Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Xbox Cheats

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow


Escape the elevator shaft with ease:

In LAX, when the elevator stops, blow the top and climb out. Then, climb on a pole that leads you to the catwalks. Jump until you reach a landing and use the "Climb Out" interaction. Climb up and over, and then jump down to another pipe that leads to an opening and a checkpoint. Get a running start, do a split jump over the two pipes and drop down again. Jump onto the ledge and pull yourself up, shoot the vent, and jump across. Go through it and when you come out the other side, jump down and cling to the pole. Move over and climb up the ladders. You will reach a place where there are three poles to rappel from. Choose the middle one and crawl through the opening. This will take you to a save point and to Soth.

In Multiplayer, Talk to a teammate after losing:

When you are playing in an online match and lose all of your respawn lives, mute your teammate and then unmute him. Both of you can now communicate with each other.

Move through motion detectors:

Either walk through the motion detector with a knocked out guard on your shoulders, or very slowly with your weapon drawn.

Knock people out with non-lethal, long range stealth:

Shoot a Stick Cam at a guard's head. If it hits him square on the noggin, he'll be out for the count and go right over to pick up and reuse your Sticky Cam.

A Supply Load in LAX

Kill the two guards and their dog in the back of the truck in the Airport Car Park. Face the truck and bank a left, there should be a dorr on the left-hand wall. Proceed through for some Sticky Shockers, Sticky Cams, a Med Kit, and Ring Airfoils.

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