       left. Run down the dirt path, cross the bridge, and you should arrive
       at Dawn Star's Garden, where your partner resides.
    Acquire Your Weapon
       Proceed until you reach the gates that lead to Two Rivers. Once there,
       deal with the bandits that are besetting the town square, then head
       left up the big staircase. The first building you encounter is Gujin's
       shop. Talk to Gujin and you will receive the weapon of your choice.
    Stop the Bandit Attack
       Run back to the town square, dealing with any bandits on the way. Go
       left onto the dirt path and follow it all the way to the beach. There
       you will have to deal with two waves of bandits, and one wave of spirit
       opponents. Finally, Master Li comes to the rescue.
    Return to Master Li
       Simply head all the way back to the school, and Master Li should be
       standing in front of his quarters, together with Gao the Lesser.
    Answer Gao's Challenge
       Talk to Master Li when you're ready to face Gao, and you will get a
       match in the practice arena. See the walkthroughs for detailed
       strategies on how to beat him. Once he's defeated, he tries to attack
       you with a forbidden magical style (Dire Flame), but Master Li blocks
       it for you.
    Learn More from Master Li
       When you're done with the sidequests available in this area, head into
       Master Li's quarters and tell him you're ready for the final test. He
       will reveal his true identity and send you into the Spirit Cave. In
       here, you will find the first piece of the Dragon Amulet, and you will
       also face a multitude of ghosts. Beat the Old Master spirit to trigger
       a cutscene in which you meet the Water Dragon for the first time.
    Exit the Spirit Cave
       Scour the environment to find some helpful trinkets, gather knowledge,
       then enter the portal to return to Master Li. He seems bewildered by
       your encounter with the Water Dragon, but once again the conversation
       is cut off by an emergency: Dawn Star appears to be missing.

  / The Search for Dawn Star 
    INITIATION:       Given once you finish "A Master's Teachings" quest. 

    Find Dawn Star
       Get out of Master Li's chambers and through the school gates. Run past
       Dawn Star's garden and enter Two Rivers. There, you see the burning
       corpse of student Si Pat. According to eyewitnesses, it was Gao the
       Lesser who did this. He also was carrying a big sack. Head to the left
       up the stairs, and run past Gujin's shop. You will have to deal with
       some mercenaries here, then Guard Yung will tell you that Gao took off
       towards the marshes.
    Pursue Gao to the Marshes
       Head through the town gate and you will immediately be transported to
       the swamp. Run off the only path available and deal with the outlaws
       that are pestering Hing. Deal with the farmer, then head further up
       the path. Here, you will meet up with Sagacious Zu, who, upon uttering
       Dawn Star's name, becomes your new Follower. He also mentions a camp
       of Gao's men, which lies to the north.
    A Camp to the North
       Loot the area, then take the only passage that leads north by making
       use of the mini-map. You will deal with more bandits here, and you
       can eventually complete the "Flower of the Fields" quest. You can now
       choose to go left or right. Both have about the same amount of enemy
       forces, so it's up to you. Clear out Gao's camp and your character
       will interrogate one of the mercenaries. He tells you that Dawn Star
       escaped into the nearby caves.
    Rescue Dawn Star from Gao
       Take the path that lay in front of you when the cutscene ended, and
       enter the Swamp Cave. In there, you will have to face Ogres and a
       Toad Demon, but the route is pretty straightforward. Eventually, you
       will have to face a more powerful Gao the Lesser. See the walkthrough
       for strategies. Once Gao's dead, our friends gather outside the cave,
       unless you chose to clear out the entire cave. Once outside, the three
       fighters notice flyers overhead... with weapons aimed for Two Rivers.

  / The Burning Town 
    INITIATION:       Given once you finish "The Search for Dawn Star"   

    The Burning Town    
       Only one way to go here. Take care of all the bandits on your way to
       the school. Once there, you will have to face off against lots and lots
       of bandits and Death Hand's Lieutenant. The walkthrough can offer you
       strategies to deal with them. Once they're dead, a dying Jing Woo
       comes trooping out of the building to tell you what happened. The
       three adventurers decide to take Gao's flyer and head for Tien's
       Landing, marking the end of Chapter One.

                            ~*~*~ SIDE QUESTS ~*~*~

  / Kia Min 
    INITIATION:     Talk to Smiling Mountain about sparring after the   
                    bandit attack, and he will mention that you can      
                    only try to break Kia Min's record for most foes beat 
                    at once if you find a way to heal her.                 

    Ask Kia Min About Healing
       Look around the practice ring to find Kia Min. Talk to her and she will
       mention a special herb with healing properties. It seems that Old Ming
       may know more about it.
    Ask Old Ming About Herbs
       Head to the Two Rivers beach and Old Ming can be found near the big
       statue. After a lot of chattering, he will mention Red Silk Grass and
       Bearded Tongue Grass as healing herbs. Unfortunately, Bearded Tongue
       Grass is only a painkiller.
    Acquire a Red Silk Grass Poultice
    OR Acquire a Bearded Tongue Grass Poultice
       Run back to Two Rivers' town square and find Merchant Fen Do. If you
       want Open Palm points, buy a Red Silk Grass Poultice, if you want to
       be Closed Fist, go for a Bearded Tongue Grass Poultice. The first
       costs fifty silver pieces, the latter twenty-five silver pieces.
    Deliver the Poultice to Kia Min
       Return to the School and talk to Kia Min. You can have her pay you back
       for the poultice. Having her pay back more than she's due to will give
       you more Closed Fist points. No matter which medicine you gave her, the
       contest Smiling Mountain set up can finally take place now. If you gave
       Kia Min Bearded Tongue Grass and you won the contest, she will be
       severely injured and you will gain even more Closed Fist points.

  / The Lions of Two Rivers 
    INITIATION:     There is a big statue in Master Li's quarters with  
                    a peculiar light around its claws.                   

       In Master Li's quarters, there is a big statue of a lion. Next to
       it is a black chest. Open it for a Red, Yellow, and Blue Figurine,
       then walk towards the statue. If you choose to destroy the altar
       - which you SHOULD NOT - you get some gold, but that's not our
       intention here. Place the figurines in the order that the lion
       statue tells you two (blue light means placing the Blue Figurine).
       You get 1 Silver piece once you have placed the three sculptures.
       Exit Master Li's chamber and head to the right until you find a
       small opening, which leads into the grassland behind Li's room. In
       a moment, you should see a small shrine dedicated to the first
       master of Two Rivers. Place a silver coin on the shrine to retrieve
       the Lion Head Token.
       Head back to the big lion statue. Place the Lion Head on it and the
       color in its paws should turn to green. Now place the BLUE and the
       YELLOW figurine. Then remove the BLUE figurine, and place the RED
       figurine for orange. Finally, remove the YELLOW figurine and once
       again place the BLUE figurine for the purple orb. This gains you
       75 XP and the "Gaze of the Lion" technique.

  / The Flower of the Fields 
    INITIATION:     In the marshes, you will encounter a merchant named 
                    Hing who has apparently lost someone dear to him. He 
                    asks you to find his "Flower of the Fields".          

    Hunt Down Fen's Kidnappers
       Proceed your main quest until you find Sagacious Zu, who joins up with
       you. Head through the passage to the north and you will find bandits
       holding captive a woman. Kill the bandits to free the woman, named
       Sing Wa. The "Flower of the Fields" seems to refer to a water buffalo
       named Fen. Hing comes storming to see his dear animal. If you act
       politely, you will gain Open Palm points, if you rudely demand money,
       you will gain Closed Fist points. Both yield you money.

                                  CHAPTER TWO

                            ~*~*~ MAIN QUESTS ~*~*~

                MORE TO COME

                                8. APPENDICES                /

                                     /  A  

                                  MARTIAL STYLES

      / Leaping Tiger 
      LOCATION:     Assign it as your starting martial art
                    when initiating a new game. Alternatively,
                    you can buy it from Zin Bu later on.

    With the vigor and speed of the animal for which this martial
    style was named, Leaping Tiger dazzles onlookers even as it
    carves up opponents. Practitioners of this Martial style focus
    so completely on the strength and quickness of the tiger that
    razor-sharp claws seem to sprout from their fists. The style's
    quick, leaping techniques and punishing strikes create a
    flurry of death that can keep even armed opponents at bay.

      / Legendary Strike 
      LOCATION:     Assign it as your starting martial art
                    when initiating a new game. Alternatively,
                    you can buy it from Zin Bu later on.

    Many in the Jade Empire have heard of Legendary Strike, but
    few have actually seen it in action. Fewer still have
    mastered this martial style, but those who have are to be
    feared, their blows rain down too fast to block, and their
    kicks can quickly put an opponent out for good.

      / Thousand Cuts 
      LOCATION:     Assign it as your starting martial art
                    when initiating a new game. Alternatively,
                    you can buy it from Zin Bu later on.

    Thousand Cuts is aptly named, though the style does not
    involve blades. A master of this style relies on numerous light
    strikes in quick succession instead of singular punishing
    blows of murderous kicks. Most opponents reel under such a
    relentless assault, unable to counter fast enough to find an
    opening for their own attacks.

      / White Demon 
      LOCATION:     Assign it as your starting martial art
                    when initiating a new game. Alternatively,
                    you can buy it from Zin Bu later on.

    Many martial artists criticize the White Demon style for being
    slow and ponderous, but in the hands of a true master it can be
    one of the deadliest martial styles of all. While it lacks the
    crowd-pleasing panache of faster styles, White Demon's sheer
    power and intimidating techniques plow through opponents like
    an ogre in a teahouse.

                                  SUPPORT STYLES

      / Heavenly Wave 
      LOCATION:     You get it automatically at the start of any
                    new game.

    This style's Power Attack can initiate a Harmonic Combo that
    produces a Health power-up.

    Fighters skilled in Heavenly Wave learn techniques that can
    slow their opponents to a crawl. While this Support style does
    no damage on its own, a master can manipulate the chi in the
    area around opponents, rendering them sluggish and easily
    defeated. Even the most lightning-fast of foes can be slowed to
    a turtle's pace with the skillful application of Heavenly Wave.

      / Hidden Fist 
      LOCATION:     Help master Smiling Hawk disperse Radiant in
                    the Black Leopard School quest in Chapter 3.

    This style's Area Attack can initiate a Harmonic Combo that
    produces a Chi power-up.

    Warriors willing to tread a darker path learn that a confused
    mind is a weakened one. This infamous Support style is a
    collection of techniques that render the practitioner's foe
    disoriented and unable to fight back. A master of Hidden Fist is
    not above using dirty tricks and forbidden strikes to serve the
    goal of total domination.

      / Paralyzing Palm 
      LOCATION:     Help Radiant defeat master Smiling Hawk in
                    the Black Leopard School quest in Chapter 3.

    This style's Power Attack can initiate a Harmonic Combo.

    This esoteric style has a sinister reputation but many more
    peaceful masters prefer it for its ability to render an opponent
    helpless without killing him more unscrupulously. Masters take
    advantage of this style's paralyzing blows to weaken foes for
    the killing blow. It is designed around its magical palm strikes,
    which can stop a man in his tracks with a single hit.

      / Storm Dragon 
      LOCATION:     Purchase from merchant Cheung in Tien's
                    Landing during Chapter 2. Alternatively, you
                    can buy it from Spear Catches Leaf in the
                    Great Southern Forest, also in Chapter 2.

    This style's Area Attack can initiate a Harmonic Combo that
    produces a Focus power-up.

    The forms and strikes of Storm Dragon enable the master to call
    upon the power of lightning to damage an opponent. While this
    style's attacks don't cause any direct damage, its motions
    summon forth electricity to course through its victim, doing
    small but constant damage over time. Storm Dragon will rarely
    win a fight on its own, but combined with other styles it can
    easily change the tide of a difficult battle.

                                  WEAPON STYLES
                          All weapon styles drain Focus.

      / Crimson Tears 
      PARENT:       Double Blades
      LOCATION:     Warn Crimson Khana of the poisoning Lyn and Cho
                    are planning when going up for the Bronze
                    Championship in the Arena during Chapter 3.

    This inscription on these unique sabers is written in a long-
    forgotten dialect. The writing, deciphered by scholar Shao Shen
    many years ago, reads: "The innocent are cut down with the guilty;
    the brave die beside the craven; the blades do not weep for the
    dead." Rumor has it that the Crimson Tears have ended more lives
    than the great drought itself. Despite centuries of use, these
    sabers are as sharp and deadly as the day they were forged.

      / Dragon Sword 
      PARENT:       Longsword
      LOCATION:     Buy from the Blacksmith in the Imperial City
                    for 10,000 silver pieces in Chapter 3.

    Before his departure to the unknown, the Celestial Dragon
    crafted the first true warrior, Lu Fang. Though Lu Fang's fists
    were stronger and quicker than any blade, the Celestial
    Dragon forged the Dragon Sword to give the warrior a weapon
    worthy of his skill. Hard as dragon scales and sharp as a
    dragons tooth, it is still one of the most formidable swords in
    the Empire.

      / Flawless 
      PARENT:       Staff
      LOCATION:     Buy from the Blacksmith in the Imperial City
                    for 7,500 silver pieces in Chapter 3.

    The scrolls of Peng Qi contain the story of a monk who shaped a
    flawless staff using only swatches of silk. At first, the silk
    did nothing but polish the rough wood, but after thirty-four
    years the staff was perfectly smooth, straight and flawless.
    After finishing the staff, the monk told his abbot he was going
    for a walk to test his new staff, and he never returned. An
    exiled warrior eventually discovered the staff and attached a
    sharp blade that is every bit as perfect as the staff itself. It
    has since been adorned with precious metals, but it remains as
    flawless as ever. 

      / Fortune's Favorite 
      PARENT:       Longsword
      LOCATION:     Choose it when Gujin the Weapon Master
                    presents it to you together with Golden
                    Star in Chapter 1.

    This long sword bears the mark of Shining Fortune, the
    blacksmith of the gods. Shining Fortune's weapons were so finely
    crafted that the gods forbode him from creating weapons for
    anyone but them. When his son was enlisted to subdue the
    barbarians from the west, Shining Fortune forsook his oaths and
    forged this marvelous long sword for his son. The gods cursed
    Shining Fortune for breaking his oath, and he was never again
    able to produce weapons of any worth. Still, the blade he made
    for his son never experienced defeat. It is truly Fortune's

      / Golden Star 
      PARENT:       Staff, Regular Edition Unique
      LOCATION:     Choose it when Gujin the Weapon Master
                    presents it to you together with Fortune's
                    Favorite in Chapter 1.

    Forged under an auspicious comet, this staff was originally a
    gift for the Water Spirit of the Silkworm River. A young prince
    named Seng Lo sought to win the heart of the Water Spirit and
    had the staff created as a gift. He convinced the Great Eastern
    Serpent to fly him to the heavens, where he dipped the staff in
    the golden comet. The light of the comet dimmed, but the staff
    became more powerful than any before it. To this day, no one
    knows if Seng Lo won the Water Spirit's heart, but there is no
    questioning the magnificence of the staff he created.

      / Mirabelle 
      PARENT:       Gun
      LOCATION:     Defeat the Outlander in battle and choose his
                    weapon as your prize in Chapter 3.

    A strange weapon from a strange culture, Mirabelle is made of
    wood and steel and emits thunder and fire. Loud and ungainly
    (like its previous owner), Mirabelle is nonetheless capable of
    doing real harm at medium range. Etched with undecipherable
    symbols from the Outlander's language, this weapon is a
    unique (and dangerous) trophy. The power of some enemies is
    such that fate itself turns away the cold, foreign steel
    Mirabelle projects.

      / Tang's Vengeance 
      PARENT:       Double Axes.
      LOCATION:     Defeat Kai Lan with the Black Whirlwind in the
                    Imperial Arena during Chapter 3.

    When Emperor Fong died without at heir, the Empire became
    fractured and divided. After years of war, Tang the Merciless
    rose to be the forerunner in the battle for the contested throne
    of the Jade Empire. Tang's own father betrayed him into the
    hands of his enemies, fearing that his son's violent ways
    would ruin the Empire. Rumor has it that before he fled into
    exile, Tang the Merciless used these very axes to cut off his
    father's head. These devastating axes remain extremely sharp,
    even after hundreds of years of use.

      / Tien's Justice 
      PARENT:       Staff, Limited Edition Unique
      LOCATION:     Choose it when Gujin the Weapon Master
                    presents it to you together with Fortune's
                    Favorite in Chapter 1.

    This ceremonial staff was once displayed in Sagacious Tien's
    great hall. Many years after his reign, Emperor Yan Shun took up
    the staff to defend the palace from rebels. Once the infidels
    had been stopped, Yan Shun gathered his army and left the palace,
    vowing to rid the Empire of all dissidents before he returned.
    Emperor Yan Shun returned after seventeen years. In that time,
    Yan Shun and Tien's ceremonial staff had become a symbol for
    justice in the Jade Empire.

                                   MAGIC STYLES
                            All magic styles drain Chi.

      / Dire Flame 
      LOCATION:     Choose it when the Water Dragon offers you
                    the choice between Fire and Ice in Chapter 1.

    This style's Area Attack can initiate a Harmonic Combo that
    produces a Health power-up.

    Practitioners of Dire Flame can throw bolts of fire, project
    explosive fireballs, and even summon dragon-like burning
    constructs that immolate enemies with tongues of flame.
    Sometimes the sight of a fighter weilding the power of flame is
    enough to reduce the bravest of opponents to begging for

      / Ice Shard 
      LOCATION:     Choose it when the Water Dragon offers you
                    the choice between Fire and Ice in Chapter 1.
                    Alternatively, buy it from Guang in the Lotus
                    Assassin Fortress in Chapter 3.

    This style's  Attack can initiate a Harmonic Combo that
    produces a  power-up.

    While many warriors swear by the power of Dire Flame, many
    others seek to master the powerful Ice Shard. By using their Chi
    to summon forth the soul-chilling cold of the highest mountains,
    masters of Ice Shard can send daggers of ice flying towards
    enemies, call a freezing ice storm to slow their shivering foes,
    or even encase opponents in columns of ice before shattering
    them with a single blow. Few fighters have the courage to stand
    up to the cold stare of an Ice Shard master.

      / Stone Immortal 
      LOCATION:     Impress mistress Vo with your knowledge of
                    the Way of the Open Palm in Chapter 2 for
                    her to teach you this style.
      RESONANCE:    Stronger when wielded by a follower of the Way
                    of the Open Palm.

    This style's Power Attack can initiate a Harmonic Combo.

    Fighters who study this style gain mastery over the ponderous
    element of earth, putting the mighty power of stone and crystal
    at their command. Masters of Stone Immortal have the ability to
    attack enemies with crystalline missiles, encase foes in stone,
    or even open the ground beneath an opponent's feet. To command
    the power of earth requires a mind centered on balance,
    stability, and order, and so the Stone Immortal is a favored
    style among followers of the Way of the Open Palm. It is far
    less effective if wielded by those who follow the Way of the
    Closed Fist.

      / Tempest 
      LOCATION:     Impress Jian the Iron Fist with your knowledge
                    of the Way of the Closed Fist in Chapter 2 for
                    him to teach you this style.
      RESONANCE:    Stronger when wielded by a follower of the Way
                    of the Closed Fist.

    This style's Power Attack can initiate a Harmonic Combo that
    produces a Focus power-up.

    Warriors proficient in Tempest have the winds at their beck
    and call. Fighters who have faced this style and survived tell
    tales of blasts of gale-force winds and of powerful whirlwinds
    that effortlessly sent them flying away from the Tempest
    master himself. Many practitioner of Tempest face entire
    gangs without even taking a wound, as the mighty winds at
    their command keep their foes at bay. Warriors with the chill
    of the wind in their hearts fing Tempest far easier to
    command, so it is a favored style of the Way of the Closed Fist,
    and less effective in the hands of those who follow the Way of
    the Open Palm.

                             TRANSFORMATION STYLES
                 All transformation styles constantly drain Chi.

      / Toad Demon 
      LOCATION:     Kill the Toad Demon in the Swamp Cave to get
                    this transformation style in Chapter 1.

    Toad Demons might not be the most highly respected demons,
    but this style proves that they are not to be trifled with. A
    warrior using this style takes the hulking form of the deadly
    toad demon, complete with the demon's clawed flippers and
    its punishing tongue attack. This form also makes the martial
    artist immune to all Support styels, just like the toad demon

      / Horse Demon 
      LOCATION:     Kill all Horse Demons in Heaven to get
                    this transformation style in Chapter 2.

    Powerful warriors can gain the power to take the form of the
    fearsome horse demon. This transformation grants the horse
    demon's legendary ferocity, as well as its mastery of the
    element of fire and its immunity to the effects of Support
    styles. Faced with the immolating brutality of the horse
    demon, weak-willed foes cower in fear, helpless against the
    raging flames.

      / Jade Golem 
      LOCATION:     Kill the Jade Golem in the Lotus Assassin Fortress to get
                    this transformation style in Chapter 3.

    This style imbues the martial artist with the power and form of
    the towering Jade Golem. Powerful and terrifying, the Jade
    Golem mauls foes with brutal strikes and inhuman cunning,
    and the form's complete immunity to magic and martial styles
    makes it the perfect tactic when facing deadly sorcerers and
    certain demons.

      / Red Minister 
      LOCATION:     Kill the Red Minister in spiritual Dirge to get
                    this transformation style in Chapter 5.

    When an eminent sage dies, its spirit sometimes returns as a
    ghostly red minister. Taking the form of a red minister grants a
    warrior the nefarious ability to feed on an opponent's life force
    and the incorporal spirit's immunities to weapons and
    Support styles. Few people in this troubled age have the
    resilience to withstand the spine-chilling touch of a red

                                 UNIQUE STYLES

      / Spirit Thief 
      LOCATION:     Help Hui the Brave in her fight against the sailors
                    for her to teach you this in Chapter 2.
      EFFECTS:      Drains Chi from enemies. Does direct damage in Chi
                    Strike mode, but Spirit Thief's Power Attack does
                    not drain any Chi when doing this. 

    Those most adept at manipulating chi find that even the
    spiritual energy of others is within their grasp. The strikes and
    forms of the Spirit Thief style enable practitioners to tap an
    enemy's vital energies and refill their own reserves. While the
    techniques of this style do no physical damage to its victims
    without being charged with the user's chi, those who face a
    Spirit Thief master find themselves without the resolve to put
    their hearts into the fight.

                                     /  B  

      / Alloyed Body 
      LOCATION:     Succesfully beat five opponents in
                    Smiling Mountain's grand test in
                    Chapter 1
      EFFECTS:      Health   +5
                    Focus    +5

    The Alloyed Body is Smiling Mountain's ultimate
    series of exercises, designed to offset some of the
    weaknesses the corpulent trainer saw in the exercises
    he developed earlier in his career. Practicing these
    holistic exercises strengthens both health and focus.

      / Balance of Nature 
      LOCATION:     Buy from Darting Lynx in Chapter 2
      EFFECTS:      Focus    +15
                    Chi      +3

    To be one with your art, it must be your entire world,
    your only focus. But to lose yourself in that world is
    also a serious falling. If you balance the needs of
    your art with the needs of your inner self, you can
    achieve true transcendence and clarity of purpose.

      / Belly of Iron 
      LOCATION:     Buy from Smiling Mountain in Chapter 1
      EFFECTS:      Health   +3
                    Chi      -1

    A series of excercises developed by Smiling Mountain.
    Those who learn and use his Belly of Iron techniques
    learn to take blows better, giving them more stamina
    in combat. The strain of using these exercises in
    battle can slightly reduce a warrior's ability to
    channel their Chi.

      / Chaotic Strains 
      LOCATION:     Agree to aid Bladed Thesis in the
                    "Zither of Discord" sidequest.
      EFFECTS:      Health   +5
                    Chi      +5

    Played by skilled hands, the Zither of Discord can
    attune the chaos in a person's soul, making one
    stronger and better able to walk the Way of the
    Closed Fist. Every so often you catch a hint of
    music carried on the breeze to remind you of this
    ancient artifact.

      / Conditioning of the Body 
      LOCATION:     Buy from Darting Lynx in Chapter 2
      EFFECTS:      Health   +7
                    Chi      -3

    The lithe grace of any serious physical artist, be
    they dancer or martial artist, belies the strength of
    their body. Through their arts, all fat and useless
    muscle is burned away, leaving only the hard muscle

      / Craftsman's Litany 
      LOCATION:     Buy from the Blacksmith in Chapter 3
      EFFECTS:      Focus    +5

    Many craftsmen repeat litanies in their heads while
    they work, the repetition helping them focus. A
    warrior who has learned the power of such exercises
    can adapt their meditative nature to the battlefield
    with much the same results.

      / Friends in High Places 
      LOCATION:     Gained when you're about to enter
                    the Throne Room in Chapter 4.
      EFFECTS:      Chi        +5
                    Intuition  +1

    You helped Princess Sun Lian see that her father is
    behind the Empire's troubles. Whatever happens, you
    will always have an ally in court, an asset that
    cannot help but buoy your spirit.

      / Gaze of the Lion 
      LOCATION:     Solve the riddle of the Lions of Two
                    Rivers correctly in Chapter 1
      EFFECTS:      Health   +2
                    Focus    +2

    A masterful hunter, the lion must always be aware of
    the totality of its domain and be ready to protect
    it. You feel a kinship with the mighty predator after
    solving the riddle left by the old master of Two

      / Hawk's Elegance 
      LOCATION:     Buy from Darting Lynx in Chapter 2
      EFFECTS:      Focus    +7
                    Health   -3

    As brittle and as elegant as they may be, a bird must
    have a keen mind to adapt and make use of its
    surroundings. This constant attention to detail is a
    sign of one who focuses more on one's mind than on
    one's body. The mind is a weapon as powerful as any

      / Heart of Gold 
      LOCATION:     Buy from Smiling Mountain in Chapter 1
      EFFECTS:      Chi      +3
                    Focus    -1

    Heart of Gold is a set of meditative techniques
    developed by Smiling Mountain to help his students
    learn to master their chi. By remembering specific
    mantras in battle, it is possible to channel slightly
    more chi than normal. This extra concentration can
    slightly distract a warrior from maintaining focus in

      / Legacy of Master Li 
      LOCATION:     Read all book- and scrollstands in
                    the School and Two Rivers in Chapter 1
      EFFECTS:      Focus    +7

    Literary: Granted by studying all the books in Two

    Master Li's training techniques have been passed down
    to all of his students. Some learn better than others
    and see the greater pattern present within each of his
    smaller teachings. Each of these minor lessons builds
    on the others, teaching a student to focus his mind
    and learn from his surroundings constantly. The lesson
    of perception may be Master Li's greatest goal.

      / Lessons of the Forge 
      LOCATION:     Spar against 1, 2, 3, and 4 opponents
                    by asking Smiling Mountain in Chapter 1.
      EFFECTS:      Health   +2

    Smiling Mountain's training sessions can teach valuable
    lessons. Standing one's ground against increasing numbers
    of students helps young warriors learn to pace themselves
    and last longer in battles. As metals are carefully
    folded to make them stronger still, so are those students
    who have learned the lessons of the forge.

      / Loutish Approval 
      LOCATION:     Refuse to act politely to Princess
                    Lian at the start of Chapter 3.
      EFFECTS:      Health   +2

    Few possess the nerve to stand up to a member of the
    Imperial family. Fewer still survive such impertinence.
    The fierce determination you showed when dealing with
    the Princess and her delicate entourage will serve you
    just as well on the battlefield.

      / Mastered Evil 
      LOCATION:     Side with Ya Zhen when he tries to
                    drive Chai Ka out of Wild Flower
      EFFECTS:      Health   +5
                    Focus    +5

    You have freed Ya Zhen from his imprisonment, and now
    the power of that demon is yours. He not only aids you
    physically, but his power insinuates itself into your
    being, as well, bringing out an aspect of him within

      / Mind of Steel 
      LOCATION:     Buy from Smiling Mountain in Chapter 1
      EFFECTS:      Focus    +3
                    Health   -1

    Mental exercises that test the memory and quickness
    of thought, Smiling Mountain's Mind of Steel
    techniques can help warriors better focus in battle.
    The time spent honing the mind can have the side
    effect of slightly weakening one's body, however.

      / Mother's Touch 
      LOCATION:     Aid the Mother in destroying the Forest
                    Shadow and let the cannibals live to
                    get this technique in Chapter 2.
      EFFECTS:      Health   +5
                    Chi      +5

    Despite their tiny nature, the cannibals of the
    Pilgrim's Rest Inn possess surprising strength and
    resilience. Their connection with the ancient beast
    known as The Mother has made them strong, and they
    have rewarded your aid with a scroll that granted a
    light touch of the magic that affects them. There's
    no chance you will end up twisted like those
    creatures, but you do have occasional cravings for

      / Strength of Wood 
      LOCATION:     Read all volumes of "The History of
      EFFECTS:      Health     +2

    Literary: Granted by your studies of The History of

    An ancient technique that strengthens a warrior's
    body until his skin becomes as tough as wood. While
    the skin looks unchanged, it is tougher and more
    resilient than normal.

      / Structured Body 
      LOCATION:     Found in a chest in the final cavern
                    of the Spirit Cave, where you first
                    meet the Water Dragon in Chapter 1
      EFFECTS:      Health         +3
                    Intimidation   +1

    Intense training can result in more than a healthy
    physique. With an understanding of the body's abilities,
    one also realizes that slight shifts of weight and
    changes of stance can give one's arguments more force.

      / Swallow's Grace 
      LOCATION:     Buy from Darting Lynx in Chapter 2
      EFFECTS:      Charm      +3
                    Intuition  -1

    A dancer must learn to glide as softly and as delicate
    as a small bird, flitting from here to there. Many
    people find this behavior fascinating but mysterious.

      / The Perfected Warrior 
      LOCATION:     Defeat all the arena opponents and
                    become Imperial Champion without
                    being defeated at all.
      EFFECTS:      Health   +15
                    Focus    +15

    An ancient technique taught only to the finest champions
    in the Empire, the Perfected Warrior technique serves to
    focus an already razor-sharp mind and condition an
    already powerful body to the heights of perfection. Your
    undefeated rise to the rank of Imperial Champion proves
    that you deserve to be among the elite few who have ever
    learned this technique.

      / The River of Time 
      LOCATION:     Find in a chapel located on a branched
                    left path from the clearing where you
                    first faced Chai Ka in Chapter 2
      EFFECTS:      Chi        +5
                    Intuition  +1

    Life is made of many details, many facets of being. A
    person in tune with his surrounding may feel the subtle
    vibrations each thing makes as its fate passes nearby.
    By being attentive to these influences, one can not
    only become closer to one's own fate but may begin to
    see glimpses of others' as well.

      / Tiger Mantra 
      LOCATION:     Buy from Zin Bu in Chapter 3
      EFFECTS:      Health   +5
                    Focus    +5

    The tiger relies on strength and speed. It is a symbol
    of passion and power. In the tiger lies the utmost
    physical ability of an individual. By dedicating
    yourself to the tiger, you strengthen your body along
    with your mind.

      / Viper's Wit 
      LOCATION:     Can be found in the Swamp Cave in a
                    chest located near to where you killed
                    Gao the Lesser.
      EFFECTS:      Focus    +2
                    Charm    +1

    A sharp wit and mind are key to winning the hearts of
    people. Too many believe that looks and strength alone
    rule the day, and they neglect to realize that a mind
    will always triumph. One's wit and skill must strike
    like a snake, taking the opponent by surprise.

      / Warrior of the Inner Eye 
      LOCATION:     Found in Radiant's room after helping
                    Master Smiling Hawk dispose of his rival
                    in the Black Leopard School during
                    Chapter 3.
      EFFECTS:      Focus      +7
                    Intuition  +1

    The inner eye, the eye within the mind, sees much.
    There is nothing that cannot be understood by a clear
    mind and a pure spirit. Warriors of this path seek to
    rid themselves of all distraction, focus on their arts,
    and perfect the clarity of their mind.

      / Warrior of the Unyielding Heart 
      LOCATION:     Buy from Zin Bu in Chapter 5
      EFFECTS:      Health   +7

    The body is the final arbiter of any choice. Our
    destinies are made in this world that our destinies
    are made, and warriors of this path seek to strengthen
    their bodies by any means. Through courage and strength,
    they seek their place as set out by heaven.

                MORE TO COME

                                     /  C  

                                   TO BE DONE
                                     /  D  
                                The Dragon Amulet

                                   TO BE DONE
                                     /  E  
                                 Literary Works

                                  CHAPTER ONE

      / Auspicious Portents 
      LOCATION:     To the west of the practice arena

    Understanding the stars and the universe is a very
    important goal. By examining the universe, we can
    interpret and predict things to come. The sky is
    where the Great Dragon was said to dwell, and in
    his illustrious home we can see the signs of his
    effects on creation.

    Of the observable phenomena, three major ones
    are the most auspicious: comets, the flames of the
    heaven, passing across the sky; eclipses, during
    which the power of the gods blocks the sun for brief
    periods; and falling stars, marking the descent of
    one of the Celestial Bureaucracy to the earth.

      / The Old Tongue, Vol. 1 
      LOCATION:     On the walkway near Master Li's quarters.

    "Tho Fan", or The Old Tongue, was the native
    language of one of many kingdoms struggling for
    supremacy before the Empire was unified by
    Sagacious Tien, our first Emperor. As the wars
    raged, constant shifts in territorial leadership
    spread the use of the Old Tongue. By the time
    Sagacious Tien formed the Empire, the Old Tongue
    was so widely spread that it became a second
    official language of the Jade Empire.

      / The Long Drought 
      LOCATION:     Next to the door to Master Li's chambers.

    The Long Drought stands as one of the worst
    periods in the Jade Empire's recent history. Ten
    years of scorching heat and little rainfall took their
    toll on even the prodigious reserves of the Empire's
    granaries. The sages predicted at least three more
    devastatingly dry years, whie those in the Ministry
    of Harmony watched the death toll mount into the
    hundreds of thousands. Then Emperor Sun Hai
    declared that the drought was over, and somehow, it
    was. Through the Emperor's divine will, green
    returned to our parched land and stability was

      / The Inner Self 
      LOCATION:     Dawn Star's Garden

    The great Wheel of Life turns eternal, bringing one
    through life, into death, then back around again into
    life. Though the new life is always different, the core
    essence, the spirit, of a person remains the same.
    This spirit, breathed into each person, is eternal. To
    achieve harmony with the universe, one must
    perfect their harmony with the spirit. Indeed, the
    spirit in each individual is a reflection of that
    greater universe. It is a reflection of the Wheel of
    Life and the Great Dragon that created it.

      / The Martial Arts 
      LOCATION:     Gujin's Armory

    The pride, perfection, and achievement of an
    individual are represented in many ways: the
    honing of the mind, civic achievements and glory
    gained for the Empire, the development of the spirit
    and one's inner energies, and the training of the
    body. Through the body the practitioner imposes his
    will upon himself and, through that, upon the
    universe. Through use of his body, the martial artist
    achieves transcendence and strength, overcoming
    all obstacles, both physical and spiritual.

      / The Nature of the Spirit, Vol. 1 
      LOCATION:     Final Cavern of the Spirit Caves

    Mankind has long known that we are not alone in
    this world. Descended from heaven, risen from the
    ground, present all around us are spirits. These
    beings often go unseen, but when they choose to
    interact with us, the effect is usually profound. But
    what are these beings? Are they people who have
    died? Are they servants created at the beginning of
    the world by the Great Dragon? Are they something
    else entirely? Or are they all of the above?

    In my research I have managed to find and
    communicate with a number of them. I contacted
    some through priests or relatives, when it was a
    spirit returned from the dead. But other encounters
    were much stranger.

      / Jade Empire Bestiary, Vol. 3 
      LOCATION:     Final Cavern of the Spirit Caves

    To Kill a Spirit

    A  wise  monk  once  asked:  "How  can  you kill a thing
    that  is  already  dead?"  The  answer  is  simple:  You
    cannot.  You can,  however,  disperse a spirit.  This is
    not the same as killing, but it has a similar effect. It
    is  important  to  remember  that  spirits are virtually
    immune  to  man-made  weapons. You must confront spirits
    with  martial,  magic,  or transformation  styles. Never
    underestimate the strength of  spirits.  They may appear
    insubstantial,  but  they  can  still  be deadly  to the

      / Jade Empire Bestiary, Vol. 1 
      LOCATION:     Between the pillars in the area
                    where Sagacious Zu first joins
                    you on your quest.


    These curious beasts are not always as dangerous
    as their looks might imply. Those who confront one
    of these hulking monstrosities should treat them
    with caution, however, for despite the ogres'
    obvious skill at making weapons and armor, they
    are little more than wild animals. Although ogres
    are typically resistant to earth and air magic, fire
    and ice to significant damage to them, and
    weapons are usually effective against their thick

                                  CHAPTER TWO

      / The Shadow in the Trees 
      LOCATION:     A bookstand to the right of the small
                    staircase leading up to the Teahouse.

    Travelers in the Great Southern Forest often report
    strange sightings and bizarre phenomena. Aside
    from the hospitality of the Pilgrim's Rest Inn, the
    forest is nearly entirely wilderness, and the verdant
    canopy of the forest hides wonderful and fearsome
    creatures unlike any seen anywhere else in the

    The strangest tales are those of a shadow among
    the trees that seems to follow visitors to the forest.
    Philosophers hoping to reflect in the peace of the
    forest often report feeling watched, and patrons of
    the Pilgrim's Rest Inn claim to have seen a strange
    silhouette darting among the trees. Despite the
    apparently otherworldly nature of this figure, those
    who witness it sense no aggression and attribute it
    to the mysteries of the forest.

      / The Cataclysm 
      LOCATION:     To the left of Ai Ling's clubhouse
                    in Tien's Landing. It's near where
                    Big Tian is located.

    Many tales circulate of the travels of the Water
    People, but one of the most disturbing tales comes
    from far to the west, beyond the Ocean of Tempus.
    Rumors persist of an area in the middle of the
    western ocean that is inhospitable to life. The
    farther one travels across the Ocean of Tempus, the
    warmer the climate becomes. Many have postulated
    that this may be because you approach the resting
    place of the sun, but there must be another
    explanation, not shrouded in myths and

    Of particular note are reports of an enormous cloud
    that rises miles into the air, visible to those few
    brave enough to travel the increasingly rough seas
    of Tempus. At night, this cloud glows with heat, and
    its acrid smell carries on the wind. Those who
    approach too closely fall ill. The few ghost ships
    found in that area were filled with desiccated
    corpses, their sking rotting and their hair and teeth
    falling from their bodies. One particularly disturbing
    log, penned in the shaking hand of a dying captain
    of one of these lost craft, suggests that the skies
    were filled with a roar like the cries of the gods, and
    it finishes with the unfortunate man's wish that
    death take him before the howling demons descend
    upon him.

      / Horse Lord Tactics 
      LOCATION:     Right in front of you as you enter
                    Ai Ling's Boathouse, bookstand.

    Unlike the ordered armies of the Jade Empire, the
    Horselords favor lightly armored units of horsemen
    who can move rapidly over the field of battle.
    Moving like a rushing tide, small groups of
    horsemen harry all angles of their opponent's flanks.
    Armed with bows, almost to a man, these mounted
    archers can rain destruction upon unprepared foes.
    While the Horselord tactics are surprisingly
    effective, their men lack the discipline of the
    Imperial Army; for all the damage they can inflict
    the horselord forces have difficulty holding strategic
    locations. For now, the Jade Empire exists in an
    uneasy peace with the Horselords, leaving the
    savages to their arid lands north of the Seat of
    Heaven Province.

      / The Land of Howling Spirits 
      LOCATION:     On the upper floor of the Boathouse
                    (Ai Ling's). You have to break a
                    Vase to get the Boathouse Key first,
                    then open the gates and head up to
                    the office with the scrollstand.

    To the west of the Jade Empire proper lies the Land
    of Howling Spirits, a range of sheer mountains and
    desolate, haunted passes. Not many men dwell in
    this harsh land. It does not support much in the way
    of communities, and those who dwell there are
    hardy mountainfolk who rely on themselves and
    their herds of goats more than trust in nature.

    There is one exception to this rule. High in the
    mountains lies a secluded monastery, home to a
    reclusive and mysterious order known as the Spirit
    Monks. They tend an unknown charge in their
    sealed monastery. No one, not even an emperor,
    has been able to discover what lies within. The
    monks possess strange powers, but they exist in
    balance with nature. Eventually the land will be
    absorbed, and the Empire shall learn its secrets.

      / The Airing of Grievances 
      LOCATION:     Behind Minister Sheng and his guard.

    Being a collection of the indignities suffered by
    Minister Sheng at the hands of the backward shanty
    town of Tien's Landing:

    His hat has been soiled.
    A parchment was stolen from him before a speech
    at a community gathering.
    His cat was viciously threatened.
    A chair at his table was placed backward.
    His finger was slammed in a door not once, but
    An egg was thrown at him by an unknown
    His cart was stolen, filled with soiled garments, and
    then returned.
    His face was ridiculed by young children.
    His prized tonberry was squashed.
    It was suggested that he perform acts of deliberate
    indecency upon himself.
    He was forced to suffer the interminable and petty
    gripes of the people.
    His hair was accused of being inpermanent and
    The honor of his family was impugned.
    He suffered a disabling attack by a pack of bees.
    His reputation was maligned by brigands. Brigands!
    A local dog evacuated in the Minister's shoe.
    He was given a gift of turtle eggs by a visiting
    It was suggested that he would be able to trace his
    lineage to a simple courtesan.
    He was referred to as "smelly".
    He slipped in mud, no doubt placed in his path by
    jealous townsfolk.
    Sailors burned down his office.

      / Tragedy in Tien's Landing 
      LOCATION:     In the redwood chapel near where you
                    defeated Chai Ka, together with a
                    chest and the bridge controls.

    Let the history of this town not be forgotten, for the
    water that defines our border covers ghosts of

    Nearly two decades ago, just after the shining
    Emperor Sun brought water to the land again. Tien's
    Landing lay where the water now stands. Children
    played and people lived and worked in the peace
    that only the lands away from the bustle of the heart
    of the Empire can bring. When the Great Dam came,
    few believed that the Emperor would allow us to
    come to harm, but harm came in the form of water
    that covered our homes and buried our families.
    When the flooding came to an end, the town of
    Tien's Landing lay submerged beneath this new sea,
    where only ghosts and ruined homes could flourish.

    Those who survived lived to rebruild, and Tien's
    Landing has come to prosper once again. Lest
    anyone here forget, however, we must always
    remember that our lives bend to the whims of the
    gods, the Emperor, and the decades-old machinery
    of the Great Dam.

      / The Undertow 
      LOCATION:     Bookstand on Captain Ing's ship.

    The farther east one goes across the Ocean of
    Glass, the colder and drier the air becomes. Modern
    scholars have struggled to understand this
    phenomenon, but to no avail. If one travels far
    enough, the sea currents all change, drawing east,
    just as all winds begin to draw in the same
    direction. Myths persist, however, of something
    greater, an ancient devouring evil detailed in the
    legends of the barbarian savages who line among
    the isles of the Glass Ocean. The legends tell of a
    voracious creature, a great demon trying to draw
    the entire world into its maw. An expedition sent
    during the Star Dynasty to discover the truth of
    these legends never returned and was presumed
    lost at sea.

      / The History of Flight Vol. 1 
      LOCATION:     Pirate Isle --
                    Scrollstand in the center of the
                    wooden platform where you face many
                    pirates. There's a focus shrine in
                    the corner, too.

    The first person to attempt flight was Cao Shong, an
    early scholar who originally came from the
    Prosperous East. Though his ideas were creative,
    they were hardly sound. Cao Shong met an early
    end after he strapped several canisters of dragon
    powder to a bamboo chair and ignited it. It was at
    first rumored that he had survived the ill-fated
    mission, but few truly believe that anyone could
    have survived such a disastrous explosion. His
    death, however, was not completely in vain. Several
    of his writings were studied by later scholars, and
    some of his ideas were adapted for the first
    succesful human flights.

      / The History of Flight Vol. 2 
      LOCATION:     Pirate Isle --
                    Bookstand at the far end of Kang's

    The first known succesful flight was made by Mad
    Fong. Though he had studied to become a scholar,
    he was kicked out of the school for destroying one
    of their buildings. Based on the history books, it is
    difficult to determine if Fong was a genius, or
    insane. Either way, his techniques were original and
    in the end, succesful. Though his first several
    attempts were unsuccesful, he refused to give up.
    Despite the costs and the obvious danger to his own
    life, Fong persevered until he completed his first
    prototype flyer. The flyer didn't do much more than
    hop across the landscape, but it was a start. A year
    later, he was able to travel for nearly a mile before
    crashing, and unfortunately, dying, in the process.

      / Jade Empire Bestiary, Vol. 4 
      LOCATION:     Pirate Isle --
                    Scrollstand in the bottom left
                    corner of Kang's Workshop.

    The Dangers of Demons

    The average person is never likely to come across
    one of these horrific beings. Demons are some of
    the most dangerous and malevolent beings in all of
    the Jade Empire. Though some demons are not evil,
    they are all powerful, and rarely can they be trusted.
    If confronted by a malicious demon, it is important
    to remember that they are usually immune to
    magic, especially the larger demons. You can
    succesfully combat them with weapons and simple
    martial styles. Strangely enough, on those rare
    occasions where demons and ghosts were seen to
    tangle, the strange magics used by the ghosts seem
    to affect these malevolent beasts.

      / The History of Flight Vol. 3 
      LOCATION:     Pirate Isle --
                    Bookstand in Gao the Greater's

    Several years after Mad Fong's first succesful
    flight, a scholar from the south discovered the
    unusual device known simply as the Inscrutable
    Power Source. A few years later, Scholar Shu Wen
    came up with a design for a flyer that used this
    mysterious new device. Initial attempts bordered on
    apocalyptic, in one case destroying half of a
    mountainside and the village that lay below. Several
    scholars tried to outlaw the use of this strange new
    energy source, but Shu Wen continued his
    experiments until at last he was succesful.
    Unfortunately, his prototype was too succesful;
    both he and the flyer took off at great speeds towards
    the north, and neither was ever seen again.

      / The Tricksters 
      LOCATION:     On the elevated walkway in the
                    Pilgrim's Rest Inn is a scrollstand
                    with this text.

    The fox spirits are among the most wily and
    deceptive of all the minions of heaven. They think
    nothing of playing games with mortals, and they
    often follow no rules at all. Though some are said to
    serve honorably in the Celestial Bureaucracy, many
    more have made their mark in more sinister ways.
    Tales of demons snatching children from their beds,
    husbands and wives led astray, and good men led
    into lives of excess and murderous depravity are all
    the work of these spirits. Never, should you value
    your life, trust one of this breed completely, no
    matter how honorable their intentions seem.

      / Temple Records 
      LOCATION:     One of the scrollstands in the
                    Forest Shadow's temple.

    A collection of logs, notes and records maintained
    by the Yn family up until roughly fifteen years ago.
    One entry catches your eye.

    "My son seems utterly disinterested in the temple
    and I worry that he pays no attention to the lessons
    I try to impart. The key, of course, remains in
    knowing that the seasons which most affect a forest
    are summer and winter, and the colors associated
    with these two seasons. If I am right and my lessons
    fly from his head as quickly as they can, then I fear
    for his safety should he attempt the ritual
    incorrectly. These furnaces are an ancient magic,
    and ancient magics draw dark intentions."

    Another note, entered a bit later, reads: "As I feared,
    my son pays little heed. Perhaps I will install
    something to remind him. Violet is not our family
    color, but I hope it can be a potent reminder."

      / The Dragon of Storms 
      LOCATION:     One of the scrollstands in the
                    Forest Shadow's temple.

    Being an argument on the origins of Focus.

    Min Shi the Dragon of Storms was a master who
    lived hundreds of years before the formation of the
    Jade Empire. Legends of her exploits could fill a
    library, and while the veracity of such fables must
    be questioned, all the yarns agree that she
    formalized the teachings of the Storm Dragon style
    and brought knowledge of true focus to the martial

    Debates still rage on the subject, but the evidence
    is there to support such claims. Take, for instance,
    that harmonic combinations initiated by Storm
    Dragon invariably allow the user to collect his
    thoughts and steal some of his opponent's focus
    essence. Such a synergy is hard to dismiss, and
    when I questioned Jian the Iron Fist, a master of
    some renown, he replied. "Only a fool denies
    legends. They always hold a grain of truth." Jian
    speaks wisely: would it be so hard to accept that
    Storm Dragon was developed to make it easier for
    its adepts to achieve true focus in battle? This
    author thinks not.

      / Jade Empire Bestiary, Vol. 5 
      LOCATION:     In Heaven, on the second platform
                    with the Horse and Toad Demon.

    Horse Demons

    Words are only wasted describing these equine
    horrors, for their appearances are all too easily
    recalled from the nightmares of childhood. All the
    legends talk of these beasts' fiery manes and
    terrifying strength, but few sources delve beyond
    the lore to seek out the fact. It was a most fortunate
    happenstance that led this author into a roadside
    discussion with the venerable Li Shi Tun, a master
    warrior who had recently destroyed one of these
    beasts. His insight proved most valuable, for it was
    this master who first made clear the true effect of
    the horse demon's terrifying mane. Holding out
    blistered hands, the ancient warrior made his point
    most clearly: to strike a creature who controls
    elemental fires with such ease is to strike the flame
    itself. One must be prepared to hurt themselves
    with each attack.

      / The Celestial Order, Vol. 1 
      LOCATION:     Upper left corner of the Forest
                    Shadow's residence.

    The world is a place of order. When order is not
    enforced, chaos reigns. Chaos is the natural state of
    the world. The order that currently exists is the
    result of the power of the Great Dragon. Out of this
    streaming chaos, the Great Dragon created the
    world, perfect in every way. By nature, the forces of
    the universe, demand balance. For every bit of
    order, there must be corresponding chaos. That first
    world, that perfect world, was pure order. It could
    not last.

    The perfect order choked life and did not allow
    growth, and so chaos was allowed back into the

                                  CHAPTER THREE

      / The History of Flight Vol. 4 
      LOCATION:     Bookstand on the bridge leading to
                    the left when entering Market Square
                    from the big door leading to the
                    Imperial City's rich part.

    Some time after Scholar Shu Wen and his
    prototype flyer disappeared an apprentice from the
    Imperial City discovered the scholar's cryptic notes,
    detailing the use of the Inscrutable Power Source.
    The apprentice showed the information to his
    master, General Sung Tao. Sung Tao was an
    engineer before he joined the army, and he
    recognized the potential of the scholar's work. He
    convinced Emperor Sun Siwen to fund a project to
    develop a flyer for use in the army. The emperor
    agreed readily and after several months of trying the
    first true flyer was created. Within a year the skies
    near the Imperial Palace were filled with flyers.
    Though the safety of the new flyers was
    questionable, it didn't take long for others to adopt
    and improve upon the design.

      / Imperial Champions 
      LOCATION:     Far end of the Arena's entrance

    Gaze upon these words with reverence, for they
    offer some small slice of the history of the most
    glorious contest in the arena.

    -- Your Name Here when you beat The Ravager --

    The Ravager:
    Deadly, cold, and precise. The Ravager refuses to
    speak and shows no care for the crowd, but none
    can question his deadly strength. Wildly popular
    with the more bloodthirsty members of our crowd,
    the Ravager's rare fights are always sold out.

    Raging Ox:
    All of the Imperial City fondly remembers Raging
    Ox, our recently retired Imperial Champion. Quick
    with a smile and famous for his antics both in and
    out of the ring, Ox's legend will live many lifetimes.

    Kai Lan the Serpent:
    Kai Lan's phenomenal control over magics and his
    intense focus made him one of the greatest
    champions to grace the ring of the Imperial Arena.
    Cold and imperious, Kai Lan played to the crowd to
    cultivate a love/hate relationship that has persisted
    to this day.

      / Cannibal Cookbook Vol. 1 
      LOCATION:     Far end of the Arena's kitchen.

    Valued Customer:

    While we appreciate your business, the staff of the
    Heart of the Empire politely requests that you keep
    your nose out of ours. To assure that you will no
    longer wish to pry into our recipes, please enjoy this
    excerpt recently unearthed in the south.

    Leg of Lam
    This hearty meal was first discovered after Yu Lam
    the Hunter stumbled upon our community. For five
    to ten people, use just one leg (The other can be
    pickled for later or roasted slowly and smoked to
    preserve it). For larger groups, use both legs of an
    adult, male or female. Boil the legs in a large pot for
    two hours with the following ingredients: twenty
    gallons of fresh water, three tablespoons of salt, half
    a cup of rosemary, three cups of spiced wine
    (summer wine is best if you can get it), three bags
    of onions, four whole garlic cloves, and a dash of
    ginger. When the legs have about half an hour left,
    add some skinned potatoes and leaks. Can be
    served on the bone or in steaks.

                              MORE TO COME

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